Powerful Advice From a Dying Man


Via: Reddit.com I am only 24 years old, yet I have actually already chosen my last tie. It’s the one that I will wear on my funeral a few months from now. It may not match my suit, but I think it’s perfect for the occasion. The cancer diagnosis came too late to give me at least […]

Woman Dies and Comes Back To Life With This Incredible Message for Humanity (Ted Talk)


Doctors had given Anita Moorjani just hours to live when she arrived at the hospital in a coma on the morning of February 2nd, 2006. Unable to move as a result of the cancer that had ravaged her body for almost four years, Anita entered another dimension, where she experienced great clarity and understanding of […]

The 3 Kinds Of People Everyone Needs to Find In Life


By Steven Bancarz. Life is about loving relationships.  More specifically, life is about loving relationships that push you into expansion and help you grow.   While all relationships play a role in our understandings of life and the development of our character, some relationships are just more special than others. There many different types of […]

Matt Damon gives SHOCKING Speech on Global Elite calling for Global Disobedience!


By Dejan Every day we see more and more people waking up and looking behind the curtains. Even celebrities start active campaigns to help change what is wrong with the world. The famous actor Matt Damon made a BRAVE speech where he mentions the “topsy turvy world” we’re living in where the wrong people are in […]

After Reading This, You Won’t Masturbate The Same Way Ever Again


By LJ Vanier Sexual energy is the energy of life itself. It is the source of all creation and the essence of the universe. It has always been a quest for humanity, to harness this sexual energy and use it to transform higher states of consciousness. The desire for sexual expression is by far the strongest […]

Live Animals Are Being Stuck Inside Tiny Plastic Keychains In China And Sold As Jewelry


There are many different ways that humans have abused animals for their entertainment. From putting them in circuses to riding on their backs for entertainment, we have come up with countless ways to use animals for our amusement at their expense.