WATCH: Man reunites with gorilla he raised for 5 years. How they reacted when they saw each other was priceless!


You’ve probably heard lots of news about animal cruelty. Because of focusing more on the negative things, you start to forgot to pay attention to those positive ones. An English conservationist named Damian Aspinall was able to transfer captive gorillas back to wild of course with the help of the whole Aspinall Foundation. Damian Aspinall took […]

White And Strong Teeth Until Old Age: Natural Recipe From Tibetan Monks


The fact that the Tibetan monks have very healthy teeth until old age dates from ancient times. In fact, people in this mountain areas have never heard of dentists or commercial toothpastes.Their secret lies in a very simple and easy recipe. And here in this article we will share this recipe with you. For preparing […]

How Shaolin Monks Develop Their Mental and Physical Mastery


Elliot Figueira, Guest | Waking Times The Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng county, China, is a modern day legend. Dating back nearly 1500 years, the school has a history so rich that its name has become common in cultural lexicons the world over. Its members — the monks that practice there — have thusly come to find their likenesses embedded […]

You Must Know the Differences between a Heart Attack, Cardiac Arrest and Stroke


Most people are using these 3 terms interchangeably, “heart attack”, “cardiac arrest” and “stroke. Well that’s a mistake, since though they are all connected to heart, they have different reasons for appearing, as well as different symptoms and effects on the body. Being able to distinguish these terms can be of vital importance in seeking […]

Ancient DNA reveals how agriculture changed our height, digestion, and skin colour


This is why you can drink milk. Fiona Macdonald | For the first time, researchers have analysed ancient DNA taken from humans who lived before, during, and after the agricultural revolution, allowing them to map how our ancestors’ genomes changed in response to societal shifts. It’s long been known that farming changed humans forever, right […]

Dog is about to kill this kitten but watch who jumps in to rescue it…

78 | It’s every pet owner or animal lover’s nightmare. You’re walking down the street, and then in the blink of an eye, your beloved pet is at the mercy of another larger animal’s grasp. It just takes a good shake to snap the neck, and cause fatal injury or even death. This kitten fortunately had […]