Instead Of Renting An Apartment, Sign A Lease That Lets You Live Around The World


Roam provides short-term apartments with a communal feel, for today’s digital work-from-anywhere nomad. If you can afford the airfare, it’s getting easier to be a digital nomad. Roam, a new network of co-living spaces, offers a lease that lets you continually move: After a couple of weeks or months in Madrid, you can head to […]

This Ancient Tibetan Test Will Reveal Your True Nature


Get ready to delve into the world of your subconscious. This Tibetan quiz will reveal the truest version of yourself and your being. When you are answering each of the questions below, remember to base your answers entirely on intuition, rather than looking for some logical response. Flow through each question with ease, picking the […]

15 Ingredients in McDonald’s Fries Linked to Brain Damage, Autoimmune Disease and CANCER!


By: The Hearty Soul A recent exposé of McDonald’s french-fry making process revealed a number of ingredients used in it have been linked to brain damage, autoimmune disorders, cancer and more.

The Tragically Heartbreaking And Uplifting Life Of Keanu Reeves Revealed


In 1999, Keanu Reeves became most famous for his role in the groundbreaking science fiction film,The Matrix. It earned an impressive $463.5 million at the box office and was nominated for and won four Academy Awards. The Matrix is a happy story in a lot of ways, but the life of its star wasn’t always. […]

20 Signs You Have Found Your Soul Mate


Higher Perspectives | Finding a soul mate is #1 for many people. Personally, I believe you have a lot of chances to do so. Your soul mate might not necessarily just be one person. There’s a reincarnation based believe that I’ve always been fond of. That belief is that when you die, your soul shatters and […]

8 Signs You May Be A Mystic


By Daniel Here’s the definition I use for the word “mystic”: a person who claims to attain, or believes in the possibility of attaining, insight into mysteries transcending ordinary human knowledge, as by direct communication with the divine or immediate intuition in a state of spiritual ecstasy.