What India Can Teach the Rest of the World about Living Well?


India is one of the countries across the world that have different cultures for those people who would like to have the best times. With over 500 tribes, the country still remains one of the places that you should go to if you want to learn about living well. What India can teach the rest […]

A young man asks a homeless man to borrow his bucket, what happens next will burst you into tears.


A German student was walking in the street and noticed a homeless man trying to get some money from the pedestrians. Unfortunately his technique was not very successful so the student asked him to borrow his bucket. At first, the homeless man was hesitant but he agreed to… it was the choice to make because […]

7 Reasons To Drink More Water


If you suffer from any of the following ailments, you may not be drinking enough water: fatigue, confusion, memory loss, dizziness, dry and wrinkled skin, brittle hair and nails, cold fingers and toes, constipation, eczema, headaches, urinary tract infections, and muscle pains. These are all signs of dehydration.

Breaking news: Did NATO just shot down Malaysian airliner over Ukraine to blame it on Russia?

Did NATO just shot down Malaysian airliner over Ukraine to blame it on Russia?

Editor’s Note… Unless Malaysian airplanes have an uncanny tendency to go off the radar every few months, this recent downing of flight MH17 over Ukraine seems like it was cooked up by NATO assets in the civil war torn country, perhaps in a desperate attempt to ramp up public opinion against Russia whose proxies in […]

Breaking news: Malaysia passenger airplane carring 295 passengers’ shot down by Russia

A second Malaysia Airlines plane has crashed today, this time near Russia[AP]

Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 reportedly had 280 passengers and 15 crew members when it went down in a war-torn region of Ukraine. Political tensions and violent have been high in eastern Ukraine near the Russian border. Radar records and according to the Interfax News Agency, flight MH17 was heading from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the main […]