This is What Happens When You Put Cut Up Onions in Your Socks While You Sleep.


It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver. ~Mahatma Gandhi The bottom of your feet are powerful and direct access points to internal organs in your body through what is known as meridians in Chinese medicine.  These meridians are pathways to each organ with your body. Some people say that meridians do not exist within the body or at the bottom of the […]

13 Buddhist Antidotes to Anger


Below is a summary of various approaches to anger. They obviously will be most efficient when used with a calm and concentrated mind, either during meditation or at the moment you realize that something needs to be done about your anger. Obviously, the problem during an actual difficult situation is to have a calm and […]

The Difference Between Sex and Sexuality


“When a peacock dances you don’t condemn it, but the dance is sex; it is to attract the female. When the cuckoo calls you don’t condemn it; it is sex. The cuckoo is simply declaring, “I am ready.” The cuckoo is simply calling forth the woman. The sound, the beautiful sound, is just a seduction; […]

15 Reasons why meditation will make you successful.


What could be better than reaching your big goals? Well, it turns out that meditation – something you could be doing daily, at no cost and with little effort – offers benefits that success can’t bring. Meditation as Mindfulness The studies on meditation generally focus on a broad type of meditation that could be called […]

Let Go of Control: How to Learn the Art of Surrender


By Dr. Amy Johnson “If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.” ~Proverb I’ve noticed that things go much more smoothly when I give up control—when I allow them to happen instead of making them happen. Unfortunately, I’m terrible at this.

The Man Who Spit In Buddha’s Face.

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The Buddha was sitting under a tree talking to his disciples when a man came and spat in his face. He wiped it off, and he asked the man, “What next? What do you want to say next?” The man was a little puzzled because he himself never expected that when you spit on somebody’s […]