According To Buddha, These are the Four Elements of “True Love”


HigherPerspectives | Love is a very powerful feeling that we are all able to relate too. In fact, love has proven to be the answer to a majority of the worlds problems, if only they had time to sit down and actually think about it for a moment. Nevertheless, we can all still individually make our […]

Buddha and Jesus as Brothers


The dialogue between Buddhism and Christianity has not gone very far, in my opinion, because we have not been able to set up a solid ground for such dialogue. This is a reflection of the present situation. Buddhists believe in reincarnation, the possibility for human beings to live several lives. In Buddhist circles, we do […]

FightUnfair Campaign Exposes How Homeless Children Are Treated


This abandoned child was treated very differently depending on how she was dressed.

This Must Stop – Please Keep This Going Around The World (Warning: Graphic content inside)


This is hypocrisy of the West in its foulest form. The media is full of reports on the Japanese whaling crime. But what the people of the Faroe Islands are doing here is more atrocious, more abominable, and more abhorable. Yet, nothing has been reported in any media of this heinous crime against helpless creatures. […]

What did the Buddha have to say about “Belief”? The answer may surprise you.


There are many who contend that Siddhartha Gautama, the man otherwise known as the Buddha, was an atheist, and that his original teaching, at its core, did not include concepts such as karma and reincarnation. Others are of the school of thought that he was an agnostic, neither avowing or disavowing such ideas, and resting instead in […]

Buddha’s 5 Keys to Changing Your Life


By Seth M Problems and challenges are a natural part of life.  And change is one of the only things we can count on staying the same.  When you’re growing, you’re moving, you’re changing.  Each person’s life will hold obstacles and challenges that are different from everyone else’s. Coming up with a solution to our […]