10 signs of sex addiction and dangers


Sexual complications are very diverse to one to another. Problems with desire, fear, pain and various other problems such as metal condition can ruin sex life of people. Most these are curable with either consultation or by medicines.  However, sexual addiction is an entirely different issue that needs attention as much as drug addiction or […]

How Well You Know Yourself?


Love and respect are give and take feelings. Both works perfectly when it’s shared mutually. Respect is earned by respecting others and being an example. Love is received when you start loving others and not when you hate. There is nothing more lovable than myself in all directions. In the same way, for other people, […]

Heartbreaking! She Gave Her Newborn Baby to the Hands of a Dying Man


Internet is full of amazing stories and videos. You may have seen many of this kind but this is special. This story will certainly leave you with tears in your eyes and a shock in your heart.

Shocking video: Cops violently pushing a pregnant woman to the ground


NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau is investigating an incident involving few of their officers caught on video appearing to slam a pregnant woman to the ground. Video first came to light on internet last Tuesday when it was posted to “El Grito De Sunset Park”’s Facebook fan page. In no time it exceeded more than 4000 […]

What India Can Teach the Rest of the World about Living Well?


India is one of the countries across the world that have different cultures for those people who would like to have the best times. With over 500 tribes, the country still remains one of the places that you should go to if you want to learn about living well. What India can teach the rest […]

A young man asks a homeless man to borrow his bucket, what happens next will burst you into tears.


A German student was walking in the street and noticed a homeless man trying to get some money from the pedestrians. Unfortunately his technique was not very successful so the student asked him to borrow his bucket. At first, the homeless man was hesitant but he agreed to… it was the choice to make because […]