Did Buddha uttered a single word that instigate violance whatsoever? Is there any verse or a phrase in any Buddhist scripture that promote violance in any way? Is there any reason for anyone to insult Buddha in any way? To make fun of his charactor?

25 Life Lessons to Learn from Gautama Buddha.


  There are so many beautiful, powerful and life changing lessons I have learned from studying Buddhism and from reading many of Buddha’s quotes. And today I want to share 25 of these beautiful lessons with you.

10 Toxic People You Shouldn’t Bring With You Into The New Year

Toxic People

Can you believe that it’s already December? This year has flown by in the blink of an eye and we’re on the verge of yet another year — a year full of possibility. What you will accomplish next year greatly depends on the people you surround yourself with. Or, in other words, it greatly depends […]

CT Scan Reveals that Statue of Buddha is actually a Mummy


A special examination recently occurred in the Meander Medical Center. A nearly 1,000 year old mummy received a CT scan and had samples taken with an endoscope. Several hospital employees helped with this unique project in their free time. The leader of this study is the Amersfoort resident Erik Bruijn, an expert in the field […]

Cause & Effect


Where did we come from? We come from out of the past, even as today comes out of yesterday. This life is the result of the past life, before this life. We come from out of the things we have done before, out of the past labours unfinished. Although we have labored, our work is […]

Why do people abuse animals for their religious purposes?


Check-Out The “ROLE ” Of Animals In Every Religion. # Buddhist – Buddhism Being a vegetarian makes it easier for us to increase our loving kindness and compassion. You should know that these people who eat meat may gain some awareness and may seem to be in samadhi, but they are all great rakshasas. When […]