21 Shocking Illustrations Reveal How Animals Feel By Switching Them With Humans

Imagine a parallel universe where animals were the dominant species, and they treated us like the human race treats them. Pretty scary thought right? Well that’s the theme of this shocking series of illustrations that are designed to get you to think differently about the way that humans treat animals.

Compiled by Bored Panda, the list features many scenarios we can probably relate to. The only difference is, the humans and animals have been reversed. Some of the illustrations are pretty gruesome, so you have been warned, but hopefully they’ll help you to look at the subject from a totally different perspective.

Source: Bored Panda

  • John Metal

    all solid statements.

  • Myrte Khadr

    You have a video called “king rat” from modest mouse . Its a song and the videoclip is basically about what if humans where treated like whales

  • Gianni M.Q.

    except the first one, which is just a pornographic image that is supposed to get you horny, not make you think about animal abuse.

  • Steve Chan

    You have a twisted sexuality

  • Fickbowt


  • Sarah Weise

    But it’s true! There’s hentai for that type of thing.

  • Gianni M.Q.

    you sound like you thought that my comment was a joke. But it is a real hentai image.

  • Myriam Haar

    You must be the horny one then

  • Tiffany

    There needs to be one of a dog beating a human. And human arms Wednesdays? (Wings Wednesday)

  • Florin Matei

    To make a comment I think only half of these photos are for compairing the other makes no sense. The world is as it is we are carnivores, we need meat for its vitamins wich you can’t find in grass. Don’t get me wrong, it is healthy eat salads.