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LIVE BULL TO BE SET ON FIRE-Help Stop the Sadistic ‘Fire Bull’ Festival in Soria

LIVE BULL TO BE SET ON FIRE-Help Stop the Sadistic ‘Fire Bull’ Festival in SoriaAnimal cruelty is not acceptable as entertainment or tradition in the 21st Century. Yet the Toro Jubilo annually occurs in Medinaceli, a province of Soria, Spain. Jeering mobs ~torture~ a bull with balls of burning tar or  turpentine (called “pitch”) attached to his horns. A bull’s horns, body and eyes are scorched. Some try to escape hours of agony by smashing into walls. While different cultures may not understand each other’s customs, all rational humans comprehend cruelty. Setting fire to a live animal — known as Toro de Fuego or “bull on fire” is sadistic and hideous.

Animal cruelty is never acceptable in any civilized culture, giving Spain a reputation as barbarians and hinders tourism. We see it as senseless, and makes us fearful of your people and Country representing a violent and dangerous nation that derive pleasure from torture and sadism.

It is time for all regions of Spain to subscribe to the ethical doctrines that shape our civilized world. Heritage, entertainment, art and religion never justify outright torture. This is called the ‘joy of the Bull’ – or Toro Jubilo festival – is one of the ‘cultural’ highlights of the entertainment calendar for residents in the medieval village of Medinaceli, in the province of Soria, north east of Madrid.

How it happens…..

LIVE BULL TO BE SET ON FIRE-Help Stop the Sadistic 'Fire Bull' Festival in SoriaThis terrified young bull was dragged into a ring in front of a jeering crowd of 1500. He was then violently pinned to the ground, while men strap wooden stakes doused in flammable chemicals to his horns, and set him on fire. Then local men show their ‘bravery’ by tormenting the terrified animal. Fiercely hot sparks and embers drip from the burning torches onto the bewildered animal. The distressed bull is then released, thrashing around the ring in agony to the cheers of the crowds.

The burning bull is called “Toro de Fuego” (literally “bull on fire”). The bull is then released onto the streets and can do nothing but run around in pain. The bull often smashes into walls in an attempt to douse the fire. The agony the bull must suffer is unimaginable. These fiery balls can burn for hours, and they burn the bull’s horns, body and eyes and cause tremendous stress – all while spectators cheer and run around the victim.

Members of the public are seen jumping around and taunting the bull adding to his terror and confusion. Gasping for air, the bull finally reaches a state of exhaustion after nearly an hour of torment and is soon dragged out to be butchered. The men are awarded pieces of meat from the animal for their ‘bravery’.

See the horror for yourself:


This event is due to take place again on the second weekend in November. We must do all we can to ensure this torture masquerading as ‘tradition’ ends. If you are unable to be in Medinaceli (Madrid) to protest there are some online actions you can take:

1) Sign these petitions:……—stop-the-burning-of-liv…

2) Contact the Spanish officials directly to urge that they enforce stronger animal cruelty laws that shield animals from all forms of abuse, including vulgar rituals and blood fiestas such as the Toro Jubilo. Contact details can be found in the information of the petition here:…

3) Please SHARE this post and the petitions. Share on here Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr EVERYWHERE The world needs to see this. We need as many people as possible to put pressure on Spain to end this.

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  • Olbat413

    Ah, yes, they learned the lessons of the good Christian Inquisition very well indeed, so well that it still goes on today 600 years later. Are there any hungry lions around….??
    I never wanted to go to Spain to meet such people who still have bullfights, but this beats all. I will never go to Spain. I’m sure it won’t hurt their feelings any, but I’ll feel better that I do not drop any pesetas (or Euros) to enrich such a heinous culture.

  • Marc_Hutton

    Well you are being far too judgmental of the Spanish People and of the Spanish Government. While there is no doubt that this and bull fighting are barbarous traditions of the past which still have supporters in Spain you also have to take in consideration the fact that Spain was the first country in the world to declare primates and specifically the great apes as humans and guarantee that they receive the level of basic rights and liberties that such a declaration would require. Spain is evolving just like the EEU but in reality Spain is evolving faster than we are.

  • BBN Team

    Hi Marc. Appreciate your comment. Though you claim so Spain seem to be doing nothing to stop this menace right? Why a certain species when love has to be universal ?

  • Alex M

    I don’t think you should characterize all of Spain in such a way. I have never been there, so forgive me, but I don’t think your reason for not visiting is valid, from an objective view. Not only am I sure that not every Spanish person can be in support of the tradition, but also consider this; More tourists to Spain, means that their government will increasingly depend on tourists for their economy. At that point, their gov’t will have to turn their attention to the tourists demands. It is then that you can show them your disgust. But what you are currently stating is equivocal to expecting a criminal to change his ways by depriving him of decent interactions. It is much easier to show someone their error by first having compassion and then letting them understand your issue than to meet them with a preconceived notion and sneer at them.

    I’m not saying you should visit, but the only way to dissuade them from the activity is if they think of us as comparable. Concerning tradition, if a culture thinks no one outside them understands them, they will feel as if they are protecting something precious. Reach out to them, one way or another (either in polite dissent or passionate disgust) but don’t ignore them AND expect them to change. Grab their attention, don’t idle. Disagree, but only because you share so much in common with them as fellow human beings, not because “We’re nothing alike”.

  • Marc_Hutton

    I think Spain is doing something to reign in this kind of torture and senseless killing of animals. We are dealing with an ancient tradition here that dates back to the Romans. Something as old as this is going to take a long time in order to remove as part of their cultural identity. Honestly I think that the only way this is going to end is for the older generations to die off. I am all for protesting against these barbarous acts and there is a very large portion of the younger Spanish generations who are absolutely opposed to this as well. That was my point actually, you can’t pin this barbarity on all of the Spanish people or culture.

  • Danielle Ruth

    I think his reason is extremely valid. Animal cruelty is unacceptable, PERIOD! I’m not interested in visiting either.

  • Cees Slob

    These peolple have a lot to make up with in there next life.
    Sad people they are.

  • Alex M

    Did you not read my post? I mean, I know it’s a little much for a comment, but you seemed to have missed my entire point. I’m in abasement of what they are doing, but your means of going about it just means that they will suffer in relative silence. Meeting their ignorance with your ignorance of them won’t create understanding. If you really care about the issue and not just your own piece of mind, you must do more than an unseen, unheard boycott.

  • Gayan

    this isn’t bravery!!!!! why doesn’t their governments take actions among these shitty things! all should go to hell! bitches.. do it to a man, not to a poor animal.. it cant talk or go find water to get rid of fire! people who enjoy this should go to hell as well!!!

  • Jeremy Evans

    I condemn the practice not the entire culture. It’s horrific. Shocking. But I’m sure that there is not an absolute consensus among all Spaniards as to the morality of this event. If we are going to start avoiding entire countries because of objectionable cultural practices, nobody come to the United States because of mass incarceration, the drug war, and the death penalty. And certainly nobody ought to go to China, Singapore, Indonesia, and other South East Asian countries where they have draconian drug laws and even execute people for drug possession over a certain quantity. China in particular executes people for non-capital crimes and harvests their organs FOR PROFIT. I don’t mean to downplay the horror of the animal torture going on in Spain because I find it every bit as disturbing. I respect a person’s decision to not visit Spain because of that practice. But then you must also commit yourself to not visiting a number of other countries as well where they have equally abhorrent institutions. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia better be off your list as well if you believe that women are human beings who ought to be allowed to pursue their own happiness without being beaten, stoned, hanged, disfigured, or suffering genital mutilation.