Blind Man Drops $20, Woman Puts It in Her Purse; WATCH What Happens Next



19 year old Joey Prusak is the manager of a Dairy Queen in Minnesota.  He was working during the lunch rush when a blind man in line dropped a $20 bill on the floor.  The woman in line next to the blind man quickly picked up the $20 and put it in her purse.  Joey was shocked.  When she got to the counter to order her lunch Joey told her that she would not be served until she returned the $20 to the blind man.  She refused and Joey asked her to leave.  She did so only after creating a ruckus.

Not done with being a good person, Joey gave the blind man $20 out of his own pocket.  Equal to two hours of his gross pay. A simple act of kindness, yet many would rather hesitant.

Watch an interview with Joey Prusak here…

  • Guest

    Its nice to know that there are good people out there, Score is : Angels 1,, P.O.S. -20

  • Jennifer Breeanna Powers

    Nice to know that there are good people still out there.

  • Michael Hill

    He should have called the police and had her arrested.

  • Valerie Rogers

    Great story and a righteous young man. Just proves what generosity you send out into the universe comes back to you many times over. Bad karma to the lady who was that desperate to take $20 from the blind man. She too will have that come back on her.

  • Valerie Rogers

    Her bad karma for her actions will be punishment.

  • Chenco

    That lady created her own curse. Not only because of her deed but the silince she has to live with now.

  • Kev K

    Great story but…
    Jesus the camera work/directing for that news is awful. lol

  • Doug Scott

    Joey is an awesome human being and a caring Dairy Queen Manager,thank’s Joey Prusak

  • Ming

    He’s too nice to even call the police to arrest the woman.

  • Shirley Westhaver-Ossinger

    Very proud of you! This is what I hope my grandchildren will do if ever in this situation..good for you!!

  • Matt Saunders

    I would have done the same thing as he did, other than when the lady refused to give the 20$ back. I would have grabbed her by the hair, pulled her over the counter and mangled her face with the blizzard machine. Just seems like the right thing to do.

  • ChaoticMinds

    This restores my faith in humanity for a couple of hours or so until I see another child molester/killer or some other outrageous crime plastered all over the news. Great story.

  • NoraSmith1

    we’ve heard this story in Nova Scotia, Canada. His good deed is making everyone who hears this story smile.

  • Rob

    Joey deserves an outstanding Samaritan award, if everyone could do just one unselfish act a day, this world could be a better place 🙂 bravo Joey

  • becomingfr33

    Maybe you should stop telling other people what you think they should do. He did what his heart told him was the right thing to do. This is why we live in such a depressing world: people live from their judgements and fears instead of from their hearts. Choose love, it feels so much better. Live by example instead of by telling what others should and shouldn’t do, and you’ll be doing a lot more to help the world.

  • Patsy Dunville

    I think that Joey did the right thing and that women should be ashamed of herself for what she did. She was seen picking up the money and putting it in her purse how many more people has she done this too. This women is a complete loser.

    Patsy from Ontario Canada

  • TEGOPScomments

    Maybe The Buddhist Broadcasting Network should stop reposting my stories and plagiarizing them word for word.

  • TEGOPScomments
  • TEGOPScomments
  • I’ll bet the thief was a nigger

  • billrowland

    Definitely a niqqer thief..they always take advantage of the disabled.

  • JustDave

    I’ll bet you’re right. Just sounds like something a nigger would do.

  • Mike

    Michael … no need for the police to arrest her. She can’t escape forever. Even if she can during this earthly life, do believe —> she will need to pay back for it when she reaches the next world.