Why dose the child in hands of the beggar always sleeping?

“Why is sleeping child in the hands of beggars? Have you ever wondered … “


This is an article I came across months ago. We are not sure of the author. However we’ve checked the authenticity of this with our followers in Bangkok and Cambodia. Surprisingly this seems to be true and their request is only to offer beggars with food and water and not money. Any hlp you can do in terms of their needs are just fine. But make sure you do not hand over big bills that will keep the begging industry going. You should be wise enough to know whom to help and how to help. Make your decision based on the situation and knowing it well enough.

“”Near the metro station sits a woman of uncertain age. Women’s hair is confused and dirty, her head bowed in grief.

The woman sits on the dirty floor and next to her lies a bag. In that bag people throw money. On the hands of a woman, asleep, is a two year old baby. He’s in a dirty hat and dirty clothes.

“Madonna with baby” – numerous passers-by will donate money. The people of our kind- we always feel sorry for less fortunate. We are ready to give unfortunate people the last shirt, the last penny out of your pocket and never think another issue. Helping, seems like. “Good job done”…

I walked past a beggar for a month. Did not give any money, as I knew that this is a gang operated scam and money collected by the beggar will be given to whoever controls beggars in the area. Those people own numerous luxury properties and cars. Oh and beggar also gets something, of course “ A bottle of vodka in the evening and a döner kebab”. A month later, walking past the beggars, as shock, it suddenly hit me….

I’m staying at a busy crossing, stared at the baby, dressed as always- dirty track suit. I realized that it seemed “wrong”, finding a child in a dirty underground station from morning to evening. The baby slept. Never sobbed or screamed, always asleep, burying his face in the knee of a woman who was his MUM.

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  • Rocky

    You are criminalizing the poor. You make huge assumptions in the article. Who would choose to beg for money for a living? I am not saying I support pan handling. I am just saying that there is a common and pervasive hateful idea that poor people are having the time of their lives and living the high life. If there was less poverty, more social programs and education, do you think anyone would just choose to beg? I think if you were a journalist with gumption you would spend a week homeless, instead of yelling at panhandlers. On a visit to Krakow, I gave a very young gypsy girl beggar (maybe 5) an apple. She was so grateful and happy to get that apple. I also find it disconcerting that you think the child is being drugged. Maybe it is a doll? Who cares? I find it especially troublesome too that this is on the Buddhist Broadcasting Network.

  • Doan Vo

    Rocky. You are the one who is making assumptions. Have you ever been to Thailand or Cambodia? Have you consider doing research or working with NGOs regarding to this type of business? There are many cases where children are kidnapped and put into similar positions. Some will cut their hands off just to get us to give mire money. It is a lucrative business in Thailand particularly. I’ve been there and visited many NGOs regarding to the issue. You have no idea what you are talking about.

  • Rocky

    I am having a hard time understanding — are you saying they cut off children’s hands, or beggars are cutting off their own hands? The woman beggar is a victim. This article is poorly written, offers no remedies, and truly victimizes women and poor. It is not a crime to beg for money. Buddha was a beggar. Where are these kingpins or mansions and limos? Wouldn’t it be a better article if the “journalist” found these bosses or maybe was kind to a beggar and got a little bit of her story? Why are there no stories on the lack of social programs, CPS, women’s shelters. No let’s shout at a beggar and make a story about it. Shame on Buddhist Broadcasting Network for such a short sided article.

  • ac

    Actually, the majority of the beggars in third world countries are used by gangs as an income source… especially kids. The gang members make the kids beg for money which they collect at the end of day. Common in India , Thailand … not sure in other countries but I’m sure it occurs.

    In Brazil slums… child beggars usually hang out together and swarm a mark … and pickpocket or mug the victim as a group.

    Many of the poor are usually forced or seduced by drugs and alcohol. And in regards to social programs they don’t work.

  • ac

    If you’ve lived in these countries long enough..you’ll most likely get used to them and ignore tyem

  • Doan Vo

    I am sorry. I am a bit offended by you saying “shame on this” while you don’t actually know the reality. I have been to Thailand and worked with several Non government organizations regarding to these issues. They, as in the gangsters, would kidnappend young children and cut off their hands to get sympathy from people like you and me. They are usually around areas that have a lot of tourists. It is their way of making money. I am not referring because I’be been there. What the author wrote is very accurate of the situation. I am just letting you know that this is a problem in Thailand and if you have not been there then you would not know. You have compassion but lack the wisdom.

  • Doan Vo

    Sorry type typos: I am refferring only to Thailand because I’ve personally worked with this issue 3 years back. I can’t speak about other countries. Sorry if some of the things I’ve said doesn’t make sense because I am using a phone but giving those people money truly set us back.

  • DeDe Ford

    Here’s a possible solution that someone posted on FB about helping the homeless. Instead of giving money, offer small care packages. A woman on the streets might need XYZ items for herself (this could include non perishable food items) and a baby will need XYZ items
    ( this may include diapers.) This will allow you to give without feeling like you’ve scammed. If the beggar is genuinely in need, they will be grateful. If not, they will toss it and someone else will find it and benefit. Once you give, you aren’t responsible for how the gift was used. You are only responsible for the intentions of your act. Just a thought.

  • Situdis

    I’m currently living in France and I see this problem every day. In fact, there is a large gypsy camp close to where I live. The government has offered assistance but they refuse it because they prefer to live a life of begging and stealing. It’s easier than assimilating into society and committing to a real job. Every time I walk past a beggar, he/she is always holding a sleeping baby, puppy, kitten etc. If you want to see where their money is going, I suggest you google “gypsy mansions”. When I was living in Shanghai, I saw a boy, not more than 6 yrs. old, with long scars across both eyes, begging in the metro. It was obvious that he was blinded intentionally…Before, I may have doubted these kinds of stories but I’ve seen enough with my own eyes to know that the world we live in isn’t all that pretty.

  • Mike Migirov

    If that is your reply to the article, than you completely misunderstood it. The women holding the children are often there against their will as well. The people having a time of their lives are the ones profiting from the collections. I see these people on the subway all the time, and it is ALWAYS a different child. I have seen this in other countries as well.

  • Deltarose

    Well, I’d think it was about the children more than the adults. You know, if you ask 100 people a day for 1$-that’s $100 for very little effort- you are foolish to think it isn’t done and people don’t choose to do it. Many “victims” to being poor, on drugs, alcohol, will do many things-many are as prostitutes to a pimp-many people today have no qualms or shame in doing a variety of things. The writer is making others aware of the situation, he alone can’t fix it. But, I suppose one who believes in a ancient fat man-who was JUST a man- and worships a stone statue of him doesn’t have a grip on reality!

  • KingLarry

    In Southern California (and I’m sure it’s happening in other parts of the country too) you see people at the freeway off ramps panhandling, often holding various signs (will work for food, down and out please help, need money to feed my kids, etc). and 99.99% of it is a scam. These folks make @ 200-300 per shift per day (tax free) and at the end of their “shift” another person comes in to replace them. If you look around the off ramps you may even see where they stashed their sign at the end of their shift. Wanting to help those downtrodden is fine but there are other ways to do it instead of just handing over your cash. Look at missions from local churches that help the needy. I saw a guy the other day holding a sign that said “Will work for food.” and when I told him I needed my lawn mowed and would give him a meal and 10 bux when he was done he told me “Just give me the 10 bux and I’ll buy my own food.” when I asked him about work he said he couldn’t do it because he was “disabled”. I gave him a piece of paper with the name and address of a local church that has a food bank to help people and he flipped me off.

  • dave

    very dubious article.

  • Marcus

    i think you need to proofread the title of your article…bad grammar much?

  • Brenda Le

    Yes I have seen this with my own eyes on a trip to Vietnam. I saw a man who had no eyeballs and no forearms. I am sure that he was purposely mutilated because it isn’t plausible how he lost his arms and entire eyeballs. He was dragged along by a little girl who was begging for money. I saw her later take the money and give it to some man with whom she hopped onto a motorbike and rode away with. My dad told me that the motorist probably owned that girl and armless, eye-less man. It is extremely tragic and horrid.

  • Reini

    Often there’s a beggar in front of my building in Vienna, Austria begging for money without shoes during winter. I admire his ability to withstand the cold without shaking, but there’s no way he doesn’t have access to shoes or at least socks in such a wealthy city.

  • Guest

    it’s because he’s white. he doesn’t understand.

  • Will

    You can’t expect people to take this article seriously with so many grammar errors and zero references to any outside sources or experts who support the ideas put forward. Although i guess you already said at the beginning that this is “an article I came across months ago. We are not sure of the author”. My fault for wasting my time in reading it.

  • Peter Jackson

    Your grammar is horrible… Please fix the title and many different parts of the article. It bugs me so much to read this after your grammatical mistakes. Thank you.

  • asdf

    this is stupid. so youre telling us not to help the poor just because you witnessed ONE beggar with a sleeping baby. and youre blaming us that the business is still going on

  • Monica

    I am from a third world country, Guatemala. Here at every stop light you’ll find yourself surrounded by beggars. I once met this person who’s neighbor was a beggar, he earned around $100 a day, sometimes less but most of the time more than that. This beggar did not have any problem what so ever, he was young, and not too bad looking, he never went to school, but he uses a wheelchair and covers himself up in dirty clothes. WAY TO MAKE MONEY HUH? this is sad. I would suggest you only give money to those who you can clearly see they have a problem or anything. But do not give money to children, for they are being watched by gangs who will hit, rape or kill them if they do not get a certain amount of money. SO SAD! :'(

  • Fernando

    I believe we all are intelligent enough to assume when a beagger is a real one or not. In top of that this article refers to those how are using children to get benneffit from it. I find really unpleasant when beaggers are acompain for children, don’t matter if they asleep or awake, it is just not right.

  • King Aldo

    For all of you shitting on this person’s grammar:

    1) You’re an asshole, and a self righteous snob who missed the entire point

    2) This person is OBVIOUSLY foreign. Why don’t you try and write a grammatically perfect article in another language?

  • solace

    as I read the article and the comments…it brings up so much pain and anger in me in you in all of us. peace and silence to all of us as we seek balance on what to do for ourselves for them for the earth.

  • BBN Team

    Thanks DeDe. We should not stop helping homeless and beggars. We should continue. help them. But wisely and consciously. 🙂

  • BBN Team

    Dear Rocky. You are asking “who would beg for a living”. Well we know lot of them. In fact we know few “Beggar” business networks in India, Thailand and in Sri Lanka. There are cons who lead this business. We are well aware on the subject. 🙂 …. Besides, do not get mistaken. We are talking about a very specific issue. An issue of child use to beg….And you were very right on offering an apple to that girl which is exactly what we are encouraging. Please understand our intentions before assuming. 🙂

  • BBN Team

    Thanks for making people aware of this. It is also similar in south Asia. Well networked, well connected and well planned business unfortunately. There are genuine beggars too.Just that it’s difficult to separate them.

  • hdb

    Rock is clearly ignorant and unwilling to do any background research on this topic, and has no idea what “ethics” are.

  • Fuensanta

    I am from Guatemala and I, too, have experienced this. Our country has reached a point where we have stopped giving money to small children and elders due to the fact that we know that that money will end up in some gangs. There’s other ways to help, like giving out food and clothes instead of money.

  • joseph tibia

    define wisely, if you give today, tomorrow they will come back and they will expect another BBN Team. or maybe if this kind of a business for a syndicate. if they cannot get any amount from their slave “beggar” they will surely stop the business.

  • Sakura

    Excuse me??? I’m white and I’ve lived in Asia my entire life. How dare you discriminate against me because my eyes don’t look like yours. Yes that Rocky guy is ignorant and stupid, but it’s not because of his race. He doesn’t understand because he’s never been there to SEE what goes on. Some people are simply ignorant. One could argue that you’re also ignorant due to the way you apply blanket statements about people with a certain skin color and eye shape. Shame on you.

  • scotus

    helping means getting them off the situation they are in. Government authorities should be the authorized agent in these cases. Syndicates who operates this must be the targeted enemy here, not the victims like that “mother.” The “mother” is also a victim of poverty and was forced to do things like this. This is bigger than a mere beggar in the street.

  • Lucy

    Your comment here, “How dare you discriminate against me because my eyes don’t look like yours.” Also shame on you for insinuating the fact that Asians have smaller eyes, a rather well- known racist comment about Asian features. Though it may be true, the Guest above did not mention this in his ignorant comment.

  • Nguyễn Văn Công

    Anyway, Charity is always good for the poor and disable people. But You should consider carefully when you become a charity !

  • Shawna

    Rocky, I personally have been to both Thailand and Cambodia (Thailand being the largest human trafficking country in the world) and YES this is a HUGE money maker for criminals. I myself (with a group of mine) intervened and actually bought a beggar who’s legs and arms had been cut off. At 4 years old he was sold into slavery for what was equivalent to 2 American dollars. His family couldn’t afford to support him so they sold him into human trafficking. How can you sit around and deny the evils in this world? Maybe you need to travel outside of your comfortable living situation to wake up to the realities of the world. Don’t ever assume that the comfortable life we live is even CLOSE to what others live like abroad. Ignorance fuels human trafficking

  • Shawna

    What the fuck is wrong with people? Jesus Lucy, your a perfect example of why people are failing in general. Is everything a white person says wrong? God people like you just piss me off… Your more ignorant than the first comment

  • Mang Go

    Common sense is really uncommon….. You already know the thought of this article and yet you still focus on grammar errors and lapses? Unbelievable human beings… Let’s be thankful that we do not need to beg just to eat and survive. For me, the thought of this article is to be more cautious when helping someone. Not all beggars are “Professional” 😀 SHARE YOUR LOVE IT IS FREE

  • Shawna

    Your missing the point. Have you ever traveled outside of your own country? I doubt it, because if you had you would know this problem is real. Just like pornography fuels sex slavery, giving money to overseas beggars fuels human trafficking. I lived in Thailand and Cambodia and know this first hand. Like they stated in the article, you can help people just don’t give them money. Giving money is gratification for the person giving it, but only fuels the slavery the person begging for it. Give them care packages and things they need. When you give them money your just giving it to the person enslaving the beggar…

  • Shawna

    Is that the point you received from this? God people are so shallow, its embarrassing. Im sorry the truth of the world is less important then your grammar. Shallow fool

  • Shawna

    It is real, whether you believe it or not. I lived in Thailand and my missionary group actually took in and bought out an enslaved beggar who’s arms and legs have been cut off. If you actually did your own research you would know this was true. It doesn’t take a genius, only someone who is willing to question the extent of their cushioned life

  • Jmn Brothers

    It is sad story from my country but it is true. If some of those children are lucky enough to grow a little more like 5 years old they will be managed to do some works like cleaning car glasses and selling flowers at the traffic light, when the cars are stopped by the traffic light, those children will approach to the drivers to sell some flowers (it’s your choice to buy or ignore them) some children approach to clean car glasses and sometimes the drivers don’t even notice and never want them to do it but those children already did their job then the driver has to pay them with some money and if the driver refused to pay, they might harm the car, scratching for example. If those children are lucky enough to grow to be teenagers they will have early experience with sex and become a prostitute, robbers, drug dealers, and causing more problems to society, some of them got STD or get pregnant at very young age (if they are girls) and if they are lucky enough to give birth, their child will be used of a beggar child at this point a fool chain begins again. Unfortunately, there are many cities in our world have this kind of business and it runs by Evil. Not only in Bangkok but also in Cambodia, India, LA, London, Tokyo and other big cities but the Evil, they just adjust the business model to be more suitable with its location, depending on cultures and whatsoever that can made them get more money. It is terrible and beyond our control to stop this terrible things, it’s big issue of social problems. What we can do is to control our selves not to support Evil business, don’t give money to a beggar, don’t buy prostitute, don’t do drugs, don’t corrupt and don’t work for Evil. Be a good person and do good things.

    P.S. I don’t think the woman and a child in that picture have been taken picture in a metro station of Bangkok because these three following reasons 1. the background of the picture doesn’t look like any building or construction of the Metro station which is very new and more modern than in the picture. 2.Every Metro station in Bangkok has guards and very secure, they do not allow a beggar nearby the station 3. Bangkok is too hot at Day time even in Winter, wearing dress like in the picture is unusual in Bangkok, most of Beggars or homeless people I have seen in Bangkok wear Summer appearance or shirtless. Good story anyway!

  • DS

    I lay hands on them in power and glory and pray and God releases all the demons off them and sets them free, they are also healed of many things, i pray their sins are forgiven and the blood of Jesus washes them clean and gives them a new life (as Christ intended) . If they look to God they will stay free..but it is their choice.

  • nguyen dinh phuc

    all kids had been kidnap and drug, in vietnam worse than this, police know and paid ,
    in Cambodia

  • Daniel Duc Tran

    Obviously Rocky haven’t been outside the US to see such network going on. They are well trained overseas and they are situated in areas where tourists are at to get money. In Vietnam, they would steal or buy babies at the border of Cambodia to use as tool to extract sympathy from overseas tourist.

  • nguyen dinh phuc

    in cambodia you see most of them are vietnamese kid, they been kidnap and sold to criminal by vietnamese police and veteran, none of them will survive after 5

    more than couple hundred thousands vietnamese kid been kidnap and sold in Cambodia for sex slave when they reach 5 year old, and kick them out the door after 15 year old with HIV

  • Cindy Tran

    Be smart with your money. There are organizations that actually do help legit homeless people….
    In New York a beggar can make an average of 13$ an hour from just sitting near the subways. That’s way more than what I make… and I work hard. Why give up sitting and doing nothing if they can make that decent amount of money per hour? If you do wish to be kind, offer them food. The truly homeless will accept it with gratitude. Until then keep your change and use it to donate to homeless shelters, etc.

  • Namwan Somsakul Sanguanjit

    To those whom may be curious. This picture probably was taken in Russia. See http://www.week-top.com/news/pochemu_deti_poproshaek_pochti_vsegda_spjat/2013-07-31-314

  • peisan

    I appreciate the investigative nature of why the child was always sleeping, and the intention of wanting to find some answers. However, I agree that this woman probably had many reasons of her own to be in this situation – god knows what would happen to her if she had really told you the truth right there in the tube station – who can say whether her bosses were watching? Yelling and shouting at her in public will not help to find a solution to this situation, maybe she would have faced severe punishment by drawing so much attention to herself. I really urge that situations of this nature be handled with a thoroughly thought out plan, the right resources and support in place, to help this lady and others like her. This rash decision to expose her in public might have caused more harm to her and the child.

  • minivan_mom

    Here in New Orleans you can purchase vouchers at the Mission and they can trade them in for showers, food or a nights sleep.

  • chav

    Learn to write!

  • ansan

    wow. you are missing the point of the article huh?

  • Theresa

    Rocky, you should watch this small clip. It will open up your mind a bit.

  • Sam

    Personally I only like to give money to the performers on the NYC trains. Especially people with Saxophones.

  • gian carlo molina

    In my country, beggars earn above the minimum daily wage set by the labor department

  • Children Of Nephilim

    Sakura doesn’t say anything about Asian eyes being smaller, Sakura simply pointed out that they’re different shaped–which they are. Stop projecting your negative ideas and inferiorities on to others.

  • Tracey

    What about the child who you notice sleeping all day everyday? If you think a child is being drugged then wouldn’t want to do more then make sure you’re not getting scammed? ? ? really?

  • Bonita Pang

    Dear, Mr. Rocky

    I think I can understand your point of view but I gotta say that unfortunately what this article says is true. I can guarantee you that the point of this article is right, since I am 100% Thai and have been living in Thailand for 21 years now. I see this everyday. It is something that all the local people know but yet the government still have not focused on solving this issue enough.

  • Sid Bream

    According to the following the journalist was a Bosnian and the story relates to Bosnia.
    Nevertheless I’ve seen it in Asia, in particular Thailand and the Philippines. You really need to be street smart to know who is and isn’t scamming. Any exploitation of children is a disgusting and disgraceful thing.

    Rocky above hasn’t got a clue.

  • Sid Bream

    Where have you travelled? This isn’t just about “one beggar”, and if you had comprehended what was written then you would know that. Who’s stupid?

  • Sid Bream

    Does it occur to you that English isn’t this reporter’s first language?

  • Sid Bream

    Yes, there are criminal gangs that run beggars, run people trafficking networks, force women into prostitution and take away their passports till a fictitious debt is paid off, exploit children for monetary gain. You need to open your eyes and remove yourself from your insular world. You haven’t got a damn clue, that much is obvious by your comments.

  • Regina Säveholm Olsson

    Always offer food, water. clothes and such, never cash. And a lot of the time that “poor hungry” person will get angry at you for offering a meal instead of money, they refuse it.

  • Jun Tabac

    For those people who are more concerned about the grammar than the hardship of less fortunate people:

    1. Yes, you are an ASSHOLE

    2. Start helping by shutting your mouths.

  • Slumlord

    Exactly right.

  • Peggecini

    For those who are doubting the validity of this story I have heard of this before in places like Italy as well. Here is another source that is verifying the horrifying information in this article, http://www.hoaxorfact.com/Social-Awareness/begging-gangs-hire-babies-and-drug-them-to-sleep-facts-analysis.html.
    God have mercy on us!

  • Priscilla

    If one has to go out of their way to buy “gifts” that the beggar MIGHT need, I say why not just give them the money then? Only they would know what they really need right?
    If you don’t feel comfortable giving the money to the beggar, maybe feeling like the beggar is going to use the money for drugs, then what’s the point? To feel better about yourself in helping the poor? If you really want to feel good about helping the poor do some volunteering. I can tell you there are many orphanage children that would love some attention, I’m sure there is much help needed there. The point of this article is to get people off the street begging; with beggars come all day sitting and waiting for some money then once obtain enough, they might use some of it for McDonalds or drugs. Neither of these options are practical. I mean they practically stand/sit on the same corner for hours. I know, I live in LA and see the same people on the streets at the same place. What I’m trying to do is place some insight and think around then norm in I’m just helping, because your not. if you really want to help stop passing money out. Yes there is going to be a major withdrawal but eventually they will work for their money and resulting in the economy circle to grow and move along more freely. Even if it is under the table money.
    This is not, in any way, to make anyone upset, but to voice my opinion. Thank You

  • HoneyGoat

    who cares

  • Regina Säveholm Olsson

    I have had several times tho with ppl that really are out on the edge, they would gladly accept an offer to join me for lunch at the local diner/fast food joint.

  • Kiwi

    Someone is insecure :

  • Slumlord

    True. Same here. I saw a guy in line at Wendy’s who didn’t have quite enough change for a meal. Another guy in life quickly bought the meal for him, size large. I would have bought too, but this guy just reacted faster with the wallet lol.

    On the other hand, I was once outside among several food trucks deciding on lunch. A woman approached and asked if she could get some money for food. I said, “which truck would you like to order from and I’ll happily buy you a meal!” She then said, “no, i need the money to go buy food from another place.” Then she started pointing at the underside of her forearm? I didn’t understand that nor did I understand why you would ask for food in front of food trucks, but they not be good enough. She’s just workin’ the crowd.

    Had yet another guy at a gas station ask for just a lil gas money to “get to the next town”. My husband gave him a few bucks. A week or so later, my husband was at the same station filling up again. The same man approached him with the same story. My husband said, “you asked me this last week and I gave you money. How are you still trying to get to the next town by now?” The man’s face completely changed to a “oh man, i got caught!”, and he took off without a word.

  • Erica

    LOL, who said anything about Asian having smaller eyes (and what if they have?), the difference could as well be of colours…

  • Don

    Foreign? You mean english isn’t her/his native language? That’s something completely different than foreign.

    (Yeah sure i’m an asshole and a self righteous snob who missed the point of your post but really, it sounds a little elitist to call people foreign on the internet.)

  • Richard

    He didn’t criminalize the poor. Read the article once more. Then once again. He’s saying there’s an horror behind this particular kind of begging, and he’s criminalizing who runs the racket. You have no idea what there can be behind a hat on the floor. This is just one of the “techniques”, “methods”. To let you draw a curve I’ll tell you about the one where they literally kick a dog under your car so that when you stop because, if the dog is “lucky” you just killed him, you get off your car and they have all the time to surround you, rob you and go away with your car. On the other hand, generalizing would be silly, but being aware is, indeed, important.

  • holoh

    Government? No no no! There are thousands of organizations that help people much more permanently and efficiently than the government. Please give to the salvation army, red cross, etc.

  • prang

    Rocky, you live in too beautiful of a world and youre lucky in that sense. But you are completely blind to the horrible things that are happening everywhere else.
    I am Thai. I live in Thailand. There ARE in fact criminal organizations that do these things. They kidnap children and use them as beggars. They mutilate them and amputate them for more sympathy.
    In certain areas of Bangkok (the capital of Thailand. I hope you know that.) there would be these burn victims with the exact same type of injuries (face and hands completely mutilated) begging for money. Coincidence? No. Ive seen three “burn victims” so far in the area of Ladprao, Bangkok. They switch beggars for certain days. And Ive seen these same guys begging at different parts of the city as well (Siam,Bangkok). And when theyre done begging I see them getting picked up by a shady group of people.
    There are many issues of kidnapping here as well. A couple of years ago a family lost their kid and they found her, sleeping of course, on the lap of some beggar lady.
    This is a real issue here Rocky. It’s criminal and has nothing to do with the Buddhist society here. The beggars and criminal gangs are the ones taking advantage of the Buddhist culture because we DO like to make merit.
    And youre wondering why not talk to the bosses? Because theyre mostly in the mafia. And since Thailand is a highly corrupted society, they pay off the police and are essentially invincible. No one can mess with them.
    Again, you seem to live in a beautiful and perfect world. That’s great. But open your eyes to how corrupted and horrible people can actually be. Please do some reasearch on these things.

  • Billy Pollina

    wait what? is this person a journalist? is this fact or just this person guessing because their “friend” told them this story. what is this? Why is there no byline? this seems fake.

  • Cliff

    I have to agree. You missed the point. Hostility is not a virtue any more than personal attacks. If grammar is more important to you then you have a social problem as well.

  • Cliff

    It isn’t hard to define wisely, something other than money.

  • Cliff

    The person needing help is not the one being scammed.

  • Cliff

    As the author said, they don’t get the money. They get the shaft.

  • Cliff

    The poor are victims being used by cons. We are not criminalizing them, they are being used to make others rich and being abused. Can’t you read or did you choose to skip reading? If you have ever traveled or knew someone personally that is in this trade you would know.

  • Cliff

    Sacramento CA is the world capitol for this human trafficking.

  • Cliff

    What the author is saying that if you give money you are perpetuating the business. Don’t give money. I will add that if you give American dollars in a place like Cambodia the exchange rate is 4000 to 1. that means that 1000 real is equal to a quarter in our money. The average salary in Cambodia is less than $10 per week. You’re making their slave master rich and they don’t get anything for it..

  • Cliff

    These kind just want to find somebody online to bully. They are ignorant and cowardly.

  • Tracey

    I didn’t say anything about giving them money. I’m talking about folks being so careful about giving diapers and so on… if you see a kiddo sleeping all day everyday wouldn’t you want to make sure it’s okay before you walk off thinking geez I’m glad I didn’t get scammed…

  • Tracey

    What about the KID? That’s what I’m saying… Who’s doing something to help the kid…?

  • Simon Michael Jones

    I’m from Thailand, a place where beggars with their children can typically be seen on the roadside. I recently thought about the problem before I read this article and came up with the following conclusion, the emphasis of the question being constructed on how to help the children. The first method is to donate money to organizations that deal with the support for these children directly. Although this method is efficient in that people who are directly involved will know how to allocate our funding to proper use, there is always the ambiguity of how and to whom did the funding go to, furthermore some of our funding will be diverted into keeping the organization alive. The second method is to give the child food or clothing. This helps the child directly and prevents the organization in the background from receiving any benefits. The problem with these solutions are that none of them actually solve the problem. This means that we have find a way of putting an end to the organizations, which is almost impossible because most police receive bribes from these gangs, in which return the favor by giving them protection. So strictly speaking if we want to put an end to these gangs then we need a clean police force. With all respect I do speak of all police officers being corrupt, but I say out of personal judgement that the majority of police are corrupt. In conclusion, the methods described are but a temporary approach to the problem, and do not help solve the problem. Help given in the form of money is in fact supporting the culprits behind the whole scenario. I would be glad to hear of other opinions and hope that in some way I have made a clarification of the issue at hand.

    Picture retrieved from :tumoic.blogspot.com

  • RW

    Why on earth any official person and the monarch of Thailand allows babies on the sides of busy streets inhaling exhaust all day is beyond me. It’s the most outrageous thing I’ve see in Thailand. Have you NO shame Thailand??????????????

  • Stacey Eggers

    Everyone is correct and incorrect depending on where you are talking about (country/region) and which panhandler. Some do it because they have to, probably poverty stricken regions, possibly sold into that type of lifestyle. Here in Alaska (why anyone would choose Alaska to be homeless in is beyond me) there are plenty of panhandlers that beg because it “pays”. They even come out in frigid (30 and 40 below) more often than during milder temps because they make more when people feel worse about them standing out there. My son once pointed out that the panhandler had better winter gear than we do, which he was correct about. One guy wouldn’t even get off the crate he was sitting on to come around to my side of the car for the food gift card I was holding out to him. I couldn’t reach the other side of the truck to roll down the window, but it was too much work to come get it (no he wasn’t unable to walk ). Another two guys tried to sell the lunches that my coworker bought for them across the street from where he gave it to them. Here in Fairbanks we have plenty of avenues for help, soup kitchens, rescue mission (that requires sobriety to use), and many other helpful agencies, but that won’t buy what they want. In some cases, they aren’t really even homeless, they just make good (tax free) money doing it. So, you are all right and wrong. You can only base your opinions on your own experiences, or like some you can believe everything you read. But even if this was a “story”, never doubt that fact is often worse than fiction.

  • Katie Williams

    Dear author, I’m happy to help you with copywriting, if needed. I think your story makes a very good point, and unfortunately a lot of elitists miss that point because they’re stuck on your grammar. From my experience living abroad in many different countries, I’ve seen the same thing. Yes, the children are on heroin, or other drugs. Definitely. They’re unconscious for hours. This is not normal, and by giving anything to these beggars you are harming the child, and continuing the human trafficking trade.



  • Yes, you are right. It’s a gangs who organized by Cambodian using the Cambodian Child Beggars in Bangkok Thailand. All Thais are know and has given the beggars monthly estimated ($500,000). They are not Thais and Thais working better jobs just like other countries in Europe, France which having a lot of problem from Gypsy. Check this link:


  • Paul Kersbergen

    I’m speaking 4 languages, from which 2 fluent and the other 2 less fluent. All of that took me years of practicing and countless hours of studying. I get corrected and judged all the time because i dare to make mistakes.

    If you judge people because they are not fluent in their 2nd, 3rd or even 4th language, you fail to see that that person is taking the effort to communicate in YOUR own language, which you probably don’t even control 100% yourself, if you would mind all the rules.

    And with “effort” i mean: studying and practicing for many years, because you are simply to lazy to learn Dutch, German or Russian.

    It should be seen as courteous rather than “stupid”.

  • james baxley

    On my first trip to the Philippines, me and my wife stayed in Manila for a week. There were children begging everywhere, my wife said don’t give them anything. One day I was tired of seeing poor children begging so I gave one of the kids a little money and children came from everywhere and wouldn’t leave me alone. My wife said something to them in Tagalog and they left us alone. I don’t know if it’s always a scam, but it was hard not to give when I had so much (the exchange rate at that time was 42 peso to the dollar.)

  • giulia

    Is this really a Buddhist network?! It’s strange.

  • Mateo King

    I can testify that this very exact situation happens in Latin American countries. I live in Ecuador, and is well-known that beggars are promoted by drug and prostitution gangs. Particularly, here, mothers send their kids to the streets to beg during the day, and by the night they take all the money and buy drugs or any cheap hallucinogenic substances. The author of this article got the facts right.

  • Febbie Consuelo Napial

    Intellectuals understand the point of the issue beyond mere grammar errors. English language is native for some & foreign for others. One would claim his a native but other would see him as foreign. Its all about which point of view your standing at.

    I suggest that the gov’t would pass a bill for the welfare of this babies/children whom parents cannot provide their needs. If they have to beg why not the gov’t take this kids and find foster parents able to support and provide quality of life for this children. Put this women on livelihood projects where illegal syndicates won’t be able to abuse them. Pass the bill not to allow street beggars, at least police personnel has something to do.

  • Brandon Clau Simon

    Those aren’t Romanians, they’re rroma people.. You should have highlighted the “rroma” and not “Romanian Citizen” because you’re painting a bad image of one of the most oppressed and cleansed races in the history of the world. Dacians deserve better reputations than we’re given.

  • Sherry S.

    Pricilla, did you even read the story?

  • DinoMack

    so sad, but nothing humans do shocks me anymore. i never give money to beggers anyways. they are all just drug addicts

  • Anti

    “This is an article I came across months ago. We are not sure of the author. However we’ve checked the authenticity of this with our followers in Bangkok and Cambodia.” Chances are, the person who wrote this was in Bangkok or Cambodia, which don’t have English as their main language.

  • Maria

    so sad! :'( poor babies.

  • pieter

    Stop judging each other about bulshit, reading this article can get u in a emotional state that can influence someone’s opinion and the things u say. Coping mechanisms differ…
    To the point though; I met a girl in india that had a experience with beggars. Two kids begged her to buy milk powder for them, (needles to say that it is to difficult to say no to that) so they showed her where to buy it. She payed 20$ for it ( a fortune in india) and afterwards the kids exchanged the powder for money. What I want to say is that people that drug babies, cut children’s hands off, blind them or do other evil things to make more money do exist, I have seen the with my own eyes. So watch what u give because u r supporting the sick assholes that control this poor little kids.

  • Your wife was right James, to this date some of the major cities in the Philippines has city ordinance against beggars. Am humbly suggest that better give to charities next time. You did great that time. Best regards and God Bless you and your family.

  • Lloyd Nicolaas

    Poor people search for (sometimes nasty -) ways to also survive and gain security. Thats the nasty side of the free market economy. Thats what needs to be changed. So if we really want to help the unfortunate people then thats the only civilized way to organize a community.
    In the above story however i wonder why the mother doesnt use the money to get out of there..

  • Don


  • irisnina

    Really good question….l think that is what the main matter is.
    I read this article and found that most of what the author said is correct and perceived a good concept for what he saw but l had only heard of the caretakers giving them sleeping pills and had not heard of Vodka or Heroin.
    l don´t really think the author has seen the whole picture of the country he was staying in, at this time it was Thailand.
    Rural areas are packed with beggars, even more so than in the cities. It´s part of the culture of that particular country. We in the West tend to look down on beggars, but l find that locals respect beggars, and are generous and kind to them, It´s as though they are thankful for not being in that position, in this short time on earth.
    This culture has rubbed off into the bigger cities where you get syndicates forcing families, mainly, to work for gambling debts. Losingt their money because they were alcoholics, seams to be one factor involved. Gambling in SE Asia is also a part of the culture……it´s called LUCK.
    What about the kid? No one cares about the kids. Not really real humans and totally defenseless. Who cares? Not beggars but even worse, a poor bugger.
    Maybe there would be less of this going on if they could take the child into custody, where it can get healthy and an education,for its future? Or would this just encourage poor young mothers, to go this path, so that it becomes more of a problem?
    Until someone can change their culture, and to give some money and be thankful to not be in that position, judge not so much what´s behind it, is part of humanity. We maybe have to except the way it is and understand it and learn their way before coming up with solutions instead of criticism.
    They don´t have social security to talk of so we will never be able to judge on such a moral high ground, as we have never been in their position. They are fighting for their lives, literally, mafia run or otherwise.

  • Don

    yes, but that doesn’t make them foreign. There’s a difference between foreigners and english not being your native language, that’s what i’m trying to say.
    Calling someone foreign who’s living in his/her own country where he/she was born and raised is a very, very weird thing to do.

  • mark

    stupid Don , you don’t even know what youre talking.,, if you dont have anything good to say just shut up and respect the article.,. dumb ass.,.,

  • Bill

    obviously don is an american, you can usually tell by the self centered, self absorbed, arrogance in which anything not american is wrong and therefore not worthy of their attention. They must therefore pick on anything that may not be up to their standard, which is funny since americans are some of the dumbest people in the world. The point of the story is that in some countries, bad things happen and people write about them, since the person that wrote this article is most likely foreign, because he/she most likely lives in a country other than that of the reader, is what makes this person foreign. you, don, are foreign to most of the people that responded to your idiocy, because you live in a different country than those people that commented on your moronic post. if you want to give the world a lesson about geography or language or even grammar for that matter, perhaps you, should take a second, and learn something about the topic you want to express to others, keeping in mind that in todays age, most people reading your post do not share your country of origin, or language or lack there of.

  • guest

    You seem fixated on eye shapes.

  • Jb

    Your attack on a country as a whole because you do not agree with an individual proves that you are no better than he, sir. I have met Americans who were very good people, and some who were not. The same is so for the Irish, German, Italians, French, Brazilians, Japanese, Australians and people from all countries I have visited. Disagree with an individual’s behaviour without insulting an entire people.

  • Alcy

    I have never seen beggars in Tokyo…

  • Don

    I didn’t really read your post because it’s way too long, but I’m Dutch actually. And I even agree with the point King Aldo was trying to make, I just don’t like the way he worded it. Especially his use of the word “foreign”

  • Don

    alright, now I did.
    Let me explain real quick. You’re using the word foreign wrong, and it makes you sound a little silly.

    1. Located away from one’s native country: on business in a foreign city.”
    If the author lives in his or her own country, it’s weird to call the author foreign. Because they’re not in america.
    If you imply the author is a foreigner for not having English as a native language, it’s almost like you’re trying to say everyone on the internet that’s not English or American, is a foreigner by default.

    Something I disagree with by the way, and you probably do too.

  • Nishantmiha

    I was walking on the street with my wife the other day when suddenly this woman with a child in her hands appeared. Of-course she was begging for her child. My wife felt sad and rushed to a near by shop to buy milk for the baby. I felt really content with what my wife did. The land where i come from, we have huge problems with begging. It gets really hard to judge, whether someone is really in need or it’s a racket. I was not too surprise with the fact, when another passerby told us that the beggar threw the milk in the nearby dustbin, the much needed food for the child. Not even a single word of mine intends to say that we shouldn’t have a helping hand for them. What i really mean is that if we actually want to help them out, we should better arrange something for these people, so that they can sustain themselves in future. Meanwhile tracking down these Begging-rings and bringing those behind this to justice should be a priority. Giving money would make them more dependent on us, giving opportunities would make them self dependent. Just an opinion.

  • Sungmin

    Your just bullsh*ting….go teach your grammar to someone else, not on the f*cking web. The point of this article is to understand the connotative meanings in it, not to f*cking judge on the grammar of the article OR the grammar of the people commenting on the article. Your just being a dick right NOW.

  • Don

    I understood the article, agreed with its message, and now i’m ready to move on to discussing unrelated things in the comments c:

    Besides, i’m not saying anything about the grammar in the article. Just the use of the word “foreign” in a comment.

  • Jmn Brothers

    If you haven’t seen a film maker shooting pornography in Tokyo, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Same as beggers in Tokyo that you never witness 🙂

  • Kate
  • Philip Natale

    It is a crime to beg in Mississippi, USA. Panhandling is a crime. There are way too many options for the poor (here), therefore it is a crime. [welfare, women’s shelters, free food programs, homeless shelters, etc.] Being homeless here is actually a crime.
    I do not know about other countries, but I understood the article. And it did give remedies.And, if there was a child involved, there should be protection for that child. Again, I am only familiar with my culture where the child would be taken into protective custody by the state and the person holding the child (parent or not) would be arrested for child endangerment.
    Also, a new reporter did do a story about this type of scam. He stood on a busy street corner in South Mississippi and begged for money in ragged clothing. He made more money in 1 hour than an entire weeks worth of wages at his job. In New Orleans, Louisiana (I don’t believe panhandling is illegal there) an attorney quit his practice because he learned that he could make more money begging, in less time, than to have to do actual work.

  • elizabeth31

    Don was not speaking of grammar, he was clearly speaking of word choice. I speak English as a first language and I often hear English speakers make generalizations, such as that “Everyone does this”, when really it’s a small percent. In this occasion, Don was saying that simply because someone does not speak English as a first language does NOT mean that they are foreign. YOU are foreign to them. I hope this makes sense.

  • UbiquitousPersona

    Wow, the amount of irony is incredibly hilarious. People whom have stated and claimed that Don has missed the point of this article have actually missed the point he was trying to make and mind you, he is correct. Yes people, you don’t sound self-righteous, self-centered, idiotic when you judge Don for simply pointing out a better selection of a specific word in a comment. I pity your mindless bigotry. It is a shame.

  • FIL-AM

    Stupid man have stupid mind..would you?

  • Ya got me

    The bad men who handle the racket are the ones who cut their hands off. I’m sorry but the article is clearly written by someone whom english is not their first language, & I had zero problems understanding what he was saying. That is because I traveled & if you really did travel, this article shouldn’t be so hard to understand. Also, if the woman is part of the crime, how is she the victim? Those women are not nice people they are con artists duh. He stated that he tried to speak to her normally but that she told him to f off. I’m just finding it so hard to believe that someone can point their finger at someone who made them ‘aware’ of what is common knowledge to others & shame him. Shame on you for not being aware in the first place, since you don’t want to be told!!

  • Spicy Ray Swinehart-Patrick

    You did: “I say why not just give them the money then? ” In reply to:

    “I didn’t say anything about giving them money.”

  • Danielle Fair

    Really just because I am American I think I am better than you? I agree with the fact that foreign was the wrong word, however I am American and I find it completely illiterate that you would classify all Americans into one group like that!! Your lack of tact, and your idiocy shows with the 10 words you wrote! Racism at it’s finest right there!!

  • Angela

    In Nice (France), there was a lady with a child sitting in front of our apartment the time we were staying there. We saw her several times a day. It was the first time i saw a normal acting child with a beggar. It was always playing with toys and lauthing…and trying to run away. It was nice to see it. But sadly it was the first and last time till now.

  • Sarah

    Don’t worry… people with a bit more open mind and a higher vocabulary than having to resort to swearing agree with you.

  • paola

    who cares about grammar. the person who posted an article that they “don’t know where it came from” is obviously not concerned with facts. there are manipulative people. but it is outrageous to put out a rhetorical piece trying to feed people’s fears around the situation of beggars. Is it not the last straw of what you would consider to do? Sit on the street and ask for money? NO ONE wants to sit on the street. No one WANTS to ask for what they don’t have. Maybe if you have always had everything, you can not understand that. If that person is that low in their life that they feel that this is the only way they can make a living, can you not show some compassion?

  • Heather

    Being homeless is not a crime, that is a ridiculous, idiotic thing to say. Panhandling is a crime, yes, but panhandling is actively seeking money from people while standing on city/public property, not the state of being where you have no home.

    The article did not give remedies, it was trying to shed light on a specific instance in a country most Westerners would not have known about, your belief that a form of CPS should be available shows that.

    Also, the concept of a mafia or prostitution ring like structure forcing people to beg all day, then taking most, if not all of the money from them, still leaving that person in poverty is EXACTLY like the “scam” of American beggars having lots of money and just being lazy asses who don’t want to work. I can really see the correlation.

  • JM

    Stupid person..you distorted this noble discussion. F**k your English and your grammer

  • Dusan Bonus

    Dear author of the article.
    Please, sell everything you have, put aside your fancy laptop, iphone and all the gadget, and buy the new home for that unhappy family and save the pure child.
    I am sick of you.
    I am sick of such blogging.
    Having it not been for our ultimate greed to have more of everything, such women would not be EVER pushed to do so horrible things to save their dear lives.
    I really wonder what would do you, dear author, if you would be in her place…..perhaps you would invent tricks more elaborate in their horror.

  • SemperNeoAeon

    Woooow–wow–wow. If you are not a troll you are incredibly ignorant. Obviously Bill is an Ignoramus, you can usually tell by the self centered, self absorbed, arrogance in which anything not ignorant is wrong and therefore not worthy of their attention. They must therefore pick on anything that may not be up to their standard, which is funny since Ignoramus are some of the dumbest people in the world.

  • StellaBellaRue

    I appreciate the insight you give regarding different cultures and how they may respond to beggars. It’s true that the “we in the West” tend to look down on beggars, but I really like that you pointed out that the “locals respect beggars…as they are thankful for not being in that position in this short time on earth.” Beautifully-said. There is a large homeless population where I live out here in the Bay Area. While it can be tempting to attribute this issue to simple causes, as with so many hot-button topics, it is much more complex . A lot of people just try to survive the best they can without knowing there is help out there.

    I recently worked at a non-profit that gave me 2-1-1 cards to hand out. This phone number connects callers (in the U.S.) to local information about health (mental and physical) and human services available in their community. Even when I don’t have these cards with me, I have told several people about the number. It’s a neutral, confidential way to possibly get help/information.

    Where I live (Oakland, California), I get hit-up for money or food from the store almost every time I go out. It can be irritating to deal with as I’m trying to get into a store without having to deal with twinges of guilt that I just want to “get in, and get out” without being bothered with the oft-used “Can I ask you a question?”, or a long, extremely personal story about a person’s life. However, I am often reminded by another person’s example in how they treat these people that I can still be courteous when I decline. One quote that runs through my head sometimes is: You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him. (I had to look up who said it; it’s Johann Wolfgang von Goethe).

  • Tibby

    Rocky, I am Thai and just happened to see this article and I would say that this kind of thing is actually possible. No matter how you think the world is peaceful, it is only to some extent or some people. I’m not saying that you are wrong. Maybe the boss was really kind to the woman but doing this kind of thing or drug the child is still not the right way to cure poverty or solve this issue. I assure you there’s this kind of thing in reality even though we have many kind of women’s shelters or other organizations, thing is the beggar might not want to go – they don’t have the knowledge what’s the best thing to do. Also – Buddha is not a beggar. He never beg for food or money or anything. If people offer, he accepts but if no one offer, he just wouldn’t have anything and he would not say a thing about it. Please study more about Buddhism if you really like it. PS- No offend here, just clarifying.

  • Min Jan Tokla

    you shut up! you ain’t any better than a rat! how disgusting you are of judging someone who is trying share this helpful info in their 2nd language! try to write in Khmer and see how far you can get? you brood of vipers! how come you exist in this world!

  • fuckpinoypride

    Don’t give money to beggars, got it

  • Chrystal

    King Aldo was defending the writer from other people criticizing the article’s grammar.

  • Chrystal

    King Aldo was not judging the article or its grammar. He was actually defending the author from people criticizing the writing. He was saying what you said: “Why don’t you try and write a grammatically perfect article in another language?” He was saying this to the rude people commenting, not the author of this article.

  • Keys Ritual

    Actually, this article speaks truth, and you can see it in NYC as well. I have met people with luxury vehicles that spend all day begging on the subways. although they will pretend to be grateful when you give them food. They will throw it away when nobody is looking. Others will literally spit in your face if you give them food.

    My roommate use to do it cause he couldn’t get hired due to his criminal record and could make anywhere from 100 to 700 in a day… which is high above minimum wage… so if u really think all beggars are begging cause they have no food.. then you’re wrong

  • ImSoFreaknSorry

    God, I may be a hypocrite right now, but sometimes I hate humans.
    This fucking article tells you that there’s literally women out there on the streets, using drugged babys to gain sympathy, yet ALL OF YOU FUCKING IDIOTS DO IS COMPLAIN ABOUT SOME DAMN GRAMMAR. NOT EVEN PEOPLE BORN WITH ENGLISH AS THEIR MOTHERTONGUE CAN PERFECTLY SPEAK, WRITE, READ OR EVEN FULLY COMPREHEND IT.

    I keep trying to restore faith in humanity, BUT Y’ALL MAKE IT SO FUCKING HARD.

  • Bernard Baylet

    J’ai lu plusieurs fois cet article et n’y ai trouvé aucune faute de vocabulaire, de syntaxe ou de grammaire. Je suis parfaitement bilingue français-anglais, je parle de façon correcte espagnol, italien et portugais, je me fais bien comprendre en allemand, en grec et en turc. Je ne comprend pas pourquoi les seules critiques sur cet article portent sur une orthographe hasardeuse. Le fonds de l’article est la dénonciation de pratiques maffieuses : utiliser des mendiantes et des enfants drogués, alcoolisés, ou même morts pour attirer des aumônes qui enrichissent les maffias de l’ex Europe de l’Est.

  • Bernard Baylet

    I read this topic several times and found no vocabulary, syntaxis or grammary fault. I am perfectly bilingual in french and english, rather fluent in spanish italian and portuguese, and can make my point in german, greek or turkish. I can’t understand why the only critics on this topic are about some presumed hasardous orthographics. The basis of this topic is about bringing to light maffious practicies : using beggars and drugged, drunk or even dead babies to gather alms and enrich the ex-East Europa maffias.

  • Yi Nga YU [8C14M]

    I agree. Our secondary school is awesome, every year, we have a interhouse knitting competition. The house with the most squares of knitting wins the competition. All of the squares are knitted together into 4×6 blankets and sent off to Cambodia, and we distribute these blankets to the poor. In Hong Kong, we have many refugees that have came here because of war and other things. Refugees in HK are not allowed to work. The lucky ones live on less than 600 HKD(currently 77.32 US dollars) welfare money a month. That might seem a lot, but remember the HK government don’t let them go to normal shops like us, they have to go to these special shops in which everything is overpriced. Every Christmas, we collect food, clothes, toys and hotel toiletries(unused ones) from everyone. Food is put into many different baskets, toys are ‘sold’ (*cough* given away for free*cough*) and clothes and put onto racks sorted by colour and gender. The ‘shops’ are our classrooms, changing rooms are offices. Each year, we rent bouncy castles 😀 for the children to play. In our Christmas party in 2013, over 282 refugees came to our party. That included children, pre-teens, teenagers and adults. I could go on and on with this post, but I’ll just end it with this:

    One man/woman/girl/boy/cat/dog/idk’s trash can be another man/woman/girl/boy/cat/dog/idk’s treasure.

  • Alena

    Nobody is criminalising the poor. If thats what you understood from the article, you didnt read it carefully… We have the same problem in our country – those poor beggers are controlled by foreign (its better for them to be foreign bacause of the laws – so our police
    cannot arrest them for this kind of crime, they can only deport them) mafia, which takes the money from them, it is the same situation (at least we dont have “mothers with sleeping children”). Mafia is the one who is criminalizing them and by giving them money you only support this kind of exploitation. That is the point. If you give them food and they keep it, that is what can help them. Good for you and good for them.
    Also they dont choose to beg for the money, they are poor and they have no other option. But the point is, you dont give the money to the poor people you give it to rich people who exploit the poor. Still fine with it?
    And about the child ok, maybe it is a doll, but what if he is drugged. Isnt that worse? How can you ask “who cares?”!?

  • disqus_f2gnl28Eqw

    If you want to go after an individual fine, but please don’t lump all Americans into the “dumbest people in the world.” Some of us are quite intelligent, well traveled and respectful of other cultures, languages and points of view.

  • oxana

    I read this article long time ago, it was in Russian language, i really wanted to translate it and post for all my friends, but didn’t want to get stupid comments about my English( it’s my 3rd language). Ppl, don’t judge the person who translated, we need to think and talk about the big problems in our world ( human traffic, kidnapping, drugs,…). Those beggars r everywhere in big cities and towns always in public places with poor babies and toddlers (who have no idea what is going on around them, and r forced to do it just for food and theirs lives), very often those kids were kidnapped. They dress boys like girls and girls like boys, so it will be harder to recognize kids. Just be more careful when u help someone like that on the street, your money don’t go to them anyways!

  • Christine White

    Wow. These comments are really going down the rabbit hole. Can you all just stop please and focus on what is really important instead of semantics? If you need to judge someone, go judge yourself.

  • Per Lind
  • Bryon Azoulay

    I think a message is more important than grammar. If someone doesn’t have perfect grammar, I don’t think they should just not show their message to the world. No need to be hostile to someone with bad grammar skills. All it represents is that the person wasn’t properly educated on English grammar. This doesn’t give someone a reason to be mean. That’s just a problem with how people interact on the internet-they lack humanity in their arguments and enjoy starting fights.

  • Bryon Azoulay

    (Team America main song starts to play)

  • Jamie Dodge

    Oh my, I was hoping I was going to read it and find that they are holding life-like dolls:( That was so much worse than what I expected.

  • Libtardsworstenemy

    “A some old man was” DO you guys check your own article?

  • tevbot

    why is most everyone talking about the grammer? imma native newyorker and didnt even notice one grammer issue! =D

    anyways, the point is DO NOT GIVE BEGGARS MONEY. their is a reason they keep asking for money everyday all day long, yet remain beggars. because either they are spending it on alcohol/drugs, or they are being pimped out to collect money for a scheme.

    i know it is much easier to give money, but what a genuine beggar needs is just a bottle of water, a scoop of rice, some bread or fruit, clothes. anything but money!

    best help is to notify a local outreach/shelter of the location and description of the beggar. ask them their full name and age and town they were born in. if they don’t want to share this info (which you then provide an outreach program with) then they are a scam. if they cannot relay this info, then they really need assistance asap, not money.

    this baby-killing business must end! the public needs to stop supporting the baby-killers!!

  • Albert

    bill, the funniest thing about your comment is that you’re saying exactly what Don is trying to say. However, Don said it in a much nicer manner than you. The irony is that you have no idea what Don was saying and you took issue with it.

  • Albert


  • Albert

    try again Min…

  • tomo

    although that might be true in some few highly pathological cases please remember that not all beggars are careless scammers saving for alcohol libations using their children as tools for better income. on the picture we see a Rom woman, also remember that not all Roms are crooks. you can’t look at certain cultures, nations, or even specific persons from a perspective of a rich, western point of view, especially not from a perspective of Denmark. i sometimes feel that these kind of articles do more harm then good. we are shown just a part of a whole picture and that makes us more suspicious and insensible for other’s needs. it also makes a good excuse for our conscience. if these things, like the one described in the article, happen and certain people abuse others and/or our system, remember that it is a problem of this very system and from this very system it sprouts.

  • roberta4343

    for a while there, but not latly, seen a lady on the corner up the street from me with a sign saying she has kids and needs help she stands there all day, but yet where are her kids? if she can find someone to watch them all day why not get a job? begging is more profitable, no taxes too, what she is doing is perfectly legal, but don’t try to sell anything for money on the corner you will probably get arrested for trying to make a honest living. people just need to stop feeding the beast of exploiting people’s compassion and understanding so it will die.

  • That’s it? The conclusion is think twice before handing money and let the business die on its own? Why isn’t anyone taking action? This is a crime and should be punishable by law.

  • lukemanius

    for·eign [fawr-in, for-] – from dictionary.com
    of, pertaining to, or derived from another country or nation; not native: foreign cars.
    external to one’s own country or nation: a foreign country.
    belonging to or coming from another district, province, etc.
    belonging to or proceeding from other persons or things: a statement supported by foreign testimony.
    not belonging to the place or body where found: foreign matter in a chemical mixture.
    not related to or connected with the thing under consideration: foreign to our discussion.
    alien in character; irrelevant or inappropriate; remote.
    strange or unfamiliar.

    Kind of seems like foreign was a perfect word for him to use.

  • Elle

    Funny how you say that when you can’t even spell ‘grammar’ properly… Hypocrites everywhere.

  • DitteLJ1 .

    This is so fucking racist and I dont trust the story to be true one bit. The beggar is being portrayed as totally unhuman, and then we are presented a “friend” with olive-eyes and romanian background, which is (of course) not honest and with no sympathy for the supposedly druged children. This story is constructed, racist shit!

  • Kuljit Uppal

    This is ridiculous all the comments are about grammar and the word “foreign”, did you even read the article. I for one wont be handing out money to beggars (not that i do anyway) for a long time now i only ever give them sandwiches, hot drinks etc. That way i know what the money was spent on giving money nowadays is a really lazy form of charity!

  • Henri


    I won’t single out sentences that are hard to believe for me. Trust me, they are a few and they seem to come out of nowhere in the article.

    First to come to mind : if a baby awakes every couple of hours he needs to be fed.

    Adults on hunger strike don’t have much strengh left after a couple of weeks so it’s reasonable that for a baby, consequences would be almost immediate.

    Thus instead of gathering “evidences” from friends and “we know how it goes” opinions, wondering if you might involve the Police, it should be most appropriate to think a moment, give a call to the local social services/Croix Rouge/etc. and get THEM to find out ’bout the baby’s health.and whether or not they are in shock. .

    Thks for reading, this is my first and will be my only connection …. signing off.

  • Kim Caesar

    Correcting someone on grammar does not always coincide with being hostile towards them. Though, comments online on someone’s grammar use is mostly pointless, unless you are directly communicating with a specific person.

    With grammar mistakes set aside, I’m more concerned with the lack of sources, the assumptions and the obvious racist hints in this “article”. I’d much rather call it a chronicle if anything. With the information provided it is impossible to determine how trustworthy the story is.
    The writer is clearly biased when it comes to the portaying of both beggars and people from Romania. Even if parts of this is true, I cannot avoid thinking it’s greatly exaggerated due to the way it’s presented.

  • Amy Wallis

    They mean the author is foreign, as in, not from the same country as the poster of this article, or the majority of their readers.

  • Joseph Knutson

    1) This is a story, there is therefore no source of truth what so ever and without grammatic skills, this joke has become even worse.
    2) I’m Norwegian, yet I grade A in English, but that is because our country teaches it kids from a very young age.

    There is indeed a point, and that is that kids may be on heroin, but calling people foll selfrighteous assholes due to their intolerance of the worst fucking article in the world, well, that makes you and your supporters naive and judgemental.

  • amaruamiya

    I am completely and utterly horrified and saddened. it is disturbing that this kind of organized crime is so widespread through various countries and that it happens mostly at the hands of those, who are innocent – children, people who have ended as victims of organized crimes and also the locals and tourist that in good faith give money. It is terrifying that there are people in this world that have as little regard for human life as those behind organized crimes like this. I hope that this article is shared again and again and will help people realize that donating isn’t necessarily the best way to help these people on the streets.

  • bob

    Shut up you cunts

  • I am appalled at how stupid some people can be…I don’t know how extreme altruism is not counted as a mental illness in most people,sometimes,you have to mind your own business,not everyone who genuinely needs your money is a beggar,I am sure these bunch of idiots would fall for the asian beggars on the streets in malaysia or thailand LOL

  • well,there is a minority who believe in helping people no matter what even if it is a tactic from a crime organization…-_- the too stupidly good lol

  • it is not like you can save the child once they are drugged,dumbass…if drugs can kill adults(which happens with time),a child can be instantly killed

  • amaruamiya

    i know, but that is a different discussion on defining, what is help? despite all of that, I honestly believe that hatred and oppression are no match for the human heart. People’s actions will come full circle.

  • Phillip Sardinha

    Did you see this woman on the Penn Station subway next to 1/2/3 entrance?? Because I swear I’ve seen this same scenario, and now that you’ve mentioned it…the baby really never has made a peep. Despite the crazy crowds, noises, smells etc etc…
    I’m going to start paying more attention. Also English is a bastardized language and you wrote your message in a perfectly understandable way. Fuck cares about grammar when this isn’t some English Lit. magazine. (I have the ability to write pretty perfect English but for the life of me I can’t see why I should when it only limits my ability to convey my message in a personalized way)

  • DitteLJ1 .

    why are you comment a reply to me? I never said that it’s OK to drug a child?! I don’t believe it to be true at all. If its true its awfull. But that doesn’t make it right to be fucking racist.


    In my early 20’s I went on a surfing trip to Bali. This is when I was first exposed to this whole new level of beggars. I am a Canadian citizen and have been privileged enough to travel extensively in Asia, Mexico, and Canada. I have seen all sorts of beggars, you have the drunks who sit almost unconscious barely soliciting donations, then there are the beggars with an act or gimmick like a funny sign a musical instrument a voice a gymnastic routine or something of that sort. In Canada you have highly sophisticated beggars who identify tourists and try to offer directions or explain something to the tourist as they look around with that lost look on their face. There are aggressive beggars that use fear to solicit your change and then there are kind heart ones that play on your emotions. In San Francisco I remember hearing about a mother who had her child sit in a special wheel chair all day in Union Square pretending to be a paraplegic without health insurance. In Bali I was shocked when I left the club at 3 or 4 am to see children no older that 7 or 8 trying to sell cheap little necklaces to the hordes of western tourists stumbling out of the discos that have notorious reputations for violence and of course bombings. I heard all about the rental children while in Bali and I did even notice a woman with a different child from one day to the next in Kuta Beach. I had never heard of the heroin addicted baby but nothing surprises me anymore. While to us westerners with our illusions of safety and superiority this comes as a shock but who do we have to blame? The economic inequity on the planet is because of our over consumption. I am guilty as anyone, I fly upwards of a dozen times a year, I just bought a brand new 2014 Dodge Ram 1500, I am addicted to drugs, material things and fossil fuels. While I find the idea of children being used as disposable props to generate revenue morally repugnant I know that humans will use whatever they have at their disposal to make life more bearable, to feed their addictions whether that be to drugs, fossil fuels, designer jeans or handbags or simply power. Morals are not universal they are a product of the culture, times, and environment in which they exist. I will give an example. I lived in Mexico for over 3 years, and many ex-pats from Canada and the USA lived in the small town I called home. People get appalled at the way the locals treat their animals and especial the Californian animal lovers get disgusted by the way parents give puppies and kitten to their children and the animals invariably end up on the street without a home and malnourished. the reason is this, these people have nothing else to give their children, they cannot afford an XBOX or even a surf board or a lego set for their kids. So when a puppy is found and it is taken away from its mother far too young and the small child is playing with it and the North American Scum (me and you) looks on in disgust at the Mexicans and how inhumane it is and how animal cruelty is occurring right before our eyes just remember that people always just do the best they can with what is available to them. Before we judge people who are drugging infants and begging for money maybe we should look at ourselves and what our part is in the bigger picture because as I sit here typing on my Apple MacBook Pro in my designer jeans getting ready to go to sleep so I can get on an airplane tomorrow and fly 3500km in a few hours I know that I am just as guilty as anyone else for the way the world is today.

  • Andrea Tinhof

    ^ Grammatikken din er like dårlig, as is your use of punctuation, word placement and dubious spelling. No disrespect, but you are no polyglot either kompis.

  • Joseph Knutson

    Uff. Jeg ser at jeg har dummet meg ut litt her. En dobbeltsjekk hadde gjort seg. Thank du.

  • Fernanda

    I am brazilian, and lately I’ve seeing less and less begars in the streets. Why? Many reasons. A lot of government aid but mostly because we don’t care anymore. It’s sad, and maybe will sound a little bit cruel but it’s true. Once we get used to beggars and you see them every single day it becomes a part of the landscape. So, brazilians in general will not give money to beggars. In the other hand they figured out that is better to get money using violence.
    I believe that in areas like Thailand these things still occurs because there a lot of tourists and are they who still sustain this “market”. I don’t believe that the majority of the people giving the money are natives, once they already know what it’s happening. That’s why I think this article is important, because most tourists living in first world countries are not used to poverty around them all the time and their first and natural thought is to “help”.

    Many years ago I was coming back from a fruit market with my father and 3 kids approached us. They should have 6,7 years old, and they asked for some money because they were very hungry and didn’t have anything to eat. My father gave to them a bag full of fruits, and they got very upset. They cursed us, and left. I think this example showcases the whole picture.

  • ILda Karwayu

    -_- Oo, man, we have a grammar Nazy here. stop judging people with grammars. mungkin Anda harus belajar merasakan sulitnya belajar bahasa asing dan bertoleransilah pada semua manusia.

  • Get A Job Dean Chambers

    You’re full of shit. Charities don’t always have oversight. And when they do, guess who oversees them? That’s right, the government. Get your head out of your ass and stop pushing your agenda

  • Jean Fournes Thaylord

    That’s the most f**ck up sh**t I have ever heard.

  • blahblahblah

    i find it pathetic when i see women in the street or in the train holding a baby and expecting to receive pity cash. nope. none for you

  • Hi Fernanda,
    I think you are right about tourists feeling like they are helping. This happens a lot in the US, too. In my hometown my father would offer to buy the homeless people food and they would refuse, they only wanted money (probably for drugs or alcohol). It is very sad. I actually live in Rio de Janeiro right now and haven’t seen very many beggars in my neighborhood. One time a man in the grocery store asked if I could buy his bread and turkey slices for him. I bought it for him and felt good knowing that I didn’t just hand him 10 reais to go toward something illegal.

  • Julie Gia

    This is horrible. Instead of arguing over the internet you guys should do something to prevent this. This is far worst than child abuse.

  • Cock_Lesnar


  • Susana Moita

    I understood the message behind the article… I’m Portuguese but live in the UK…I have studied some interpreting and translation and know how difficult it can be… The admirable thing is you have continued to learn and you did not let your difficulties get in the way of writing an article. Well done for trying and for carrying on learning several other languages. The world needs more hardworking people like you and less of the finger pointing judgemental ones in the comments below. Thanks! 🙂

  • probuiltenterprises

    don’t blame all Americans……I’m from Pittsburgh and people still try to figure out what language I speak

  • Jenny Uebbing

    this is so, so sad. We lived abroad and saw so many of these precious ‘sleeping’ children, filthy and in the arms of distraught seeming ‘parents.’ My heart aches at the thought of how my ignorance failed them…

  • Let’s do something
  • Let’s do something
  • Let’s do something
  • 1rosemarie2

    I am very sorry to say he is right … it is a well known fact in France.
    The same goes with some drug addicts begging in the street. There is the MAN not far away, checking on the kid and the money coming in …
    And yes, a toddler does not sleep much at a time and should not be asleep all day !

  • Let’s do something
  • Let’s do something

    Taken today

  • Let’s do something

    Taken today as well

  • Someone who cares

    you that are discussing about the grammar or the words used you all need to get laid. this article was about finishing a bad business, that is giving drugs and alcohol to kids, sometimes kids that are abducted. You guys are worried about the grammar in the text. really?! Anyone cached the real message in here? stop arguing about stupid differences and open your eyes.This happens everywhere in all countries.

  • Elle scooter

    Drugging children is illegal and immoral in any country,

  • Ashley

    I do believe they do it with the dogs, too. Sometimes you see beggars with dogs and the dogs are always asleep, positioned perfectly. I heard they drug up the animals as well.

  • I have chills all over. WOW

  • SleezyStoner

    ……AHAHAHAHA no one would waste heroin on a dog or even vodka, dogs sleep allll the time. If they have nothing to do but sit down with a begging owner, they are gunna sleep.

  • Don Is Illiterate

    Your English is not the best as well. Dude, lets be honest, …but I’m actually Dutch or I’m Dutch, actually<< bitch you forgot the comma? Agreed* … make. < period #learntoenglishfucktard

  • Chris Tran


  • Jen

    We are all just monkies throwing poo at each other

  • Frankie Roy

    While you all are auguing. I got the message and I will log it in my brain and I am going to use social media to spread it around.

  • Jeff

    I just finished reading this and I was thinking “that was really interesting”.
    then I moved on to the comments and before I knew it you fucktards completely remove the spotlight from something that is very important onto your own stupid bickering about “grammar” and “who’s a foreigner”

  • useyourhead22

    simple test for the future – tell the beggar – “if you can wake your baby up and make it speak, i will give you $100”

  • mabaho

    I’ve never seen those mothers with sleeping children in their hands in my country, but there are many children who beg for money. One time, a beggar child approached me so I gave him my food but he refused to accept the food. He even stated he doesn’t need food but money.
    There was also a man pretending to have broken leg and begging for money. My coworker gave him money. When the beggar thought no one can see him anymore, he walked without any problems.

  • Todd

    fail…”American” is not a race, therefore your ignorance shines through.

  • Coleen

    Bill, I am very offended by your comment. It shows your ignorance to generalize an entire country of people.

  • Jean Hannah

    For real!!!!!

  • saveAMERICAfromTHEnutters

    This is an accepted career in the Roma community.

  • John Vermore

    The writer’s ESL is better then my French or Spanish. To critique politely a writer’s grammar or spelling is one thing. It is important to remember how difficult it is to write or speak in a second language. One of the most important things I learned in French and Spanish classes was how to be patient with those who are ESL.

  • David Anderson

    Print up 5 fake one hundred dollars bills, give them to the woman in exchange for the baby, and take the baby home and raise it for yourself. Problem solved! win win situation

  • TRuth

    I have no doubt that these children are drugged and that the beggar is under someone’s control. Most outstanding in my experience was a woman and sleeping child on the church steps at the Trevi Fountain in Italy where there was a crowd of hundreds and the noise to go with it.

  • asasdas dsasdasd

    I have seen this happening on the streets of NYC, yep this stuff is highly organized as they drop people dropping off in vans in some neighborhoods just to beg for money… one look at the mother I could tell something was up. Something about these people are just broken, I think they stop caring a long time ago and are some how they are trapped in a life in which they are helpless to leave. But I never came to tuition the people involve would do this to infants, its a cycle that will never stop because those kids will grow up probably doing the same thing (its brain washing a child from birth to beg). I think the people who are begging on the streets lack their own volition (I can see it in there eyes) and some of them are being forced into a lifestyle not there own, probably by drugs or some method of force involve. I can almost imagine some of these mothers infants are being held hostage.

    I hope this article gets the attention it deserves.

    Grammar? seriously someone is a turd in the punch bowl. There is no reasoning with a turd, a turd is a turd regardless. Thanks any ways: Paul Kersbergen, King Aldo.

  • randomperson

    All these people arguing and complaining over the writer’s fucking grammar… what about the actual story?

  • Herman Near

    At one point we had a policy where beggars are to be forcibly brought to shelters. Not only are they a road hazard, but as we’ve seen in the story, there’s unscrupulous forces behind them.

    If you see donations in kind get refused or thrown out… they’re not real beggars.

  • Wesley Mario Fox

    If you don’t believe this shit happens at least some percent of the time your naive as fuck

  • The Archmage of the Aether

    Everything can be, and usually is, resold to the closest store.

  • ramona green

    Surely you’re all missing the point of the story!

  • Kirstylee


  • kimberly

    It shows how stupid you all are. Worried about grammar and he said she said! The only problem I see is a baby being loaded up on drugs and being killed and nothing is being done. Who cares about the rest! Rest in peace sweet angles!

  • Edward Roberts

    Y’all Are Kidding Me,Right?
    All You Got From This Was Some grammer Issues? Really?

  • Sophie Davies

    See if you would all put as much effort into helping to do something about this as you do about “correcting” each other on grammar, whether being American is a race or not, whether calling someone foreign is wierd or not – or just generally missing the point – maybe, JUST MAYBE something might change. Something might be done. One child might be saved. Get a grip and go and do something worthwhile.

  • 1rosemarie2

    I cannot believe this discussion below … is this the heart of the subject being treated? Or simply a quarrel?