Why does the child in hands of the beggar always sleeping?

Why is sleeping child in the hands of beggars? Have you ever wondered…

This is an article I came across months ago. We are not sure of the author. However we’ve checked the authenticity of this with our followers in Bangkok and Cambodia. Surprisingly this seems to be true and their request is only to offer beggars with food and water and not money. Any hlp you can do in terms of their needs are just fine. But make sure you do not hand over big bills that will keep the begging industry going. You should be wise enough to know whom to help and how to help. Make your decision based on the situation and knowing it well enough.

“”Near the metro station sits a woman of uncertain age. Women’s hair is confused and dirty, her head bowed in grief.

The woman sits on the dirty floor and next to her lies a bag. In that bag people throw money. On the hands of a woman, asleep, is a two year old baby. He’s in a dirty hat and dirty clothes.

“Madonna with baby” – numerous passers-by will donate money. The people of our kind- we always feel sorry for less fortunate. We are ready to give unfortunate people the last shirt, the last penny out of your pocket and never think another issue. Helping, seems like. “Good job done”…

I walked past a beggar for a month. Did not give any money, as I knew that this is a gang operated scam and money collected by the beggar will be given to whoever controls beggars in the area. Those people own numerous luxury properties and cars. Oh and beggar also gets something, of course “ A bottle of vodka in the evening and a döner kebab”. A month later, walking past the beggars, as shock, it suddenly hit me….

I’m staying at a busy crossing, stared at the baby, dressed as always- dirty track suit. I realized that it seemed “wrong”, finding a child in a dirty underground station from morning to evening. The baby slept. Never sobbed or screamed, always asleep, burying his face in the knee of a woman who was his MUM.

Do any of you, dear readers, have children? Remember how often they slept at the age of 1-2-3 years? Hour two, maximum three (not consecutive) afternoon nap, and again – movement. For the whole month, every day of my walking in the underground, I’ve never seen a child awake! I looked at the tiny little man, with his face buried in the knee of his mother, then at the beggar, and my suspicion was gradually formed. – Why he sleeps all the time? I asked, staring at the baby.

The beggar pretended not to hear me. She lowered her eyes and hid her face in the collar of her shabby jacket. I repeated the question. The woman again looked up. She looked somewhere behind my back, tired with utter irritation. Her look was similar to the creatures from a different planet. – F *** off … her lips murmured. -Why is he asleep?! I almost cried …

Behind me someone put his hand on my shoulder. I looked back. A some old man was looking at me disapprovingly:

– What do you want from her? Can’t you see how hard she’s got it in her life… Eh …
He gets some coins from his pocket and throws them in the beggar’s bag.

Beggar made a hand wave of a cross, portraying the face of humility and universal grief. The guy removed his hand from my shoulder and strolled out of the underground station. I bet, at home, he will tell how he defended poor, distraught woman from a soulless man in a tube station.

Next day I called a friend. It was a funny man with eyes like olives Romanian nationality. He only managed to complete three and a half years of education. The complete lack of education does not prevent him from moving around the City streets on very expensive foreign cars and live in a “small” house with countless number of windows and balconies. From my friend I managed to find out that this business, despite the apparent spontaneity, clearly organized. Its supervised by begging organized crime rings. The children used are in “rent” from families of alcoholics, or simply stolen.

I needed to get the answer to the question – why is the baby sleeping? And I received it. My friend Gypsy said the phrase, completely ordinary with calm voice that twisted me in shock, just like he was talking about weather report: -They are on heroin, or vodka …

I was dumbfounded. “Who is on heroin? Whom – under vodka?! ” He answered -The Child, so he doesn’t scream. The women will be sitting whole day with him, imagine how he might get bored?

In order to make the baby slept the whole day, it pumped up with vodka or drugs. Of course, children’s bodies are not able to cope with such a shock. And children often die. The most terrible thing – sometimes children die during the “working day”. And imaginary mother must hold another dead child on her hands until the evening. These are the rules. And the by passers-by will throw some money in the bag, and believe that they are moral. Helping “mother alone” …

… The next day I was walking near the same underground station. I stocked up journalistic identity, and was ready for a serious conversation. But the conversation didn’t work out. But turned out the following … A woman was sitting on the floor and in her hands she was holding a child. I asked her a question about the documents on the child, and, most importantly, where was yesterday’s kid, which she simply ignored. My questions were not ignored by passers-by. I was told that I was out of my mind screaming at poor beggar with a child. All in all, I was escorted out of the tube station in disgrace. One thing remained was to call the police. When police arrived, beggar with the baby disappeared. I stood with a full sense of – “I’m trying to fight windmills”.

When you see in the subway, on the street whether women with children, begging, think before your hand climb for money. Think about that, if it wasn’t for your hundreds of thousands of handouts, the business like this would have died. The business would die and not the children-inflated with vodka or drugs. Do not look at the sleeping child with affection. See horror… Since you’re reading this article, you know now- why the child is sleeping in beggars hands.

If you copy this article on your wall or just click “Share”, your friends will read it too.
And when you decide again to open your wallet to throw a coin to a beggar, remember that this
charity could cost another child’s life.”

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    Your headline doesn’t even make sense!

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    Please, fix: DOSE to DOES!

  • Done.. Thank you for your feedback..

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    sad times

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    Oh god, who wrote this? Grammar OCD raging.

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    Might as well translate the title into correct English while you’re at it.

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    Why don’t you try writing an article in a language that isn’t your first and then let people grade your grammar?

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    are you guys stupid?
    he’s not a native english speaker, not exactly rocket surgery
    I understood the piece perfectly, it was well written and everything.

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    How sick are people on here!!! All ur bothered about is the dam grammar! Are u all so heartless :-‘(

  • John Holt

    Yes don’t give them money because then they might live. walk past and tut under your breath about the drugged up baby and keep your money in your pocket so that both mother and baby can die of malnutrition or starvation. Much more compassionate.

  • Franklin Allen Newhart

    And I have seen babies opened up and bags of Dope put inside them to be air freighted to Europe from South America. What do you think becomes of those children?

  • Peter Greenall

    The person behind the headline must be a bit slow…It is does and not dose.
    And Neehans….Does and dose are 2 totally different words with totally different meanings

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    Well, English isn’t my first language either. Still I manage to use correct grammar.

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    Well, it is important that the reader actually understands the article. It rather is a put off if you want to read an article, which even might be interesting, that is written this badly.

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    did you understand the content? sucker! read the content not the heading

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    it was translated.

  • Günther de Bruyn

    What U are saying makes no sense. Read the part. It’s the truth. It’s also like that here in my city. Beggars are dropped of in the morning and picked up in the evening. They are always woman who beg. And they have children with them. The, money they receive is not for them. It for the men of the family.
    A friend of mine worked with the Roma. The stories she has told me are of the level of making a normal person sick just listening to them. If U think that U are helping them by giving money to those beggars U are mistaking. Those woman an children are victims of slave labour. The men of those families are the criminals. The people who give money are the reason the slave labour continuous to be.

  • Günther de Bruyn

    He could have use the spelling correction if he wanted to be correct. But I think he used Google translate.
    But anyway, that is not the point of the whole article.

  • Thunderstick 5000

    I lived in Bangkok as a kid in the early 70’s. I saw this and worse; children who were “normal” at birth that had trauma of various kinds performed on them, to make them appear deformed.
    I have no desire to return to that fucked up country ever again….even 40 years later…

  • 3ncreeA

    Wow, You really got the message.

  • vlad

    I am romanian and im proud of it but i cant stand when pelope mix us with roma pelope we are 2 differnt nationalities learn the fucking difference and then say ur story right !!!!!!! It is roma pelope not romanians that are beggers !!!!

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    If you are going to pick over grammar, you cannot start a sentence with “And”. Also you must end a sentence with a full stop. What is slow is the person who thinks them self so above someone who does not have great English grammatical sense. Try evolving, try seeing the bigger picture.

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    (a) the person writing the article is obviously not a native English speaker
    (b) the article is most likely translated.

    There. Still feel superior?

  • Tia

    How about everyone stop debating on whether or not to give money to these women and instead give them food or water instead. That was it’s helping them and not someone in the background

  • Toto

    i never give money to beggars, i have however gone to fast food chains and bought food and hot drinks for them. On more occasions than not i have been screamed at ‘ i dont want your food give me money’ puts me off doing anything now. Give your money to salvation army or other homeless charities.

  • Actually there are many publishing style manuals that advise the use of ‘And’ is correct, this cuts back on overly long sentences. Full stops should be used though.

    Also (to the OP) I know where this article comes from. It originates from a ‘question and answer’ type website and did not start life as an article. The people who wrote the question/heading and the body of text are two separate people. They are not professional writers or native English speakers. This site has ripped the writing without editing anything.

  • disqus_WN9MtZVHOR

    This article needs to be spoken for or deleted. WHERE are your sources? It reads like a cheap magazine but carried the deadliest message.

    I’ll be reporting you to every media body I know of. You’re disgusting people.

  • Shelley Dean

    All his asking is you give food and water and clothing not money, a real beggar can use food and water, one being controlled by a begging rink don’t get the money you give. It’s a reality in many places of the world. Food and water and clothing can do so much more for the really poor.

  • Marie Moran

    I have seen this sort of thing on London Underground , AND have reported it to transport police, never waited for the outcome , If theses women are genuine , then they will get help

  • Ivan Alexander

    Wow this is pure evil, nothing else! ..and yeah people get over the grammar! Look at the source, obviously not English Only speaking media.

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    It doesnt really matter as long as you understand the context… i dont see y people like u comment about petty things not related to the message of the writer. does it really matter?

  • Raizc

    yes. i really felt bad after reading this. It also happens here in manila. 🙁

  • Teresa Lee

    WOW! as serious as the content is, all many can comment about is the grammar? Cold, heartless and ignorant people, more interested in sounding like they know what they are talking about…. NOT! The writer has more compassion and Heart than all of you put together!

  • Laima Capaite

    only you know that its 2 nationalities, nobody else, you dont need to be angry, i have been in Romania and i thought these ppl were gipsys. why the police dont do anything about that? surely they know whats going on, corruption? yes!

  • Me

    The fact that it’s written by a foreigner would be obvious to anyone with an ounce of intelligence, and I think the content of the article is more important than the grammer! Ignorant Dum Fuck OCD raging right now!

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    No you haven’t, don’t fucking lie you retard.

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    Wow. That whole article and what the commentators (mostly) came away with was (a) dont feed them, rather give them money so they dont “starve” ….. and (b) teach those with morals and principals who want to change the world, to do it in better English first, please.
    Seriously? This has nothing whatsoever to do with Roma, Romanians, Gypseys, etc. It happens worldwide, and the “madonna and child” routine is even used in celebrity photo shoots to campaign (aka beg) for more money for charities etc. The practice began as far back as Lady Diana in the 80’s (if not earlier) and continues to this day. Find a charity that has not used an image of a child, black or white, to elicit sympathetic wallets, and I’ll show you a charity worthy of donations. Churches, religious groups, charities and so-called “angels” such as Mother Theresa all use the “madonna and child” image as it is a proven formula to squeeze wallets empty. It works better than the blind, the infirm, the deformed and the “I have a family to feed” cardboard routine, all of which are quite prevalent here in South Africa too!

  • Joanne Cookham

    idiot you are the problem

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    Yeah but the Roma are Romanian. They are all related, very little difference.

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    John’s an idiot…. Yippee!!! Read the article u flipping toolbox!

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    You absolutely can start a sentence with and!

  • Jared Olson

    Most likely, many people believe they should not start a sentence with a coordinating conjunction because their grammar teachers in grade school discouraged them from doing so. Yet such a rule is completely unjustifiable. When grammar teachers teach youngsters the essentials of sentence structure, they most likely explain that coordinating conjunctions are used to hold together elements within a sentence. Therefore, they may discourage students from starting sentences with coordinating conjunctions because they are trying not only to explain conjunctions but also to help their students learn to avoid sentence fragments like this one:

    She was a nice girl. And smart, too.

    In this example, using “and” after the period is wrong because the second “sentence” is not really a sentence at all: it has neither a subject nor a verb.

    Thus, youngsters carry forward into adulthood the notion that a sentence should never begin with a coordinating conjunction, especially not with “and” or “but.” In fact, however, professional writers have started sentences with coordinating conjunctions throughout history.

  • Chimay

    This scenario happens everywhere, anywhere and anytime. In fact, it’s also a known issue in my country, Philippines! When I read this article, I thought that it was my friend who was writing this. Because it is what she exactly told me when I was trying to give money on a beggar! Hopefully, those who have read this article will share it online so others will become aware of this issue!

  • Ann

    You idiot. Roma people are everywhere, not only in Romania. And if you search more, youll see that gypsies come from Egypt (hence the name -> egiptians-> gypsies) and were banished from there many years ago and continued spreading in all of the countries. Gypsies are nomad people, and some of them decided to stay in Romania cause we are more tolerant (which I dont think is good).

  • nandu

    Some time we notice the content not the English Grammar. Many times the witness with a kind heart may not be a scholar or graduated from Oxford. So if you have a heart which is tender, if it still beating, just listen and try to react. F..the grammar.

  • nandu

    F … means Forget

  • fizbanic

    I never give money to a beggar, I either offer food (mostly take out however will buy a few groceries if they have a place to store/cook it). I also never donate to a church as most do not bother help people as they should be as well (I can only attest to those located in Canada and not he whole world). I will look towards the organizations that are on the front line and doing the most in the way of food and shelter.

  • Craig

    So much anger.

  • Peepspets

    Just stumbled on here and what I have read (albeit by another) – forget the drunken/drugged-up child for a moment, what you have stated in your comment is TRUE. I have not personally viewed babies opened up with ‘dope put inside’ I have however been on a plane from Pakistan in 2010 to UK when the Air Hostess asked the woman in row ahead of me with ‘sleeping’ baby “would you like me to heat the baby’s bottle”? No came the reply. The woman wasn’t breast feeding. 2 hours later the Air Hostess repeated the question re the bottle. Same response. The ‘sleeping’ baby never cried for the duration of flight.
    Later discovered the baby already dead stuffed with heroin…..
    The rest is history.

  • I heared about this some years ago, but it’s still awful nonetheless. In asia, the legs of healthy children are broken so they can beg next to carlanes. Same terrible shit…..maybe it happens to the children of the Gypsy gangs as well…..