Maybe this chicken was a dog in a past life ?

If you raise anyone right, they’d love each other without boundaries. If a dog and a chicken can, why not us humans? Enjoy !

  • farzana khan

    yah right. the chicken is sick already. so its acting lame. and pls give a break , dont compare dogs with humans. Human dont poop everywhere like dogs and chicken are to be eaten. So both are filthy animals and food for human . thats life cycle. chicken and dogs can live without us ,but we humans cannot live without them cause we need chickens to feed our tummy and dog to protect our house and sometimes food for the filthy chinese .. ( sorry i hate Chinese ) . So think before you post a title . Just post a dog trying to eat a chicken..

  • farzana khan

    for the person who posted this video. Its a gift from nature to you. eat it and suck it..

  • DonkeyKongNYC

    You first.

  • Pri Bello

    Once I got a chicken who thought was a dog. She slept lay down, run when we call and walk strange different a normal chicken. One night she put a egg… and died.

  • Tadaaaaaaaaa

    maybe the dog is playing but the chicken isn’t, that’s the way they fight.

  • Shewithlynch

    I love the Alpo advert under the video.