Thursday, October 6 , 2022

10 Affordable Tech Gifts for Men

Productive high-tech gifts are the best gifts to pass on further(and receive) during the holiday season, but they usually escort soaring price tags that are capable of distorting your budget. We’re here to back you with 10 best tech choices for men. Whether it’s toys, cars, computing peripherals or fitness gears, you can find online coupon codes, deals and discounts to bring down the costliness of all tech-products. These gadgets and gizmos will cost you less than $100, with no cringe to your pockets. 

Roundup of Gifts for Men:

Gifts under $60 

  • Incase Metallic Case for Airpods 

This capsule protects an Airpods case from accidental scrapes and drops while adding some potential for distinctiveness. Available at Amazon for $29,95

  • Priority High Power Horn 

This high power horn is derived out of a research project between Toyota and Priority Bicycles, which is as loud as the car horn. This product is an excellent safety accessory for all the bikers out there. 

Available from Priority Bicycles for $29.99

  • Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera

This beautiful and stylish camera comes with a selfie mirror and a shutter speed of 1/60 seconds and requires only two AA batteries to run. A new micro lens for closeups of 35 to 50 cm has also been provided within the camera. The camera has an automatic exposure measurement feature which allows it to orient the aperture settings accordingly through an LED flashlight, thereby helping the user to take the most organic picture every time.

Price:- $59.99 on Walmart

  • Amazon Echo show 5

With an enhancive small screen smart display, this device boasts of a 5.5 inch display with a resolution of 960 by 480. It includes a 1 MD camera with shutter feature and a variety of Alexa assistant voices to choose from coupled with several touch screen features as well. Apart from entertainment, this device can also help pay your bills and can be adjusted to have minimum intrusion on your privacy. Price:-$59.99 on Amazon

  • Google Nest Mini

Google nest mini is the most affordable voice assistant smart home device especially if Alexa is not what you really desire in the form of a voice assistant and would rather try something new.This smaller and more affordable version of google home flaunts strong bluetooth connectivity and powerful speakers. This device provides the best hands free entertainment money can buy in the market. Price:- $49 on Google store

Gifts within the price range of $60 to $100 

  • Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 

The waterproof kindle paperwhite supports audio books and comes with a flat front design making it appropriate for outdoor reading. This is the best kindle on sale in the market within this price range. This amazing reading device comes equipped with 8 gb of memory expandable to 32 gb and a 300 ppi glare free display along with an all new Audible feature to listen to your favourite reading material.

Price:- $99.99 on Amazon(savings of $30)

  • Samsung Galaxy Fit

Affordable and sleek, this device makes for a lovely health tracker with an amazing display, friendly user interface and long battery life. The device has been designed to be water resistant and can handle a depth of upto 50 meters underwater. The device is ios and android compatible and has an additional bluetooth feature.

Price:-$69 on Amazon(savings of $31)

Gifts in the price range of $100 to $200 

  • Nintendo Switch Lite Turquoise

It may be assumed that gaming is better suited for boys and adolescents but nothing could be further from the truth. Men of all ages love the nintendo switch that comes in with a control pad and a unique unibody design to enable the device to be hand held. The device is famously revered for its compatibility with popular games like Super smash bros, Mario kart deluxe, legend of Zelda and many more.

It goes wherever the user goes and therefore makes for a perfect partner in your long trips or journeys.

Price:- $199.99 on Target

  • Nokia 4.2 Android phone

This is the best android phone you can get under the price of 200 dollars. Admirable features like Dual camera consisting of a 13 Mp rear camera and a 2 Mp front camera, a dedicated button to bring up the google assistant, a 32 gb microsd slot with an expandable storage memory of upto 400 gb, make this phone a “must have”, during this holiday season.  The phone also passes the software test on account of a powerful android one software that powers the phone.

Price:- $189 on Amazon

Gifts in the price range of $200 to $300 

  • Apple Ipad(10.2 inch, 7th gen)

This 7th generation Apple Ipad comes replete with advanced features like touch Id fingerprint sensor, 8mp Back camera, 1.2 Mp front-hd Camera, lightning connector for charging facilities and a 10.2 inch retina display. It also includes stereo speakers and an A10 fusion chip. The device can work for 10 hours straight, with one full single charge. The price may seem a little on the edge when we talk about affordable pricing but no gift could be better than an Apple Ipad which are a must have for all men in this modern age.

Price:- $249.99 on Target

Lift down the prices with the help of online deals and offers at Walmart, Amazon and Target that orient savings on all your tech-purchases, this holiday season. We would suggest looking at the aforementioned list to get an idea about all the possible tech gifts that could grace your loved ones’ this Christmas season, without boring deep into your pockets.