10 Best Rooms For Rent In Manhattan

Manhattan is one of the most populous boroughs of New York. This place is a popular destination for students and young graduates looking for a job. The reason for the same is that Manhattan is a host to two business districts and also because there are very popular universities and colleges. This has caused a lot of bachelor crowds to accumulate where people rent a room in nyc. There are several apartments and living spaces available where people can live peacefully while staying in the vicinity of their office or college. 

Manhattan is also an important town because the New York Stock Exchange is located at this place only. With so much to offer, Manhattan is an extremely popular place for the entire United States and people from outside the country. Is it possible for one to find a good room to stay in a town like Manhattan where demand is ever rising? Well, it is no big deal to find rented accommodation in Manhattan as the supply is exactly according to the demand. There are various streets and colonies where bachelor’s get to live peacefully and that too without any complications. 

Why Look For Rented Accommodation Online? 

In today’s scenario, the traditional method of renting rooms is full of hassles and complications. There are several disadvantages such as roaming around the town in search of rented rooms, running around brokers, paying hefty brokerage charges, and a lot more than that. So, where do you go? Well, the best place to look for rental accommodations nowadays is online. Several online platforms provide you with the best rental options. One can access these platforms easily and begin your search for your next rental room. When you search online, there are several benefits lined up for you, namely; 

  • No-Brokerage Fee: The foremost benefit of using online platforms is that these platforms don’t act as a broker and don’t charge any brokerage from you. They can arrange a meeting with you and the owner directly such that you can start living in your new home right away. 
  • Flexible Lease Terms: When you find a rented accommodation through online platforms, the lease terms are not necessarily 11 months or a year. The rented accommodation available can be leased out to you for a period as short as three months. This can eliminate a lot of complications and can open up more options for you as no one is certain about a long duration. 
  • Furnished Rooms: If you go by the traditional way, furnished rooms on rent are very rare and hard to find. However, with online platforms, you can find anything you want including fully furnished living spaces where you can build your home instead of just living there somehow. 
  • Find A Roommate: Nowadays, people don’t like living alone and usually search for a roommate to live with. However, this is not easy as it sounds. Finding an ideal roommate is some serious task and there is no better place to look for them than online websites providing rental accommodations. They have a good network and can arrange anything for you. 
  • Amenities: If you find rental accommodation online, you just need to carry your things along with you as everything else is available all ready for you. You don’t need to worry about some basic living amenities as the online rental services have got you covered. 

10 best Areas In Manhattan That Are Ideal For Rental living

Following are the 10 best neighborhoods to consider for rental living in Manhattan: 

  1. Upper West Side: Upper West Side is for sure the most popular living neighborhood in Manhattan. 
  2. Upper East Side: Just like Upper West Side, Upper East Side is also a very popular and safe neighborhood to consider for rental living. 
  3. Lenox Hill: Lenox Hill has many apartments and buildings that act as a rental living space for many people. One can easily find an ideal choice here. 
  4. Washington Heights: Located a few minutes away from the Manhattan Midtown, this neighborhood has plenty of opportunities. 
  5. Battery Park City: This one here is popular and is known as the safest living neighborhood among all in New York. This place is ideal for families. 
  6. Gramercy Park: if you are used to a lavish lifestyle, Gramercy park should be a top option for you. 
  7. Murray Hill: Murray Hill is another very populous living neighborhood and is an ideal choice for millennials.
  8. Tribeca: Situated in the Uptown, Tribeca is a well-known residential neighborhood for families. 
  9. Kip’s Bay: Kip’s Bay is another ideal rental space for millennials and is a prominent neighborhood in Midtown. 
  10. Harlem: Harlem is another very affordable and beautiful living neighborhood, located in Uptown Manhattan.

The above mentioned neighborhoods can be on your list whenever you start searching for a suitable neighborhood for yourself or your family.