10 Cool and Unusual Things to Do in Maryland

It is very hard to find a place that holds some of the best local sights. Whenever we talk about touring new york city, the first thing that comes to our mind is the tall buildings, the statue of liberty, Brooklyn bridge, times square and much more. In the midst of touring around the whole city, we all forget about paying attention to some of the most valuable sights that the local area of new york city has to offer.

Maryland is one such place which holds some of the hidden treasure for you to visit. If you ever visit new york, make sure to take out time to visit Maryland. Maryland is famous for hiding some of the best peculiar places that would be a delight for you. Although the palaces that I am about mention are not famous for their tourism, they are more famous for being weird.

Unusual Things to Do in Maryland

Maryland is just a part of the new york city and only those tourists come and visit Maryland, who are well aware of the treasures inside Maryland.

Let’s not make this article weirder as the places that I am about to mention and hope on to the things to do in Maryland list.

  1. Mary college

St. Mary college is one of the oldest abandoned property. The college was founded in the late 19th century and was abanded in the 1970s. It is considered to be a haunted place. The place has been abandoned for decades and the natural vegetation has taken over the college. With the time, many local legends of students disappearing in thin air gave this college its renowned name “The haunting Hellhouse of altering”.

I know, the name itself is enough to send chills to your spine. But yes, this is also the reason why people visit such a weird place. Tourists all over the world visit this place just to experience the same cold feeling of the hell house.

The place was intact until a huge fire broke out in 1997, burning down the whole place. In a way, the fire acted like butter on the bread giving the cold chilling darker look to the st. Mary college.

  1. National museum of health and medicine

if you really want to learn amazing facts and medical specimens of ancient America and American. The national museum of health and medicine is the place for you. This megastructure was once a part of a household in Washinton DC. but now it a museum in silver spring in Maryland.

The national museum boasts about having a collection of more than 24 million. Theses collection contains antique specimens, medical specimens, antique instruments, and some of the medical documents related to the history of America. You will also find a bit of lincoln part of the museum. Which is itself a reason to visit this old museum.

The civil war was one of the major events that happened in American history. If you are lucky enough, you will find some of the civil war documents and the things related to the war.

This museum remains open from 10 am to 5 pm. The best route will be to take a metro. As the closet metro station (forest Glen Metro) is 20 min walking distance away.

  1. Elijah bond’s ouija board grave

you all must have heard of the ouija board, but have you ever thought of finding who was he and where is he now. Well, let me tell you something interesting, Elijah bond was the inventor of the Ouija board and he is no more amongst us.

If you ever visit Maryland, you must visit his graveyard in Maryland. The gravestone is an ouija board. That skillfully shows his achievement. It is believed that his soul rests there, and if you are interested to talk with him you can use his invention to do so.

If you are thinking which graveyard to visit, then the name of the graveyard is Green Mount Cemetery. It is open every day without Sunday.

  1. National cryptologic museum

there is saying that the letters are the perfect document to seal the history away. This statement is quite proved by the national cryptologic museum. It is a museum that holds most of the crypto history of America. It opened to the public in 1993. This is the only museum that covers the legacy of great America. You will even find the letter from the napoleon.

Only a few of the people know about this place as is located inside a forest near the national security agency. This museum is amine of treasure, starting from the first voice encryption phone the 1960s, satellite phones used by the former presidents to the original texts of the Johannes Trithemius’s Polygraphiae published in 1518.

It is a great delight for the people who are really interested in old technology and how it was used. This museum is a living witness of the WWII, as it has most of the WWII crypto technologies. The code encrypter and decrypter used in WWII is of the highlighted piece that attracts peoples. And what’s the best thing is that the photos are allowed inside the building.

  1. Forest Haven Asylum

This abandoned asylum was one of an art building, but later on, it was converted into one of the most dangerous mental institutions. You may find many old buildings in Maryland, but only a few will give a negative vibe as forest haven asylum. This place is a sign of abuse and death.

This place used to be a residential district in Columbia. It was initially a place for the mentally ill children who were treated here to make them compatible to cope up with the outer society. This place was funded by some of the rich Nobel but soon the fund started to dry up in the 1960s and it became very hard for the people to survive. Due to a lack of financial support, the employees were not paid properly. This started affecting their work and abuse towards the mentally ill children. It was even reported that there were many illegal experiments before it finally shut down in 1991.

A place that once holds many dark secrets is now left abandoned. Many people visit this place to just explore it. There have been many events that led to the spread of rumors of asylum being a haunted ground.

6. George Peabody library

Cathedral of books, surely the George peabi=ody library lived up to its name. whenever we heard about the name, the first thing that we think about the cluster of institutional books that are piled upon one another. But the George Peabody library is not the same as the other college libraries. Here it is made sure that education is monumental.

It is Amerca’s first music conservative library that was built in 1878 at the behest of philanthropist George Peabody. The Peabody still stand among the most desired musical school which have given world-class performers, musician, composer, and teachers.

This library is designed in such a way it will make you feel like all the books are looking at the center of the building. The building itself is an archeological artifact.

If you ever visit Maryland make sure to read books or two in this library. Not for the sake of gaining knowledge but to experience the excitement that I felt while reading one of the musical books.

7.Maryland gold mine

It was never intended to have a gold mine in Maryland. But in the civil war, there was a union soldier who unintentionally found some gold in the outskirt of Maryland while washing utensils.

After the end of the civil war, Maryland’s mine company was founded just to extract the gold in the area. There were several mines that were dug out to uncover the hidden gold. The operation started in the 1840s and it continued till 1939. The project was abandoned as the gold was in abundance to carry out the operation.

The mines stills exist out there. You may visit that place for fun, and if you are lucky, you may find chunks of gold as well. This mine can be located 1 mile away from the great falls tavern visitors center.


The name Maryland comes from a queen name Henrietta Maryland. She was the queen of England. She was married to King Charles I, who granted permission to colonize Maryland.

The history has it that the old line state was named the Maryland line. It was done to show the honor of the 400 soldiers who held the British army long enough for the George Washington escape.

So, if you are considering Maryland as a name city, then you are wrong. Instead, it is a place that has witnessed all kinds of historical events. The proof can only be seen when you will visit this place.

Next time when you visit new york, make a different plan for Maryland. This way you will be able to uncover the history related to Maryland