10 Creative Instagram Post Ideas To Try In 2023

You have hit a stalemate on Instagram. Your material no longer brings the same level of delight as before. You are not trying to boost your popularity by amassing an army of followers or a legion of likes; you are simply bored. The couple’s honeymoon period has ended. Keep on; it’s not worth giving up. You and Instagram can have a happy, healthy, lifelong relationship if you want to. You need to make an effort. Add some flavor to the proceedings.

If you’re searching for fresh Instagram ideas, here is the place to go for anything from basic picture editing tricks to simple Reels inspiration. Here are some new things to try on your brand’s Instagram page.  Instagram video In-feed, Stories, Live, and IGTV material is all covered. Some of these may be implemented quickly and easily, while others need more forethought. 

The goal is to diversify your account’s material, so your audience remains actively engaged. Find out what’s new and what the experts are doing, and see some examples on the following pages.

   1. Set Up A Prize Draw

Once again, no one can resist freebies. To facilitate the staging of an Instagram-only contest. Doing material related to a giveaway is one of the top Instagram post ideas you can think of,you can also download reels for inspiration Show that you are planning a giveaway in one post, provide dates in another, go into depth in yet another, and finally, reveal the prize in a fourth and final post.

   2. A Sniper’s View

You may utilize this article to generate interest in your forthcoming product releases or events. A photograph is a great way to get the word out about a new product before it’s released. As a bonus, you may have your listeners speculate on what it could be. 

A side effect of doing this is that more people will comment on your content. This may also generate interest in a future brand event by providing an exclusive preview of what attendees can expect.

   3. Accept A Recurrent Test

This might happen once a day, once a week, or once a month. This test may be taken as frequently as you want. In order to carry it out, you will need to either find current problems or make one appropriate for your company.

It is also possible for marketers to choose a challenge structure that motivates their target demographic to join in and share their picture responses. Using specific, trending hashtags on Instagram might help spread the word about your challenge and increase participation.

To increase your Instagram following, you need to create material that people will want to interact with, share, and bookmark.

  4. Publish Branded Material

You won’t have to put in much work for this one. During a product shoot, you have to get some good shots that can be used again. Convert them into banners and use them when you’ve run out of other things to post on Instagram. Simple, and it helps keep your brand in the minds of your customers.

  5. Games, Quizzes, And Puzzles On The Spot

Asking your audience questions is a way to increase engagement with your article, whether you are looking for more likes or comments. The effectiveness of quizzes lies in the fact that they encourage participation and discussion from the audience.

   6. You Should Include Product Previews

Do you use Instagram to announce the release of new goods or services? Use posts and Stories to generate buzz about a new product rather than making a formal announcement. Use teaser media like photographs, movies, and question stickers to generate interest.

   7. Illustrations

Illustrations are pictures that help convey a topic to the layperson. They catch one’s attention and set themselves out from the other photographs in one’s feed.

To read the words on an artwork is a natural human instinct. Such updates are great for drawing in readers and keeping them interested. The idea being illustrated should be connected to your brand or specialty.

An illustration may also be used to demonstrate the versatility of your goods. Images may be used to display any “how to” topic.

   8. Videotape And Broadcast Live Lessons

The optimal strategy for your brand’s Live video is among the many possible approaches. Live video techniques most often used include showing live events and conducting interviews. To shake things up, try streaming a live tutorial. You may get the answers to your questions right alongside the video demonstration.

   9. Memes

Memes are humorous and exciting, and they may be utilized to captivate and hold your audience’s attention. If you want consumers to associate your brand with fun and comedy, you may also use them.

   10. Create a Countdown

One of the best Instagram post ideas is to start a countdown on your account for a significant occasion.


Instagram has expanded its content offerings by introducing Stories, regular posts, and IGTV. You should not feel confined to a single style just because that is what you’ve always done.