10 Essential Furniture Items for Any West London Escort’s Incall

Sure, you may have every other aspect of your game on fleek, but getting that incall space perfect is operative number one. 

Many West London Escorts rent a flat, specific for incall appointments. Some will share the rent and the time of the flat with other escorts. Some will use a part of their own homes as their incall quarters. There are a few tried and tested ways to keep an incall space separate from your personal life, which is incredibly important if you want to look like a professional. 

UK escorting is a very competitive industry, with beautiful women offering a wide range of professional services to clients from all over the world. The West London Escorts from Amy’s Escorts London tell us how to make sure that your incall space is something that sets you above all the other escorts in west London. Here is their go to guide on what you need for a professional incall area. As they say, the devil’s in the details. 

  • A Bed

While this might seem a bit obvious, having a sturdy bed is an absolute must. What sets premium escorts above everyone else is knowing how to creatively dress their incall bed. It should be of sturdy construction and give off a relaxing and luxurious vibe. Use more pillows than necessary for extra support systems if you plan on getting a bit acrobatic. 

  • Lounge, Settee, Chaise, or Chairs

Your clients will need a place to sit and relax while their lady “freshens up”. Using the rules of zoning, you can designate a small space within your room that provides a comfortable space to sit, have a drink, and read books or magazines. 

  1. A Suit Stand

This is something that will take you from amateur to London Escort Agency pro in no time. A suit stand gives your clients an elegant storage area for their clothes while you two get down to business. A good suit stand will offer a space where clothes will not get damaged or wrinkled. If you want to go the extra mile- provide your clients with small clothes steamer. 

  • Functional Side Table

A side table, hallway table, or sideboard is a must for any function in the call room. This provides a space for the client to set their belongings free from harm. It should also have some manner of basket or bowl that clients can leave payments, tips, or gifts in. As well as have mints, refreshments, and a large clock. This shows that you’re a dedicated professional with a strict schedule and an eye for meeting the client’s needs. 

  • Nightstand

The need for an unobtrusive nightstand near the bed can’t be overstated. Small, but accommodating, these stands should discreetly house necessities like condoms, toys, lubes, wipes, anything you need, but don’t want to openly display. These are also brilliant for holding up a nice lamp for some nice low lighting. 

  • Lamps

Every west London escort knows that dim light is a girl’s best friend. Besides providing a romantic and relaxing vibe, this type of lighting will make anyone look and feel incredible. A dimmer switch allows you to complete control of the lighting so you can get the exact level of exposure that the client wants. 

  • Mirrors

Mirrors are spectacular for a few reasons. One, they can provide a ton of fun in the bedroom, but perhaps more importantly, your client can check their appearance before they leave. It also gives you the ability to check your own appearance and ensure that everything is in exactly the right place. The girls at Amy’s escort London say you should have at least two large mirrors available. 

  • Sound System

A stereo is a great addition to your space. It can allow you to play low level background music, allow for any lulls in conversation to seem far less harsh. Good music also sets the mood for the entire appointment, and can help cover up any more than vocal clients. 

  • Vanity

A vanity or dressing table not only looks exquisite in a bedroom, but it also gives you an area to store your personal things that are less likely to be bothered. It also gives you a place to do quick hair and make-up touch ups while your client is using the bathroom. Creating a comfortable separation between client minded items, and items that are especially for you. 

  • Mini-fridge

A mini-fridge is perhaps the finest touch you can have in an incall quarter. They’re rarely expensive and can easily be hidden in cupboards and wardrobes. Allowing you to keep a small amount of ice, champagne, snacks, or other drinks cold. Snacks and cocktails can help ease the tensions of those first few minutes. Cold drinks are ideal to have on hand because there is nothing so wonderful as a cold beverage after spending your evening quenching other thirsts.