10 Must Haves for Winter

Oh glorious winter! It is really my favorite time of year. I love the snow and the cold and the holiday season. But winter comes with a price. Making sure you have extra winter protection in your car or purse or house is a must.

There are things you need to have in stock during the winter. Whether for around your house or in your car, make sure you have certain things handy.

For Your Car

There are some car specific items you want to make sure you have before you hit the road in the snow.

  • Ice scraper
  • Extra set of gloves
  • Bag of salt
  • Bag of cat litter

There is nothing worse than taking your purse gloves out and not having your car gloves. Keeping an extra pair in your glove compartment will be a life saver. 

You should always have an ice scraper. Have two. I always think I have one in the car but then can never find it. Put one in the trunk and one in the main cabin of the car. You don’t want to have to risk breaking a credit card to scrape off only enough ice to see straight ahead.

Salt and cat litter. If you do a lot of driving, please have salt and cat litter in your trunk. The weight will help balance your car and stop you from sliding all over. But also if you get stuck, you can sprinkle it byt your tires to help you get out.

For Your Purse

If you carry a decent size bag, you probably have things in there you haven’t used in years. But for the winter there are items you never want to be caught without.

Hand lotion. All of the hand lotion. Your hands will be so dry and cracked. Any time your hands come into contact with the cold air they will hurt. Be ready to be addicted to hand lotion during the winter. Make sure it’s a scent you like since you’ll be smelling it non-stop.

Sanitize everything. Slather it all over your hands. Every time you touch something, put on sanitizer. Even if you only hear someone sneeze, put some on. Don’t leave the house without it. You can get it for $1, so there is no excuse. Protect yourself from those germs.

Tissues will be great to have all year, especially if you have allergies. For the winter it’s best to have extra tissues in case you have to be out with a cold. There’s nothing worse than having a runny nose and nothing to use on it.

Again, gloves. You don’t want your fingers to be so frozen that you can’t grip the steering wheel. You use your hands for everything, keep them warm so you can use them.

For Your Home

Obviously there are a million things that you put around your house for the winter. Let’s only pick a few main ones. 

  • Fleece blanket
  • Alcohol
  • Hot cocoa if you don’t do liquor

All of the fleece blankets. There’s nothing better than a blanket for a movie night in. For working from home. For just sitting and scrolling through shows. A fleece blanket and winter go together like peanut butter and jelly.

The winter always goes best with drinks. Whether you like spiced, mulled wine, or festive winter themed drinks, it’s always better to cozy up with one to help the cold nights get warm. There are so many fun recipes for winter drinks.

If you don’t drink, or can’t, then a really good hot cocoa cannot be beat. Marshmallows or plain, it’s the winter treat to take you back to your childhood. Nothing warms you up like a cup of hot cocoa.

There are other things that could make a winter a little cozier. But these ten items can pretty much get you through no matter where you are. So stock up, be ready, and have a happy winter wonderland.