10 Purple Logos for Your Design Inspiration for Domains

Most popular brands use purple to empower their trademark and make it easy to remember. It symbolizes authenticity, creativity, and imagination. It is a mixture of red and blue that captivates one’s attention and emotion.

Purple is almost like a neutral color because it complements any kinds of shades and hues. Its sophisticated and royalty features make the logo stand out. If you’re doing a blueprint of the business logo, you should consider this color. It helps in building brand identity and recognition due to its charismatic spectrum. To have some ideas, you may visit some resources such as Joel House Search Media, Pinterest, Wix, and more. If you’re looking for some inspirations, check out these popular brands:                                                                                        

1. Hallmark

Hallmark is known for its greeting cards, decorations, and gift items. According to the dictionary, this term refers to a mark stamped on platinum, silver, or gold in Britain. It certifies and signifies the standard of purity. If you look at its logo, it contains a calligraphy font style and a crown.

As we all know, Britain is a sovereign country under the monarchy administration and governed by Queen Elizabeth II. Therefore, the Hallmark logo contains a crown, and its font style matches perfectly with the image. Another plus factor is the purple color used to manifest hierarchy and nobility.

2. Yahoo

Ever since founded in 1994, Yahoo has become a popular web service provider. If you check on Yahoo, it keeps pace with the modern communication system. As a fun fact, this word is an acronym for Yet another Hierarchical Officious Oracle. Due to its long brand name, it became a shortened version that we called today as Yahoo.

Jerry Yang and David Filo founded the company. After almost two decades, Verizon Communications bought Yahoo’s internet assets and expanded its operations. Now, you know about its history, it’s now time to have some critic in its logo.

Yahoo emphasizes it’s fun-filled font style, as seen in its capital letters. Moreover, they use purple color for the brand name to convey creativity, intuitiveness, and vision.

3. FedEx

Popularly known as the multinational delivery service company, FedEx has gained its reputation since 1997. In the past, they call this company Federal Express, but now commonly known as FedEx. Many merchandisers and manufacturers were impressed with its real-time tracking system and overnight shipping service.

FedEx is not just a purely purple and orange combination. They also had other colors for the Ex letters such as bright green, gray, red, blue, and yellow. Each shade corresponds to its type of service. For instance, the orange symbolizes standard express delivery service. In case you’re curious, here are the meanings of the other colors:

  • Yellow refers to trade networks
  • Read means freight
  • Gray conveys supply chain services
  • Blue signifies to a custom critical delivery
  • Green means home and ground delivery

On the other hand, there is no actual definition of the phrase Purple Promise, but it features a distinct meaning for FedEx. For them, it emphasizes quality customer service and their ability to provide outstanding delivery experience.

4. Cadbury

Let me give you a trivia. Did you know that Cadbury existed 140 years ago? The first factory was in Birmingham. In modern times, you can find their headquarters in Uxbridge, London. It is the second-largest confectionery brand in the world, and it has 50 branches worldwide.

The iconic feature of this milk chocolate is their dairy milk, rose selection box, and creme egg. Now, why did they use purple color as their brand’s logo? Well, they were inspired by Queen Victoria because Cadbury was her favorite chocolate brand. With that said, they use purple color for their name and wrappers as a sign of honor, luxury, and royalty.

5. Yamaha

As established in 1995, Yamaha becomes a well-known motor vehicle manufacturer worldwide. Genichi Kawakami founded the Japanese company and inspired by German vehicles. With their innovativeness and technology, they had established their brand name in the market. Soon after, their cars and motors were improved, they participated in international racing tournaments.

Some people are not familiar with the color of Yamaha. You might be guessing its red while others may say its purple. Arguably speaking, what is the correct color? Well, both are right. The parent company (Yamaha Corporation) used purple color while its sister company (Yamaha Motor Co Ltd) used a red one.

Yamaha’s emblem denotes perseverance, firmness of spirit, work, and pursuing the founder’s goals. Whereas, the three tuning forks signify the pillars of the company, namely sales, technology, and production.

6. Asprey London

This company started as a silk-printing business founded by William Asprey during 1781. Through partners and affiliates, Asprey London boosted its operations and designed stylish dresses and other apparel. It became a popular and well-established boutique during those times. 

To attain the objective of discernment and refinement, Asprey decided to invest in the Jewel industry. He used his fame, wealth, and reputation to find silversmiths, goldsmiths, and jeweler to make the business happen. It supplied coronets, scepters, pieces of jewelry, and crowns to the royal families since the 1700s.

The company used purple as a sign of their luxury and noble heritage. Asprey London emphasizes their evolution from a boutique into an emporium company using three feathers and a crown symbol.

7. NYU Tisch School of the Arts

NYU Tisch School of the Arts is the famous media and cinematic school around New York since 1965. It is a training ground for people who seek a professional career in film making, acting, performing arts, and more. If you’re familiar with Mahershala Ali, he is a well-known American actor and a graduate of this school. He shifted from sports to acting. It became possible through the help of the NYU Tisch School.

Now, let’s talk about the school emblem. The designer used the Statue of Liberty as his inspiration to create the logo. The torch and flame were the elements used to symbolize knowledge. The purple background indicates the long story behind NYU school. In their historical records, violet flowers grew abundantly around the University building and Washington Square.  Moreover, the flower symbolizes the center of learning known as Athens. As a result, the logo becomes the official seal of the NYU school.

8. Taco Bell

In 1962, Glen Bell founded this American fast-food chain infused with Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisines. It specialized in burritos, quesadillas, tacos, and nachos. If you want to have a taste of the Mexican dishes, you know where to go. Are you still wondering why it was named Taco Bell? The brand derived from the founder’s surname and Mexican-inspired cuisines. 

Taco Bell’s brand logo changed over time. The original logo contains four colors, such as red, green, orange, and yellow. It shows a fun and playful atmosphere, which makes the customers enjoy their meal. Moreover, these fascinating colors also resemble Mexican style food chains. After a few years, they redesign the logo into a purple background and an orange bell from 1992 to 1994.

In the year 1995 until 2016, they changed the colors again into a blue and fuchsia pink. Due to its intense color and spectrum, they have redesigned the logo again from 2016 up to present. Now, it was known as a purple bell with fading shade background and a taco bell brand name in black ink. They kept it minimalistic, simple, and light as possible. 

9. BenQ

As a spun off with the Acer brand, the technology, and consumer electronics manufacturer invented BenQ during 2001. The purpose of this company is to develop high-end technological devices and applications that will bring a better life to consumers. It provides high-quality computers, phones, projectors, and other similar products. 

The acronym of the brand stands for Bringing Enjoyment and Quality to life. The simplicity yet the creative design of their logo reflects what the company is all about. The purple background depicts the elements of luxury and quality. 

10. Milka

Aside from the famous Cadbury, there is another top-notch milk chocolate that originated in Switzerland. Its brand name came from the German words Milch and Kakao. They combined the first syllables then formed the word – Milka. They use a purple cow logo, which originated from the marketing concept of the entrepreneur named Seth Godin. 

The purple cow logo means companies should create things that provide a worthy feature for the products or services. He emphasized that making remarkable products will help to persuade more consumers to buy. Moreover, the Milka company makes the font style of the brand name looks like melting milk which, adds a more whimsical feature on their logo. 

Are you inspired to create your logo?

What does the purple logo represent? It symbolizes power, luxury, knowledge, ambition, creativity, dignity, wealth, or wisdom. Most popular brands used shades of violet colors to create their emblem. 

There are different ways to create a stunning logo. You can use a phone app that provides instant designs. If you have some budget, you may also consult a professional logo maker or Web Design Toowoomba. Whatever methods you prefer, you can always check out these inspirational brands and unleash the creativity in you.