10 Reasons Why You Should Own a Sewing Machine

Do you think of sewing machine as an old school instrument used by our grandmas to stitch those bags from our old clothes? If yes, then let me enlighten you to enter the world of modern sewing machines. Let me be the first one to welcome you to the creative world of sewing. If you want to compare the features of different sewing machines, check out our detailed in depth review on the best sewing machines in India. Following are some of the reasons to buy a sewing machine:

          1. If you have a child 

The first and foremost reason to get a sewing machine as soon as possible is if you have a child who is most precious. Don’t you just hate it when Mrs. Sharma of the society has bought the same dress for her daughter as you have for your little one? Well, if you get a sewing machine you might make changes to the new dress and make it completely different from her dress. In fact, you can make numerous dresses which are completely unique for your child.

       2. It can be an outlet for your creativity

As a woman you might be having an inner dialogue about the outfit worn by other women: “maybe she should have added a patch there” or “maybe she should have embellished it with some good embroidery” or “maybe she should have designed the sleeves and neck in a way that they complement each other”. If you had a sewing machine, you can let this creativity of yours spread wings and fly high. You can make the right kind of combinations and right kind of stitching. With today’s modern sewing machines, it is easy to do embroidery or patchwork. You can also use different types of stitches to beautify your dress.

        3. You can save money

Many times you end up being disheartened because the dress you wanted was beyond your budget. That silk saree with an embroidered blouse might have been a status statement in the party. However, the blouse was too pricey. If you have your own sewing machine, you could do the embroidery of the blouse yourself and save a lot. Also, in case you have kids, you can stitch their clothes which will not only be unique but cheaper than the store bought ones. With changing trends, you will not have to buy clothes now and then.

        4. You can decorate your home

For any lady, she is the queen and her home is her palace. Be it small or big, the home is the personality of the queen of the house. However, sometimes the home décor is so pricey that it makes it difficult for anyone to buy them. If you own a sewing machine, you can stitch your own cushions or quilts or rugs and can also personalize them. This will definitely give your home a super new modern look. You can also repair your furnishings. The bed sheets, the quilts, the pillow covers can all get a new look with your new creative ideas.

          5. You can repair your clothes

When you buy clothes from readymade stores, the biggest problem is that you might want to alter them according to your size. Alternatively, you might want to repair them after you have worn them for some time. It is not easy nowadays to find tailors who will do repair work in time. They all want to work for some high end boutiques. If you have a sewing machine, you will not be dependent on such people.

           6. You can make unique accessories

In today’s fashion world, accessories play a humungous role. Any type of clothing is not good enough if you do not have the perfect accessories to go with it. Sewing of batuas and purses is very easy on a sewing machine. You can also stitch your own hair accessories to match your wardrobe. It will not only be fun but will also make you the center of attention. 

          7. One time investment

If you think a sewing machine costs too much, then you are absolutely wrong. When you consider the amount of money you will be saving by just doing your work yourself, you will be surprised how much money you were wasting before. It is a onetime investment which can be recovered within a certain period. The needles, threads, bobbins and other things which you require for stitching are very cheap and will hardly cost you anything. 

          8. Upscaling your clothes

Upscaling your clothes is a trend today. More and more people are upscaling their own sarees and dresses to match the latest trends. There are small businesses run by ladies like you and me who upscale sarees to make them into amazing bags and purses. Many ladies use their creativity to make wall decorations out of old sarees. You never know you might actually be very good at it and become an entrepreneur!  

          9. It keeps you right on the fashion track

There is a popular saying in Paris which states “Your hat will be out of fashion till you reach home after buying it”. Although, in India fashion does not change so fast but you still have to be highly active to catch up with the latest trends. The outfits you buy might not even have been worn twice or thrice until they are out of fashion. But if you try to wear your creative cap and make some changes to these clothes using your sewing machine, you will surely get amazing results.

           10. It makes you confident

Doesn’t it make you feel proud when somebody appreciates your work? It is imperative that we feel recognized for our work and creativity. It boosts our confidence. So don’t wait too long to make everyone around you realize that you are something more than what meets their eyes. You are creative, you are impressive, you are innovative, and you are unique. Buy that sewing machine and gain that confidence back.

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