Saturday, October 1 , 2022

10 Surprising Food Facts that will Blow Your Mind

People get amazed by tasting varieties of foods having unique flavor and texture. Food is a fuel to the human lives as it is responsible for the growth and development of the human body. Our body cells require a frequent supply of nutrients, and food is the key supplier of these nutrients. People are fussy about choosing food items based on traditional values and flavor. Their experiences with particular food items also impact on their choice of food items. Our memories can relate specific foods to special occasions in our lives where we tasted that in the past. The emotions trigger in our minds would bring out our experience when we tasted it in the past.
Food provides essential vitamins, carbohydrates, and minerals to sustain health and energy; also it is imperative for mental development as well. Here are some mind-blowing random facts of the day. Check it out and be ready to be amazed.

Peanut Butter

A theory that is being circulated these days is that you can turn peanut butter into diamonds. However, there is some sort of evidence that backed up this phrase. A researcher named Dan Frost experimented based on following the procedure of actual development of diamonds deep down in Earth lower mantle. The result was a substance that was closely related to the diamond.


Cheese is one of the greatest food items in the world, so there are higher risks of getting it stolen from a grocery store. Recently it is found out that cheese is the most frequently stolen food item in the world.
Shoplifters are considering cheese over alcoholic beverages as according to a news report by UK center of Retail Research “The 4% of the cheese went missing from store shelves”.
It came out surprisingly alarming for store owners as criminals see it as a profitable opportunity to steal the cheese and resell it to the markets.


Popsicles were first invented by an 11-year-old kid named Frank Epperson inback in 1905. He accidentally mixed some soda powder with water and left it out for a night. The substance got frozen overnight and named it epsicle. Later it changed into popsicles.


Beware! Grapes will explode when you put them in the microwave. They need to be splitin half to create an explosive fireball. The glow from the exploding grapes is amazing. However, you may have to risk your microwave in the whole process as its interior may get damaged.

Honey doesn’t expire

Honey being sweet and delicious is one of the foods that can last forever. The well-preserved honey belonging to thousand years old Egyptian Tombs when discovered by archeologists was still good in taste. Honey, when sealed tightly in jars, can remain in original form for decades. This is because of its biological composition, which does not allow organisms responsible for spoiling the food to survive.


Nutmeg can give you hallucinations. That’s true! Your favorite spice can make you high. The compound in nutmeg possesses mind tampering effect if you intake large doses. You can feel its impact continually for two days.However, there of some severe side effects associated with it too. That includes diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea.

White Chocolate

The white chocolate most favorite among both kids and adults is not actually white at all. This is because the actual components that compose darker chocolates are not being used to create this delicious treat.So, you can say it’s not chocolate anyway at all.The cocoa solids (dark chocolate is known for) is absent in white chocolate. In fact, a mixture of palm oil and sweeteners are used to make it treat like one of chocolate kind.

Bananas and strawberries

Surprisingly it is found out that strawberries are not really berries however, the bananas are actually berries as the scientific classification defines it.
Bananas have a single ovary that and have multiple seeds fall in the barriers category. Botanically, strawberries that have more than one ovary can be classified as an aggregate fruit. Before the actual scientific explanation, people are classifying them wrongly for thousands of years. So you can say bananas are berries and strawberries are not. Have you considered fruit delivery via mobile app then try it, you know it is a trend now.


Have you heard of purple carrots, perhaps not? Purple carrots were considered as the standard before the 17th century. As the white and yellow ones came out they took the place because of their sweetness. Today the selective breeding has made it possible to acquire a variety of carrots having different colors.


Have you tried overcooking the mushrooms, if yes then you would have failed miserably? Actually, you can’t overcook mushrooms. This is because the mushrooms have alarge molecular structure that makes it heat resilient. Putting them on the heat for too long would make them fleshy and chewy, but taking a bite of it will require much force.

Final Words

Enjoying your food is one of the aspects of quality life as it makes you feel good. Sometimes you have to be careful about choosing food items, based on your health condition. Being someone you loved or with your friends are also important to grow your social interactions. Those who are suffering from mental illness often prefer to eat alone. Disconnecting with family and friends due to extended grief or sadness can make someone isolated. If one of your family members is not participating on a dinner table, then it’s time to bring him to health care.