10 Tips for Lower College Application Stress

For prospective college students, the college application time comes with numerous challenges. You must balance classes, other activities, a job, assignments, and applying to colleges. The fear of missing deadlines or being rejected makes the application process very stressful, pushing students to rely on service that writes an essay for you. However, writing experts at think that you can manage college application stress through these tips.

Be organized

Getting all the materials you require for the application at the same place is the essential step to help with the college application process. You need to document the dates, deadlines, schools you are applying to and tests scores. Experts of college application suggest that you should list down all the schools you are applying to and the requirements and work towards completing each. You are less probable to forget essential documents or test scores that are needed.

 Start early

If you want to find out how stressful is college application, try rushing at the last minute. Experts believe that starting your application process weeks or even months to the deadline is a good idea. Having ample time to tackle each application helps in reducing anxiety, stress, and ensuring you do not have to rush the last minute.

During the summer, in particular, is an ideal time. Focus on getting the application process started to give you more time to explore your choices and ensure your applications are satisfactory.

Prepare yourself for the application steps you have to undergo

How does the college application process work? The course of college application entails several steps, which can be intimidating. To reduce the stress associated with this process, we recommend that you begin by writing down the different steps on a piece of paper. On each level, create a to-do list to guide you to complete it.

For instance, in the college application essay, you need to note down the specific topic to discuss and how long it should be.

Ask for letters of recommendation, way before you start your application process

If you want to keep stress at bay when applying for college, procure recommendations as early as the start of your senior year. Most students relegate this task to the end of the application process. However, according to experts, this should be among the first concerns you should have.

Teachers are humans too, and between teaching and grading papers, they may forget to write one for you. Identify the teacher who knows you best and requests them early on for a recommendation letter, and this will go a long way in managing stress in college.

Think about the essay you will write for a long time

There is nothing as nerve-racking as trying to write a college essay, and your mind goes blank. Even with the confidence that you will get into college, getting blank can destroy your self-confidence. Take time and ponder on what you would want your essay to be about and come up with ideas that will set your application apart from the rest.

To help with the college application process, we at essayzoo advise you not to try writing what you think the reader wants to read. Instead, write what best expresses you.

Make the application fun interesting

Let us be honest; the process of applying to college can be tiring and boring, whereby you start to think of numerous things that you would rather do. However, applying to college is a vital step in your education, and making it enjoyable is one of the ways to distress in college application.

Begin by getting interested in your college application topic and work in a conducive environment that helps you to concentrate on your work. Include music, snacks, and drinks to help keep you comfortable, and give yourself rewards such as watching a movie once you complete a task.

Consult your guidance counselor

If you have never visited the school counselor, well, this is the time to start. Counseling is essential when applying for college. It not only helps you to deal with anxiety and stress; it also helps you to discover why is college so stressful. Having a prior relationship with the counselor is beneficial, as it makes their work of helping you more manageable. Find reasons to visit the office often so you can get advice on how best to proceed with your college application.

Use the help of family and friends

While you may imagine that you have everything under control when it comes to applying for college, it is much more productive to have family and friends in this journey. Family and friends help to eliminate worry and stress you may have about this process, by encouraging and pushing you to continue with the application. As a result, you adopt a positive attitude.

Also talking out your concerns and difficulties with friends helps to lighten the load and make you feel better. Thus, you forget that applying to college is stressful.

Visit an admissions officer

Admission officers are an integral part of lowering stress when applying to colleges. If you have questions concerning a school, these individuals are well placed to not only answer your questions but also give you helpful information. Professionals believe that you should consult the specific admission officer who will read your application letter in case you need help. In this way, you create a connection with them while showing your interest in joining their school.

Have a positive attitude

The season to apply for college is stressful both to you, the student, and your parents. The worry and anxiety of the unknown can overwhelm all of you with fears of failure crippling into your lives. Try to share your concerns in a positive manner, so that everyone can be relieved. Also, be positive that you will get into college, and if you do not, understand that this does not diminish your worth.

The question, what is the college application process is bound to be overwhelming and stressful for any high school senior. However, you can make it easier by applying these ten tips, as well as working through it. Some things may not go your way, but in the end, you will manage to complete the application process with controlled levels of stress.

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