10 Truly Amazing and Fun Places to Go for Your Next Date Night

You never want date night to become a chore. A good date night is a perfect opportunity for you and your partner to have some fun and experience something new. We have put together a list of amazing and fun places that you can head to for your next date night. These suggestions are meant to help you turn your average date night into something that you will remember for a long time to come.

  1. Instead of Going Out to a Restaurant, Go on a Restaurant Hopping – You have probably heard of the tradition of bar hopping. For your next date night, instead of going out to eat at a restaurant, try this variation of the bar hop and go on a restaurant hop. You can get some starter cocktails at your first location, hit up another spot for the appetizer, a third for your main course, and then go to a fourth restaurant for dessert.
  2. How About a Romantic Bike Ride? – Biking around your area, or going to a nearby city and renting bikes can be a fun way to spend date night while also getting some exercise.
  3. Go and See a Random Movie – Going to a movie for date night is a standard play. Instead, why not mix it up and put the names of several random movies that are playing locally into a hat. Whichever movie that you pick out of the hat is the one that you go and see. It is a roll of the dice, but it can be quite a fun way to go to the movies and you might end up seeing a great film.
  4. Find a Street Festival – Hitting up a street festival or a craft festival in a nearby community can be a fun way to spend a date night and a great way to check out some amazing vendors and entertainment. These festivals generally have a lot to see, do, and taste and can be an exciting way to mix things up for your next date night.
  5. Take a Road Trip to a Nearby City or Town – Depending on the amount of time that you have for date night, it could be fun to head to a nearby city or neighboring town to see what the location has to offer. You could end up discovering a fun new place that offers great entertainment.
  6. Mix Things Up with a Double Date and Let the Other Couple Choose Your Adventure – Going on a double date is relatively standard for date night. Why not put a twist on this tradition by letting the other couple make all of the choices on where you are going to go for the evening. You can switch roles on your next double date.
  7. Try a New Restaurant That Neither of You Has Visited – Another twist on going out to a restaurant for date night is to choose a place where neither of you has been. You can take it up another notch by trying a new type of cuisine that neither of you has tried before.
  8. Go See a Live Band That Neither of You Has Heard Before – For many people, there is no better way to enjoy music than to hear it live. Why not go and see a live band that neither of you has heard before for your next fun-filled date night.
  9. Laugh the Evening Away With Comedy – Whether you check out an experienced and recognizable comedian, or you go and catch your local amateur night, going to the comedy club can be a great way to spend your date night.
  10. Staying Home Can Always Be a Fun Destination as Well! – Believe it or not, the most fun place to go for your date night might be your own home. The right date night supplies acquired from a reliable erotica adult store can help to make your stay at home date night into a truly epic destination.

We hope you have enjoyed our date night location suggestions. Giving these suggestions a try can help to make your next date night a night that you will remember for a long time to come


By: Lisa Eclesworth


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