Saturday, October 1 , 2022

10 Ways You Can Help Stop Third Eye Blindness

Every human being’s pineal gland or the third eye can be activated to spiritual world frequencies and enables you to have the sense of all-knowing, godlike euphoria and oneness all around you. A pineal gland once tuned into to proper frequencies with help of meditation, yoga or various esoteric, occult methods, enables a person to travel into other dimensions, popularly known as astral travel or astral projection or remote viewing.

The pineal gland or third eye is a crucial piece of the brain and one that is the most susceptible to danger of calcination.The accumulation of fluoride, mercury thimerosal (in vaccines) and other toxins in the blood, cause it to calcify by forming a protective layer over the gland. Its like having a cataract on your third eye.

Artificial foods and ingredients, toxic hormones in animal bi-products, poor nutrition, a weak immune system and sodium fluoride in our drinking water, can be considered to blame for the calcification of the pineal gland on a world-wide level.

When you’re pineal gland is calcified the following symptoms can appear:

weight gain
digestive disorders
poor circulation
lack of vision
mood disorders
“mental disorders”
severe insomnia

Not to mention the fact that with an inactive pineal gland, the ability to tap into universal knowing, oneness, and heaven like euphoria that is all around you, at every moment has been stripped away. Which is largely where humanity is at today as a whole. With our third eyes closed we are unable to see the realms and beings that are around us all the time. Our connection has been cut off before we even had the time to understand what was happening.

Here’s what you can do.

1.Drink Clean Drinking Water (fluoride free)

2.DMT-Ayahuasca (plant medicine)

3.Eat Organic

4.Buy Non GMO Foods

5.Sun Gazing

6.Citric Acid (acid breaks down calcium deposits)

7.Use Iodine (helps release fluoride in the body)

8.Take Boron (known fluoride remover in the body)

9. Try Chaga Mushrooms

10.Eat Raw Chocolate (detoxify-er & antioxidant)

Once you’ve cleansed your physical body it’s time to initiate the re-opening.

How do you do this?

Just close your eyes and focus your eyes on forehead exactly where the two eyes meet. With your eyes closed, focus there for few seconds, initially and then maybe a minute or more later, channeling your energy to your forehead where your sixth sense is located. Picture your third eye like a flower, right now it is closed. Imagine it opening up. Continue to do this over and over. Practice it several times. If this method doesn’t suit you. Imagine yourself at the start of a tunnel and the light is at the end of the tunnel. Your goal is to reach the light at the end.

It’s time to take back our power, spread the word– open your third eye today.

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