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All you have to do is copy the link to the image or video you want to download from Instagram and paste it in the text box and click the download button. You will get the secret maximum of the video or image you want to download and below that there is an active download link where you can download the insta image or video you want.

This is a free online download tool for all users and 10 Insta Downloader will help you to download Instagram photos and videos easily and quickly. The most important thing about 10Insta is that it will always give you unlimited service. We already know that we have no option but to download Instagram photos and videos as its users.

 So we have to use another new method to do that. What is the easiest way to download Instagram images and videos? Yes, 10Insta downloader. This is a great tool to help you download Instagram photos and videos to your device. It also allows you to download reels, stories, and albums from Instagram.


10Insta Online Downloader Features

10 Insta has a lot of valuable features and here are the key features:

  • 10 Insta does not override any restrictions for its users. Instagram users can unlimited downloads as they want.
  • 10Insta helps you to download photos from a JPG file.
  • Also, you can use this 10Insta download tool on any device you have. It could be a smartphone, a computer, or a tablet.
  • It never asks you to install any app or software on your device. For 10Insta has been an online tool forever.
  • 10Insta can easily convert Instagram to mp4 format.

How do you use 10Insta Downloader?

We are sure you are interested in 10Insta and would like to download Instagram photos or videos. So here is a simple step-by-step guide you can use to get it right.

  1. Login Instagram.
    10insta free downloader
  2. Select the photo or video you need to download from 10Insta.
    10insta online downloader
  3. Then copy the link from the menu section or address bar.
    10insta-copy link
  4. After that paste the link to the 10Insta input box above.
    10insta input box
  5. Click the “Download Now” button.
    10insta donloader
  6. Then press the “DOWNLOAD” button and wait a few seconds
  7. After you wait, it will automatically provide a downloadable link to your downloaded media
  8. So you should follow these steps to import Instagram images or videos. Try 10Insta now! 

    Use 10Insta free

    There are many social media platforms in the world and Instagram is the main part of them. Instagram is widely used by people to share their most meaningful moments with their friends. 

    Instagram users always like to spend their free time on Instagram, following movie characters and getting updates on new trends. However, if you want to download them to your device’s hard drive, you can use 10Insta to do it easily. Now you can use 10insta from the official website.