12 Eye Care Tips to Prevent the Dangers from Covid 19

The eye care industry is doing its best to help people with the eye-related challenges that come from Covid 19. But what about eye care before and during this time? Below are some tips for anyone who wants to take care of their eyes now in order to prevent the dangers of Covid 19.

– Keep a safe distance between children and adults with covid 19 – this is for everyone’s safety as well as those affected by Covid 19. This includes keeping other people away from droplets that may come out of an infected person’s nose when sneezing or coughing.

– Clean glasses regularly with a cloth moistened with water and mild detergent.

– Consult an optometrist Sydney on any eye issues that are concerning in order to get treatment as soon as possible!

– Wash your eye with water if you come in contact with something that may irritate the eye – this includes dirt or dust, chemical fumes from products like paint thinner, and even air pollution. If it’s just a single eye that is affected, keep it closed to avoid coming into contact with anything else until all traces of whatever caused irritation are gone. Use eye drops as necessary for pain relief.

– Make sure both eyes have protection when outdoors (this can be sunglasses or goggles). And use sunscreen on any exposed skin including around the eyes which will help protect them from sun damage!

– Avoid touching your eye area unless absolutely necessary – don’t rub at tired red eyes because this may only serve to aggravate eye strain and irritations.

– Limit contact time with electronic devices, watch the screens at the appropriate distance recommended by manufacturers (typically arm’s length). This also includes using computer glasses that filter blue light waves that are harmful to eyesight.

– Eat healthy food rich in Omega fatty acids like salmon and vegetables because these contain vitamin A which aids eye health. And avoid junk foods as much as possible! Junk foods are high in sugar content and lack nutritional value while being low in vitamins and minerals needed to reduce eye strain.

– If eye strain becomes too much to handle, take a break from all screens – close your eyes for five minutes or so and do something else until you feel ready to return.

– Keep eye drops with you in case of eye irritation – like rubbing your eyes or wearing contact lenses.

– Avoid excess nearsightedness (myopia) with eyeglasses or contact lenses because it can cause a condition called “near work” where there’s a higher risk for blindness if not treated early on!

– And if the eye strain is too much, then take a break for a while and do something else until it’s healed.

In conclusion, eye care is a vital part of Covid 19 prevention. By following these eye care tips, you will be able to take better care of your eyes and thus limit the dangers that come with covid 19! It’s always important to take care of your vision during this dreaded covid 19 season – eye care is a must for eye health!