15 Best Bars in The World

Are you looking for the best bars to peruse during your travels? Maybe you love the nightlife, maybe you’re interested in owning a bar yourself, or perhaps you know that if you really want to understand a community, you have to visit its bars. Whatever your interest is in global bars, you can stop your search.

We’ve scoured the web and read top lists from CNN, Business Insider, global travelers, and other reputable places around the web to bring you this top list of the best bars in the world.

Each bar has its own unique reason for making the cut, but you’ll see why each of them has earned their spot among the top.

#1. Dante in New York – This barn has been around for over a century, and they do a brilliant job at weaving their rich history with modern culture.

#2. Floreria Atlantico, Buenos Aries – This bar is hidden away with a nondescript door, giving its visitors a real speakeasy vibe.

#3. Connaught Bar, London – This bar oozes class. From top-tier service and artisan cocktails, this bar isn’t one you want to miss.

#4. American Bar, London – Staying in London with this one, the American Bar, located in London, has been around for over one hundred and thirty years. It’s been on top of many best bar lists for many years thanks to its commitment to service.

#5. The Nomad, New York – This bar is best experienced at night. It’s dramatic and intimate in its décor and represents sophistication and intellectual appreciation with its inclusion of a library.

#6. Atlas, Singapore – This bar offers more than 1,300 different types of gin. On top of that, it has a Gatsby-vibe in its ornate and lavish decorations.

#7. The Clumsies, Athens – This bar is charming and emphasizes Greek hospitality and high-class cocktails. It’s classy and high-end, yet it’s a place known for making everyone feel welcomed.

#8. The Old Man, Hong Kong – This entire bar is dedicated to Ernest Hemingway. It’s an incredibly small and intimate bar, but there isn’t a single detail that isn’t on theme.

#9. Licoreria Limantour, Mexico City – This bar nails the party atmosphere and is known for its world-renowned bartenders and internationally recognized drinks. There are no gimmicks here, but the bar is always full of energy and promises a good time.

#10. Native, Singapore – This bar is relatively new, compared to others on the list, but this little bar in Singapore is making waves thanks to its commitment to staying local. All of its ingredients are sourced from the Asian region.

#11. Carnaval, Lima – This bar is known as the friendliest bar in Lima, but why it makes the top lists is thanks to its meticulous attention to detail. The owner is a prophet with some unique beliefs. His team practices his belief system in the bar. The entire experience is creative and unique.

#12. Guilhotina, Sao Paulo – This Brazilian bar owner wanted to open a bar that focused on fun. This bar succeeds at that while also offering impeccable service and drinks.

#13. Three Sheets, London – This bar was opened by two brothers with very little start-up capital, yet it is now one of the most respected bars in the world. It thrives on minimalism. It has virtually no décor and offers only three cocktails that change out each week. This simplicity has made their bar much more approachable and easier to navigate for their patrons.

#14. Himkok, Oslo – This Norwegian bar is marked only by a door with a blue light above it. It’s a multi-level bar starting with a distillery downstairs, which produces most of the alcohol they use. Then, there are microbars set up throughout the building, plus  there’s a courtyard. Upstairs you’ll find a cocktail-serving barbershop.

#15. Paradiso, Barcelona – From the second you enter this bar, entertainment is a top priority. The décor is Dali-esque, the cocktails change color and flavors, there are magic tricks, and so much more to this Barcelona bar.

There are so many amazing bars around the world, and these were just a few of the top picks from travelers around the web. So, if you’re ever in one of these areas, be sure to stop in and have a cocktail, and experience the best the world has to offer.

Now, if you have dreamt of owning your own bar, this list probably rang a little differently for you. If you want to own your own bar and you want to be on a list like this someday, the key is just to get started. Think about number thirteen, “Three Sheets” on this list. These two brothers started with an incredibly small budget but were able to climb their way to the top of not only our list but lists all over the web. Don’t wait to get started. Check out this guide covering tips for opening a bar to begin making your bar owning dream a reality.