15 Weird Items People Hoard. Horror!

15 Weird Items People Hoard. Horror!

15 Weird Items People Hoard. Horror!

People are currently looking for an escape from the current coronavirus pandemic. It’s evident that things might remain as they are for the better part of the year, and maybe even going forward. Therefore, the current state of affairs has forced millions to purchase different items, some of which are far from ordinary. In a bid to get rid of these items, it would help if you seek help from a credible junk removal service.

Some of the items people hoard range from entertainment gadgets to cooking items, and fitness equipment. While a majority of them are normal, some might surprise you. Here are some of the weirdest items people hoard:

1. Weapons Cache

Well, not as surprising, but people store weapons in their houses. You never know how many weapons you may find inside an ordinary house. One such case discovered by a junk removal service saw a whopping 100 weapons from an old house. This is in addition to several rounds of ammunition discovered – about a thousand. The owner was probably an expert in weaponry and just had to store enough in their arsenal.

2. Freaky Dolls

Watching horror movies sure does injustice to some people. Every time you see a strange-looking doll, you can’t help but remember ‘Chucky’ or ‘Annabella’ – *shudder*. So if a knife-wielding doll scares you, then you might be shocked by people who hold on to strange-looking dolls. Moreover, some are huge and have scars, which were probably meant for Halloween. But some people still insist on keeping such dolls in their houses. Instead, they should call a junk removal service to take them far, far away.

3. Doll Heads

Still, on the dolls, imagine going into an attic and finding several doll heads gazing at you. In fact, if this isn’t downright frightening and spooky to you, then we don’t know what is. One house occupant found doll heads inside the attic. You would wonder whether the house is haunted, or if it’s just a mere coincidence. Thus, many would go by the old adage – let sleeping dogs lie, and actually leave the heads where you found them. However, for others, phoning a junk removal service is the best solution.

4. A Revolver in a Closet

It’s quite strange finding a gun in your new home. What even makes the situation weirder is finding out some deep history about it. One individual found a gun in the closet of a new home and decided to take it to the authorities. Thereafter, the police ran a background check on it and found out that the gun was stolen. Apparently, this transpired during a home burglary in 1973. However, the user identified the gun later on in 1998.

5. Explosives and Top Secret Documents

We all have secrets about our lives and those of our loved ones. Nonetheless, we only share what we hold dear with the ones closest to us. But imagine a case scenario where you move into a house and stumble upon top CIA classified documents. As if this isn’t enough, you find ID badges, business cards, and other CIA stuff. To blow your mind away completely, there’s even a WWII explosive under the floorboards. Wouldn’t all this send shockwaves down your spine? You’ll be confused here on whom to call. Is it the authorities? Or is it a junk removal service?

6. A 1934 World Fair Ticket

A homeowner found a ticket to the world fair held in Chicago, inside an archaic cigarette box. Alongside was a bunch of old stamps. We bet the homeowner w wished to pull back the hands of time to 1934 when the ticket would be relevant.

7. Loads of Cash

You haven’t yet seen enough until you discover a stash of cash behind a toilet seat. Yes, one homeowner moving into a house found $14,000 in the toilet. Perhaps the initial owner never believed in banks – just a wild thought. But seriously, would you still call a junk removal service to pick this? Yeah, probably not.

8. Human Hair and Ashes as Discovered by a Junk Removal Service

Well, someone kept a bowl of human hair and a jar of ashes named after another person. A junk removal service discovered this during a clean-up exercise. Most likely the owner kept this for sentimental reasons – still freaky.

9. An Ancient Bible

A new homeowner in the UK found an archaic 18th-century bible inside the attic. At the back, writings show that it belonged to a person whose church further dated back to the 12th century.

10. Boxes Full of Pinecones and Toys

A person discovered a box full of pinecones and toys inside the attic. Probably the former owner had the pinecones around for crafting purposes – maybe?

11. Dr. Frankenstein’s Wall Switch

Another homeowner discovered an ancient wall switch that definitely can’t work in today’s digital world.

12. Old Beer Cans

Nothing quenches thirst like a cold…medieval beer? To be fair, they didn’t really recycle way back in ancient times. Which could explain how one new homeowner found a stack of old beer cans from ancient times.

13. Wooden Electrical Box

Fancy item but only one problem – what if the electricity sparks? The wood might burn and then what? Dangerous to say the least. Call your junk removal service pronto!

14. Wooden Pants

What, really? The owner loved Woody the cartoon character, maybe. But how do you walk in those?

15. Dead Flies

Wait, come on – who even thinks of storing dead flies? But someone did until a dedicated junk removal service took them away.

Final Thoughts

If these aren’t weird stuff to hoard, then show us which ones fit the category. When you have clutter, it would be best to call a junk removal service to help you clean up.

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