Monday, October 3 , 2022

18 Tips To Pack Lighter, Smarter, And Faster For Your Next Trip

Regardless of how long your trip is, you have to pack for it. Whether you are off to a weekend getaway in the mountains, or backpacking across Europe, or going on a daylong road trip to a nearby city, you need your essentials to survive.

Traveling is exciting, but if you mess up travel prep, the trip of your dreams might soon turn into your worst nightmare. The trick to success is traveling light. If you do not pack lightly and smartly, rest assured you will be dealing with many hurdles along the way, all of which will only make your journey all the more unenjoyable.

You have a lot to consider when you start packing, such as the duration and nature of your trip, your itinerary, luggage size and weight limits, weather, transportation, etc. Amidst the excitement of it all, we tend to overlook these apparent details and make it a point to pack EVERYTHING. You know, just in case you might need it. STOP!

Travel is all about efficiency and organization. If you are organized, you can manage anything. Think of it as a messy room. When your room is a mess, your mind feels cluttered and disturbed; however, once you clear the clutter, everything starts to make sense again.

Similarly, when you are traveling, you are bringing along a limited number of items. The more limited your belongings are, the easier it will be for you to track them and manage them. The less burdened your mind is, the more at ease and stress-free you will feel. It is all connected.

If you are planning a trip soon, here are some of our best tips to pack lighter, smarter, and faster to make your experience a less stressful one.

Wear your heaviest clothes

The best trick in the book to avoid overweight luggage is to get rid of the heavy clothing. How can you get rid of them if you need them? Simple! Wear them. Whether it is a chunky pair of boots or a spiked jacket, wear it so you can save up on luggage space and weight and look like a fashionista on the go.

Get packing cubes

Packing cubes are an excellent investment for traveling because they keep your luggage super organized and easy to pack and unpack. You can divide your packing cubes according to outfits, clothes, accessories, etc. If you are wondering why you should invest in packing cubes when you can use plastic bags, don’t! Plastic bags trap moisture, which can make clothes smell.

Use your shoes for storage

A great way to utilize luggage space is by using your shoes as mini storage containers for items like socks, perfumes, or other small, fragile belongings. Shoes occupy space and are heavy; why not make the most of them? Use the area within them.

Get Insoles for comfort

Travel requires you to be on your feet for long hours. In most cases, our cutest pairs of shoes are not exactly our most comfortable ones. For this reason, investing in insoles is excellent for travel as they can make your shoes much more travel-friendly. Refrain from spending on a new pair and revamp the old ones.

Keep a bag for dirty shoes

Dirty shoes are disgusting. If you are packing, you know you need to keep them away from everything else, for they might get ruined. To protect your valuable belongings, get a nylon bag for dirty shoes for packing. If not nylon bags, then disposable laundry bags also work just as well.

Do not pack soap

You do not have to pack soap. Everywhere you go, you will find soap and shampoo always, so why waste the space. Be sure to pack toothpaste, hand lotions, face wash, and other things but skip the soap.

Pack in toiletry bags

Toiletry bags are your best friend during travel. Keep your toiletries in a bag because they protect your other belongings. The last thing you need is a tube of toothpaste ruining your favorite slash hat or your foundation bottle spilling all over a gorgeous white top. Better, be safe, and organized than sorry.

Carry the right luggage

If you wish to travel light, keep a lightweight suitcase instead of a chunky one. We suggest carrying a lightweight and stylish piece of luggage that comes with sufficient room and is hassle-free.

Less is more

We all tend to overpack for trips. For this reason, planning is crucial. Do not sit down to pack on the last day. Do it a day or two beforehand so you know what you will need and what you can skip. Be practical when listing down your essentials.

Plan beforehand

Plan your outfits if you are confused about what to pack. Mix and match pieces and curate your customized ensemble for each day and pack accordingly.

Keep small bags

Reduce bulk by using small bags to keep your medicines, vitamins, supplements, and more. Little pill packets are better than carrying the entire bottle always.

Keep a dirty laundry bag

Keep the dirty clothes away from the clean ones, just like your shoes. The last thing you need is all your clothes smelling funky, that too when you are traveling. Do not use a plastic bag because it does not allow clothes to breathe and hence leaves them prone to developing mildew.

Roll your clothes

Rolling your clothes saves space and is excellent for preventing wrinkles. If you are running low on space, roll your clothes, and you will find that it can be more spacious than folding.

Protect your fragile belongings

Wrap fragile items like glass bottles, camera lenses, and other valuables in clothes to help cushion them from serious impact. You cannot trust logistics with this. Prevent damage by making sure your valuables are well insulated and secured.

Wrap liquid tops with tape or plastic

Air pressure changes amidst flight travel can result in toiletry explosions. Not the best surprise. To make sure your belongings land, in the same way, they took off, cover your toiletry caps with the tape of plastic to avoid spills.

Pack dryer sheets

You can layer dryer sheets between your clothes to keep your clothes smelling fresh and pleasant.

Balance the weight in your suitcase

Suitcases should be balanced in terms of weight. Place the bulkiest items at the bottom and distribute everything else accordingly. Make sure that you do not end up with a poorly balanced carrier, for it is prone to falls and much more difficult to roll.

Personalize your luggage

There is no experience more harrowing than losing your luggage. Suitcases look the same unless they are particularly bold and striking. The best way to ensure that you do not lose your luggage is to pick out a suitcase that is colorful and unique.

However, if it clashes with your style and you would much instead opt for something minimal, personalize your bag with the help of ribbons, stickers, or anything that would make it easy to recognize.
Parting Thoughts

Traveling is an absolute treat. Every journey changes you most beautifully. You come back feeling more in touch with yourself as well as everything around you. You learn how to stay organized; you learn how to budget, you learn how to manage your time well; the list is endless. Turn every journey into an irreplaceable memory with the help of some of our favorite tips and stay stress-free.