Sunday, May 22 , 2022

20 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Drink Coca-Cola.


Did you know that coke is the most valuable brand in history and Coca – Cola takes the second place in worlds most recognized words? Bud did you also know that the acidity level of coke is almost the same with the one in  batteries acid. Its ingredients are shown to be very powerful in cleaning surfaces. Coke can clean equally or even better than any household cleaners. The conclusion is that, coke is a poison for the human body.

Compared with people who do not consume Coke or other sodas at all or do not consume them every day, people who consume Coke and other sodas have increased risk of a stroke and heart attack by 48%.

The journal Respirology published a study, according to which, the consumption of Coke and other sodas can lead to breathing disorders, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma.

Practical uses of coke

According to some studies, the pH level of some sodas is about 2.5. There is too much acid in coca cola and other sodas. To understand this, you should consider that the pH level of the water is 7, and the level of the battery acid is 1. The following facts will be enough for you to keep any sodas even Coke away from your teeth and stop consuming them, because it is shown that they can damage the enamel of teeth and make them more susceptible to decay.

  • It is practical and better to use Coke as a domestic cleaner than to consume it. In addition we present you 20 ways of using Coke for cleaning your homes:
  • It is powerful cleaner for burnt pans. Put the pan in the coke, let it stay some time and then pour water on it.
  • It is powerful in descaling kettles. The procedure is the same as with burnt pans.
  • It can dissolve a tooth.
  • In a combination with aluminum foil it makes Chrome shiny.
  • It is effective in removing grease stains form clothing.
  • The acids contained in it are able to kill snails and slugs.
  • It can remove blood stains from clothes and fabric.
  • You can clean old metal coins. If you soak old metal coins in Coke it will remove the tarnish and make them shine.
  • It is also effective against rust (dip some fabric or sponge in a coke and apply in the rusty surface).
  • It is effective for removing gum from your hair. In a bowl of Coke put your hair;
  • It is also powerful at cleaning oil stains from a floor.
  • Pour some Coke over your car battery terminals and the results will be visible.
  • Technique that is been used for a long time ago by Coke distributors is cleaning their engines with Coke.
  • 2 liter bottles of Coke are enough to clear the rust from a dirty pool.
  • It can also clean your toilet. You only need to do is pour around bowl, wait a few minutes and then rinse.
  • Apply some Coke on your carpet, scrub and then clean with soapy water. It will remove marker stains from your carpet.
  • If you pour it onto kitchen floor and leave it for a while, and then wiped it up you will get cleaned tile grout.
  • Pour some diet Coke over your hair if you want to remove the dye from it wait for some time and the gum will be removed.
  • It can also remove stains from vitreous china.
  • It also can strip paint off metal furniture by soaking a towel in Coke and laying it on the surface.

You don’t need a cleaner or household in your house, if you have a Coke.
Now that you have read this, just think about what it can do to your stomach.

What happens to your body after consuming Coke?

  • 10 minutes after consuming Cola, an unlikely condition in your body occurs. Phosphoric acid inhibits the action of sugar which is one of the ingredients of Cola.
  • The level of insulin in the blood is going up 20 minutes after consuming cola.
  • The caffeine completely enters the body after 40 minutes. There are changes in the pupil of the eyes, which are expanding and blood pressure is raised. Cola blocking the adenosine receptors, prevents drowsiness.
  • 45 minutes after consuming it, brain center for pleasure is stimulated by the raised production of a hormone called dopamine. The same situation as the heroin creates to the brain.
  • 1 hour after consuming it, problems with the gastrointestinal tract occur, the metabolism works slow “thanks to” calcium, zinc and magnesium which bind with the phosphoric acid. Also calcium is released through the urine.

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