Diamond Engagement Rings

2020’s Trending Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond Engagement Rings

Even though 2020 did not turn out as we anticipated, it does not mean that you should throw your engagement plans out the window. You and your partner can still shop for an engagement ring and make your commitment a reality.

This year, as far as engagement rings are concerned, you should expect to see loads of color. Although settings remain classic, many brides are gravitating toward sparkles and shine. Solitaires are back. This is good news for all vintage lovers. If you have always gravitated towards a baroque or a halo, this is your time to shine because high-quality center stones are trending as well. This is not to say they have not been the focus, but that they are prioritized over style and size now.

Ring designers are doing amazing work, and we will see a rise in multi-stone settings. Whichever ring you have your eye on, this is the year for you to buy it at an affordable price. Cheap diamond engagement rings that do not compromise on quality are what you should look out for as you shop and prepare for your proposal. 

The Georgian-Inspired Diamond Engagement Rings

Throughout the Georgian era, there was a massive production of impressive jewelry. In fact, this era saw the birth of cluster settings, pearl accents, and rose-cut diamonds.

All these styles prominently feature among diamond engagement ring trends in 2020. As you look for engagement rings this year, make sure you check out pieces that are Georgian-inspired, with a modern twist. They are not only unique but affordable as well. Here are some excellent examples of diamond engagement rings in this category, that you could choose from:

  • Diamond Rings with East-West Setting

Engagement rings that have the stones set in an East-West configuration are unique because the stones sit horizontally on the finger, rather than vertical, as we are used to seeing them. This setting makes these rings very unique because the change in how the stones are set has a huge impact on its appearance. This modern approach allows you to play around with different colors, styles, and cuts. 

Conversely, you can go for an engraved or bezel setting as this gives any ring a vintage feel. This gives you the best of two worlds because even though the ring will have a vintage feel, the modern look will be unmistakable.

  • Pearl and Marquise-Shaped Stones

This is another affordable option for couples who want to get engaged in 2020. These rings are made for cool girls who wish to portray a downtown vibe. These rings are ideal for you if you are the type of bride who wants to buck convention. They come with an ample dose of sparkle, to ensure that you do not miss out on the classic feel.

  • Pave Halo Diamond Engagement Rings 

Halo rings, like vintage rings, are quite popular because they are more conventional. A pave haloed ring automatically looks very glamorous. However, if you want a forward-thinking yet vintage-inspired feel, you should go for an engagement ring with baguette diamonds.

  • Pearl Center Stone 

Many couples go for vintage diamond engagement rings with a modern feel. However, if you are looking for vintage pieces that have old-world appeal, there is something for you too. 

A pearl instead of a diamond center stone will give your engagement ring that old-world appeal that you desire. Besides, this is a cost-effective option, and it oozes femininity and makes for a desirable heirloom.

If you are not sure if you can afford a diamond center stone, a pearl is an excellent alternative. You can then invest in a diamond ring for your anniversary.

  • Organic Inspired Engravings 

As a nature lover, you will appreciate organic-inspired engravings on your ring. You can have a leaf-like pattern engraved on the band of your ring to give it a bohemian feel. You could also choose to get engravings to give the engagement ring silhouette a free-spirited feel. 

All about Color in Engagement Rings 

2020 will see many ring designers play around with colors to express different emotions. We are slowly veering away from the all-too-popular yellow diamonds, and that is a good thing. Couples no longer gravitate towards fancy and canary engagement ring options, especially if it is not what they want.

In 2020, you can have a purple, green, blue, or pink engagement ring if that is what you want. Color has allowed couples to break engagement ring style rules so that they can celebrate their love the best way they know-how.

If a classic diamond engagement ring does not suit your personal style, you are at liberty to explore side stones, colored accent stones, and pave bands. These are unconventional styles for brides who consider themselves the ultimate renegades.

  • Unconventional Metals 

In 2020, you can skip platinum altogether and go for an unconventional metal ring setting. However, if you still want the durability that platinum brings to the table, you can opt for blackened platinum, as it allows you to play around with colors, without conforming to conventional expectations.

Rose gold is another ubiquitous color that is no longer edgy. So if you want something outside the box, and choosing something black would be taking things too far, you can choose from the different shades of yellow gold.

  • Destination and Culture-Inspired Engagement rings 

If you are inspired by cultures with color consistency, there is something for you as well. Take, for instance, Indian weddings that are usually full of gold. A good example is the regal settings of maharajas.

You can have this vibrant feel on your engagement ring when you work with a designer who knows how to channel culture through color consistently.


2020 is all about stepping outside the box. Couples no longer need to choose from conventional engagement rings unless they absolutely want to. Make sure not to compromise on quality while you shop for a cheap diamond engagement ring.