3 Activities To Help Your Elderly Loved One Remain Active

3 Activities To Help Your Elderly Loved One Remain Active

3 Activities To Help Your Elderly Loved One Remain Active

While it’s important for everyone to get some kind of physical activity each day in order to stay healthy and active, this becomes even more important the older that you get. Although you might be tempted to become less active as your body ages, doing so can cause your body to experience pain and other negative effects that it might have otherwise been able to avoid.

If you worry that your elderly loved one may need a little push toward becoming more active, consider using some of these three activities to help your elderly loved one to remain active even as they age. 

Get Their Groove On

In decades previous, dancing was a huge part of the social culture. Because of this, many elderly people love the idea of dancing as a way to help them stay active and interact with people that they may not get to see often. 

Even for elderly people who may not be as light on their feet as they once were, being able to dance at all, be it in a chair or out on the floor, can be a great way to get some aerobic exercise. Additionally, the emotional and cognitive boost that comes from listening to music and getting your groove on can help elderly people in all kinds of ways. So even if you’re just turning on some music and shaking it in the kitchen or living room, dancing can still have plenty of benefits. 

Consider Getting A Pet

If your elderly loved one is currently living in some type of assisted living facility, getting a pet likely isn’t an option. But if they are still living on their own, a pet could be a great way to help your elderly loved one get a little more physical activity each day. 

Pets, especially dogs, need to be walked on a regular basis. These walks can be great for both the pet and for your elderly loved one. Along with this, the sense of companionship that comes along with caring for and loving a pet can also be emotionally beneficial to your elderly loved one. 

Create A Daily Routine

For elderly loved ones who are more willing to work on getting physical activity each day, you may want to help them create a daily routine where they work on certain physical aspects of their body. These routines don’t have to be hard and don’t have to take long in order to be helpful. 

Depending on the needs and abilities of your loved one, creating a daily routine of things like moving from sitting to standing, working with resistance bands, and doing basic stretches on a regular basis can all help your loved one get fit and remain active. 

If you’re wanting to help your elderly loved one stay active as they age, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you find activities that might work for them.