3 Best CPU Cooler for Your Gaming Rig

Gaming is a worldwide trend, and a lot of people are now into a gaming PC. If you have a gaming PC and want to enjoy what it offers without overheating the processor or CPU, you need to pick the right CPU cooler. And if ever you will wonder what would be the best CPU cooler out there, then you are in the perfect place. This guide will help you choose some of the best cpu cooler that you need to use for your gaming PC.

What is a CPU Cooler?

It is somewhat a question that people need to know the answer. This PC part will help you ensure that your CPU or other parts don’t overheat or go above the normal temperature. When you use your computer, especially if you are gaming, it will generate heat. Additionally, if you are overclocking your PC, CPU Coolers will ensure that its temperature is under control, and the other PC hardware is safe from damages.

     1.Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO CPU Cooler

One of the leading and popular budget-friendly CPU cooler today is the  Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO, it backups both Intel CPU sockets and AMD. It has the newest AMD AM4 Socket (RR-ACCY-AM4B-R1), which the CPU Cooler also supports. This Cooler comes with 4 Copper Heat Pipes to have direct contact with each other and even to the processor to attain a better disperse and faster heat transfer.

Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO is filled with a 120mm fan that does a great job keeping the CPU’s temperature not below the critical level even if the CPU is loaded. It is also designed to have a dual-fan if you wish to have more cooling and better performance. You have to take note before purchasing this cooler because it is 159mm a bit taller than other CPU coolers. So you have to measure it first and your PC case to make sure it fits.

    2.DEEP COOL Gammaxx 400 CPU Air Cooler

The advantage of this cooler is the heat pipes used to have direct contact with your CPU for a faster heat transfer. Because of that, it’s popular for its heat management dependability. Among its great features is the customized fan clips. The clips are fit closely to the heatsink compared to some products. Users can also replace, install, and adjust the clips. You can also install this cooler without removing the motherboard.

The great-performance PWM fans are made with great static pressure to allow the cooler to provide a huge airflow amount. The RGB lights are also a stylish choice. With that, the gamers will have a balance on its performance and much quiet noise levels.

    3.Noctua NH-U14S

This CPU cooler will offer the users a quiet cooling combined with a great-performance thermal cooling. It’s a type of an overclocked Threadripper quality performance that finds its way to 360 quality AIO cooling performance. It’s equipped with six copper nickel-plated heat pipes to add to the PWM fan, and this AMD-friendly CPU Cooler is reliable and a silent heat assassin.


When building your gaming PC, it’s important to make sure that all parts are well-cared. CPU coolers are important because it can protect the processor from overheating when you are gaming. You need to ensure that you control the heat to prevent any damage.