3 Easy Ways to Add Upgraded Luxury to Your Wedding

Every wedding is special. Yours more than most! But we need to be perfectly honest about how most other people will view our once-in-a-lifetime day: just like every other ceremony and reception they’ve attended over the years.

If you want to have a memorable, standout affair, you need to make it different. And the best way is by adding a little bit of luxury. The great part is that there are ways to pull this off without having to live a lifestyle of the rich and famous.

In many ways, it’s the smaller, more subtle upgraded touches that make all the difference. And the following are just a few you can embrace to bring some luxury to your wedding, without breaking the bank.

1. Embrace the Night

One of the easiest ways to turn up the class is to make sure you have a nighttime reception. A daytime wedding can be nice, but most people know that afternoon reception are chosen because they are cheaper.

Beyond that, midday ceremonies ensure this won’t be the main event of the day for many guests. Rather than ending the night dancing and sipping a nice cocktail in your honor, they will end up cooking dinner at home or, worse, sitting around watching a movie before bed. That doesn’t leave the type of lasting impression that you want.

2. Upscale the Details

Whether it’s a well-tailored suit or an exquisite meal at a Michelin star restaurant, luxury often lives in the finer details. The same is true when it comes to elevating your wedding day.

And one thing that will go a long way in terms of wowing your guests is what they will see prior to attending your wedding. If you go with a high-end invitation suite — with save the date cards, invitations and thank you notes — people will know what they are in for before the event.

3. Fine Tune the Food

As much as your big day will always be uniquely special to you, let’s be honest: Some people are just there for the food and drinks. Of course, your second cousin and family friend from childhood want to see you tie the knot. But they may also be wondering what’s on the menu. So, class it up. Use servers and offer a few courses that everybody will adore.

Chic and modern cuisine typically outperforms something that’s seen as traditionally gourmet. Think seared tuna or prosciutto and goat-cheese crostini apps. Then again, lobster or a classic cut of steak can also go a long way. Of course, this will kick the price tag of the event up a little bit. But there are only a few things about your wedding that most guests will remember a few years later — and this is a big one.

A Wedding to Remember

These days, a lot of people go to great lengths to watch what they spend on their wedding ceremony and reception. It’s certainly understandable. But, then again, this is a major milestone in your life! You should want to make it a wedding to remember.

And, fortunately, it isn’t that difficult to add a little bit of luxury. Go with a nighttime reception, be creative with your invitations and save the date cards, and splurge a little bit on the quality of food for your guests.

By going the extra mile in these areas, your guests will be left with a great, lasting impression, and you’ll undoubtedly also have a better time yourself. Come on — you’ve been waiting all your life for this day. Make it special!