3 First Date Spots in Queensland, Australia

If you have an afternoon or a day to spend with your special someone in Queensland for your very first date, try checking out these scenic gardens.

Roma Street Parkland

Located right in the middle of Brisbane city is Roma Street Parkland. It’s 16 hectares of designer gardens, sprawling lawns, and amazing attractions to just enjoy and relax in. Since it is quite a popular visitor destination, one downside of this garden is that it can get crowded, not enough to ruin its romantic feel and exceptional horticultural offerings. You can eat a romantic dinner in two designated areas, both having a quite warm and romantic atmosphere. What more, both areas allow for some alcohol consumption, if that is your thing. If you rather really sight-see and not just sit by and talk, take the Parkland Explorer, a trackless train that can take you around the whole park. Sit back and wrap your arms into your date’s shoulder and enjoy.

Japanese Garden, “Ju Raku En”

If you want somewhere more romantic, the Japanese Garden “Ju Raku En” is a no-brainer choice. It is the and most traditionally-designed Japanese garden in Australia and the largest too. The air, the cherry blossoms, the general Japanese feel of this Garden just makes it really intimate. Ju Raku En can be roughly translated into enjoying longevity and peace in a public area, which says everything you need to know why it can be a great place for dating. It’s like you’re blessing your relationship early on for harmony and longevity!

Japanese Garden Toowoomba features many spots where you and your date can talk and get to know each other better. The garden is so vast you literally can feel you and your date are the only living and loving souls on Earth for a little while. There are streams and waterfalls where you can feast your sights in while wrapped in each other’s arms.

There’s a total of 230 species of both Japanese and Australian native trees and plants to have fun exploring with and take cute pictures of together in this garden. You can even make some silly (but sweet!) vows under the mass of lilac blossoms you can see hanging so beautifully from the Wisteria Pergola.

If you want romance and adventure, then try Marrdja Botanical Walk. Marrdja can be roughly translated to “rainforest” or a “jungle.” While that does not sound too romantic for dates, it can certainly add a very fun factor to your date, which can get awkward fast if you already lost topics to talk about. Also, isn’t it nicer to see how the two of you will fare in an adventure together? Not that this is nowhere hard to trek. It’s even wheelchair and stroller-friendly! This is a simple walk in the Daintree National Park, but quite educational.

Every stage of the walk expose you and your date to plants that have been existence of four centuries. You can feast your eyes to the basket ferns, tassel ferns as well as club ferns among others to see just how beautiful our environment is. The adventure starts when the walk starts. Visitors traverse the scenic Oliver Creek, leaning at an astounding 45-degree angle. Looks seemingly impossible to walk in, but not at all! At least you and your date can assist each other, create some really nice memories of your date.

Going to the mall and watching a movie can sometimes be too routinary already and going into romantic getaways might not be permitted with your limited time and budget. These three gardens can be the perfect spots to just cuddle, talk, and think about the future though!