Saturday, December 3 , 2022

The 3-Minute Video That Will Make Any Problem You Have Seem Astonishingly Trivial

This is the only home we’ve ever known. There’s no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves.

This video narrated by astronomer Carl Sagan, definitely puts into perspective how tiny we are in relation to the whole universe. Thus every individual is unique in it. The role that he is playing is crucial as a part of nature. Nature is undoubtedly a wonderful creation, which is designed to house millions of living species.

Living on earth is a miracle. However it also reminds me that despite the enormity and vastness of space. Earth is the only home we have; the only place life ever being recorded. It is the only place we ever lived. As we all know every living creature on earth needs a favourable surrounding to live. Human beings are not on exception. They also need some basic needs from the earth to live. So if we make this pleasant and healthy nature, a bad place to live, no doubt, it will be the end of life because as chief Seattle the great Red Indian chief once said if anything is done to the earth it will soon happen to the life on earth. We need to protect it leaving aside all differences. Deal more kindly with one another. Preserve and cherish.