3 Online Platforms To Expand Your Mind

3 Online Platforms To Expand Your Mind

3 Online Platforms To Expand Your Mind

It’s hard to say anything absolute about the internet, but it definitely seems to have entered its awkward 1990s television phase. 

Like the overabundance of cable channels that have now become an overabundance of streaming services, there’s no longer any shortage of platforms on the internet. And unlike TV channels or streaming services, there are fewer rules and regulations about intellectual property rights, so lots of content is now available on multiple platforms. 

That’s great for consumers looking for stellar content, but it can feel overwhelming to navigate so many different platforms and interfaces when you really just want a good podcast to enjoy. 

If you’ve been on the search for stimulating podcasts — and you’re open to trying new platforms — here are some suggestions for new places to explore on the World Wide Web. 


While MixCloud has been primarily the go-to destination for DJs and EDM producers, both successful and aspiring, it’s also become an increasingly popular destination for podcasters — who like to cast as wide a net as possible to improve their fan base. 

Mixcloud has several mainstays in the podcasting world, of course, like WTF With Marc Maron, who regularly scores interviews with luminaries including Conan O’Brien, Robin Williams, Terry Gross, Ben Stiller, Keith Richards, and even President Barack Obama. For comedy lovers, there’s also Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank, from the comic featured on the HBO comedy series “Down and Dirty” with Jim Norton.

MixCloud can also be enjoyed for its diverse offerings from independent thinkers on niche topics, like Scummy Mummies, a podcast for “less-than-perfect parents,” All In The Mind, Radio National’s weekly foray into the mental universe, and John de Ruiter, a Canadian teacher and author with messages both spiritual and quotidian


As self-published content has taken over the world, it’s become more clear that many of the existing platforms that fostered the rise of that culture don’t support their creators very well. 

That’s the motivation behind Nebula, a newish platform aimed at giving creators the ability to publish original content with greater support, both financial and otherwise. It’s been championed by some of the most successful YouTubers, including musician and bass player Adam Neely and science expert Joe Scott. The platform has both videos and podcasts, and aims to change the fundamental way that creators are rewarded, taking direct aim at the methods of platforms past:

From their website: “Nebula is a place to experiment, explore, and tailor our content to our audience, not to unskippable ads or recommendation algorithms.”


If you love podcasts, and you don’t know about Stitcher, then this might be the most important takeaway from this article. 

Stitcher offers one of the most user-friendly platforms for listening to podcasts and creating a library of favorite episodes and shows. They also create their own content as well with “a team of people who make incredible podcasts for our 3 original networks,” their website says. 

They also try to support creators by driving revenue for their programs and “monetizing their work” through Midroll Media, PodSwag, and Stitcher Premium.

Stellar offerings include Creating Your Own Path, a weekly podcast in which Jennifer Snyder talks with successful people from diverse industries, The Courage Makers, which features “creative and passionate mission-driven doers, makers and world-shakers,” and True Crime All The Time, for those who can handle gruesome mysteries. 

What are you waiting for? Try something new today and stimulate your brain.