Thursday, October 6 , 2022

3 Pieces Of Furniture To Elevate Your Living Space

There comes a time where your old furniture needs to be replaced. In some cases, it’s because of wear and tear and in other cases, it’s because you need to update and elevate your space. Making a change as simple as buying a new piece of furniture can make it feel like your living space is refreshed. New furniture can breath new life into a space you have been living in for years. As a leading online furniture retailer, we find that people typically hold on to three key pieces of furniture the longest. Our team at Totally Furniture has found that our customers keep their bedroom sets, dining tables, and sofas the longest given that these pieces of furniture are usually among the most expensive pieces and are the most difficult to move.

By replacing your sofa, bedroom set, or dining table, you can instantly elevate your living space and make it feel new again. We have teamed up with Acme Furniture to tell you what we recommend you look for in a new sofa, dining table, or bedroom set. Acme Furniture has been around since its founding in Los Angeles, California back in 1985 and their team of furniture experts is second to none.

Your Bedroom Set

Often times, your bedroom set is going to be among the most expensive furniture purchases you make. Given that, on average, we spend at least a third of each day in our bedrooms, our bedroom set is often one of the first things to feel old and stale. So what can you do to update your bedroom set?

For starters, figure out your budget. Bedroom sets from discount furniture brands can cost as little as $300 but you may be sacrificing quality. Bedroom sets can cost over $2,000 if you would like to pay extra for luxury. Acme bedroom sets come in around $500 making them a good value. Buying an Acme bedroom set means that you do not have to sacrifice quality or spend over a thousand dollars.

Your Sofa

A sofa is among the most used pieces of furniture in your living space. Guests, children, and pets all use your sofa and it gets worn out. Investing in a good, durable sofa that matches your style is a great idea but many people are unsure of how to find the best value. Do you spend a lot to get a sofa that will last a long time or spend a little because your sofa will get worn out anyways?

We recommend you find a happy medium. For about $500 you can get a beautiful Acme sofa. While Acme sofas are not the cheapest sofas on the market, they provide immense value. For only a few hundred dollars, an Acme sofa will stand the test of time in your living space.

Your Dining Table

Last but not least, replacing your dining table will help elevate your space. Your dining table is the epicenter of mealtime so you likely spend a lot of quality time there with friends, family, or your cat. Finding a dining table within your budget that suits your seating and style needs can be difficult. That’s why Acme dining tables come in a variety of styles and are typically around $500. Acme dining tables are durable and stylish making them a great value.