30 Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Friends and Loved Ones

Everyone is happy when they receive gifts from people close to them. If you have friends who like to travel to their vacation home, you may wonder what the best way to surprise them is. That’s why ArtPix 3D 3d art crystals are here!

A Portable Bluetooth Speaker

With a Bluetooth speaker, you can easily watch movies and listen to music, such as from your laptop, while traveling to the vacation home and there.

A 3D Crystal with a funny picture

There are a lot of good family gift ideas which can be found here. You can make a silly picture with your friend and order engraved crystals online. This company produces 3D crystal photo pictures for a high price and crystal types.

Scented candles

The candles exude a perfect scent to make you fall in love with the room. They come in different sizes and colors.

An Ocean desktop globe

This globe is a perfect gift for those who want to explore the world and love to travel.

Eagle Creek Packing Buckets

These packing cubes offer the perfect solution for those who want to keep their luggage organized. Although they can hold a lot of clothing, they are incredibly lightweight.

A beautiful plant

A plant has become commonplace these days. Try a unique and beautiful plant, and it will be remembered forever.

The clothes rack

Maybe your friend or lover already has a lot of clothes. What they may lack is a practical coat rack to keep them organized.

Classic sneakers

Give your travel company some slippers that they can wear indoors and feel comfortable. Make sure you choose the perfect size and color.

A Photobook

We have had enough Instagram Stories. We need an old-fashioned photo book that only we can see and share with the people we love.

A Travel neck pillow

These are the best things for long-haul flights. Make sure to give one that supports the neck well.

A Filter water bottle

When traveling, it is good to stay hydrated. You can give your girlfriend a bottle of filtered water that is one of a kind. Look online!

A Portable charger or power bank

Because staying connected is essential, this portable charger can come in handy when you need to keep your phone powered.

A Travel bag

If your friend or loved one likes to travel, they need more luggage. Make sure to choose the one that best suits their tastes and lifestyles.

A Candleholder

This is a perfect gift for those who like to have candles in their vacation home at night. Candlesticks are easy to pack and deliver. They are also affordable.

A Portable electric coffee maker

If they can’t do without their morning medication, then giving them a portable electric coffee maker on the way to the vacation home would be great.

The passport holder

If you travel a lot, you need a passport. Without a holder, the passport can easily be damaged or lost.

An International plug adapter

If you travel abroad a lot, you will need a plug adapter. It works with many different plugs so that it won’t bother you.

A Portable luggage scale

The airline baggage costs have been going crazy lately. You will have to pay for everything. Avoid paying extra by bringing your portable luggage scale.

Utensils and kitchen utensils of the holiday home

This would be an excellent gift for your friend who likes to cook at the vacation home. Think of all the kitchen utensils you have.

Noise Canceling Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones are every traveler’s best friend. Noise cancellation technology makes you feel alone and at peace. 

A Blender

If you notice that your boyfriend likes smoothies, a blender would be an ideal gift for them!

A Glass of wine

There are uniquely designed wine glasses, and if your girlfriend or boyfriend likes wine, they are sure to appreciate it.

A Glasses case

Many people wear glasses to read or to use a device. By now, we often have multiple mirrors. When we take them off, we want to make sure they stay safe.

A Smell diffuser (Aroma diffuser)

You can use this diffuser to give the whole room the desired scent. It may be a bit pricey, but it’s worth it, especially if a vacation home in Ions has been uninhabited for a while.

Eau de toilette in travel format

Indispensable on many trips, especially by plane, it is an easy-to-use eau de toilette format. Very useful to smell while traveling and on vacation.

A Bathrobe

There are different types of bathrobes. The best quality ones are an excellent complement to the equipment of a holiday home. 

A Camera

You can use phones to take photos, but for example, nature photos can only be taken with a good camera and a good lens. So this can also be a lovely gift.


Your loved one may need some sheets at their vacation home. You can provide them with individual sheets that they will sleep on with pleasure. Of course, they come in different sizes and designs.

A puzzle

Puzzles have been shown to offer extra relaxation. By placing a puzzle (together) in the vacation home, the stress level will be lower.