4 Hot Tips For Making a Health Insurance Choice in Switzerland

Switzerland is the dream destination for people wanting to settle here, for people coming for job posting, work, or business, and the citizens who are already part of the dream. Switzerland is calling it a dreamland, probably because it is one the most beautiful countries in the world. Apart from mandatory information about this country, one of the essential must-know information is about health insurance. Various options are available for health insurance, and how to make an intelligent choice is a question. Let us talk about the top 4 hot tips which can help you make the right choice for health insurance in Switzerland.

First thing first, it is a mandate to take health insurance in Switzerland, and it is a paid one. You must take it within three months or 90 days of landing here. However, health insurance comparison in Switzerland [Refer Website in French]is not difficult and hence you can take it quickly post your comparison analysis. 

There are two types of health insurance covers; the first is Basic and compulsory, covering illness and accidents, and the second is supplementary. The supplementary cover is optional, but it includes coverage for a range of treatments not covered by basic insurance. It provides dentistry,  prenatal care,  travel insurance,  loss of earnings, lump-sum payments, and enhanced hospital care. You must look into all these points which will help you make the right choice of health insurance.                                 

Tip #1 From Where Can I Get Authentic Information and Comparison

The Federal Public Health Office (OFSP) lists all the qualified providers. It also has a tool to compare providers and plans called Priminfo. You can go through it in detail, as it will help you make the appropriate decision to choose your insurance provider.

Tip #2 How Can I reduce My Health Insurance Premium? 

There are many ways you can reduce your health insurance premium. Try to select a lower-cost model. Most insurance companies offer discounts on the models, like making it mandatory to visit your family doctor first or a multidisciplinary group of doctors under the same roof – known as an HMO (Health Maintenance Organization), as a first step restricting you to go directly to a specialist. 

Tip #3 Advantage of Paying in Advance

Rather than paying monthly, if you pay full one year’s premium in advance, most companies will give you a 2% discount.

Tip #4 Are You on Your Family Way or Expecting Pregnancy?

You are required to take separate health insurance for every child. Unlike most other countries, a child is not covered by default on the parent’s policy. So if you are expecting pregnancy, it is recommended to go in for pre-birth registration for your unborn child. 

Please Note; many companies do not offer prenatal insurance for babies. This calls for a careful choice of your insurance provider, especially when you are expecting a child soon. 

Companies are mandated to provide basic insurance, but they can deny supplementary insurance if the baby has any medical condition. So prenatal insurance is worth it. Get pre-birth registration of your child. 


One must spend some time and compare to make the right choice of health insurance plan in Switzerland. Think, make a list of the points as to what all could be your medical requirement, family size, family medical history, and choose a health plan accordingly to get maximum benefits.

Here is the # Bonus Tip

You have to take health insurance within 90 days of landing, whether you are a new entrant, student, or worker; otherwise, you will be automatically signed up for a plan at the end of the ninetieth day. In such a case, you might end up paying more and getting fewer benefits.