4 Myths Debunked: A Student’s Immune System

Your planner feels extra heavy. With every step you take, you probably think of the deadlines catching up on you. Oh, the life of a student! Only academics in mind, and nothing else. 

Until you notice that you’re falling asleep in class, you’re coughing and sniffing, and even feverish. That’s how you know you’re sick and in need of some immune system booster. No way! You’re young. Your body’s strong enough as it is, right?

Well, to some degree, you’re correct. The body can innately withstand stress and avoid infection. The immune system is responsible for that. However, your body doesn’t have any supernatural power. It can only do so much before it caves into a disease. You don’t want that, do you? You do not wish to keep believing in these four myths that keep you from being healthy either.

Hashtag Team No Sleep

You look at your planner, and the realization dawns at you – you’re not getting any sleep tonight. Well, you can, but you’ll fail that quiz tomorrow. Not happening! And so you pack up and go to the nearest cafe. A cup of coffee is all you really need, right? 

This goes on for weeks, and that’s when everything goes wrong. Sleeping for seven to eight hours is essential to keep your immune system functioning. It’s a great immune system booster, too! Sleep deprivation causes adverse effects on your body. When you lack sleep, your immune system doesn’t produce the needed antibodies that fight stress and infection. It’s easier for you then to get sick.

Reward Time

Finally, you’ve finished your three-hour Biochemistry exam! The couple of weeks you’ve spent with your nose buried in your books will surely pay off. It’s time for you to rest. It’s time for your reward – a big blowout! A piece of cake, maybe? Pizza? Fries! Four servings of unlimited rice!

You deserve this! Except you have three more quizzes this week and two more major exams the next. And each time you finish a requirement, you treat yourself to an enormous amount of food. The next thing you notice, you’ve gained an unhealthy amount of weight. No, being young won’t save you from all the immune system malfunction obesity will cause you. Overall, obesity causes a reduced function of various types of cells under the immune system. So slow down, and still keep your diet in check!

No Time for Workout

With all those deadlines marked in your calendar, workout really doesn’t have any space in your schedule. You reason out that you barely have any sleep! How could you possibly allot time for exercise? Now, that’s understandable. However, given that working out is undeniably an effective way to boost the immune system, you don’t really want to skip it, do you? Moderate exercise will suffice! It is enough to increase the capacity of your immune system to fight off infection.

I’m Too Young for Supplements

You probably think that you won’t have to worry about diseases until your hair is grey and your back is bent. It’s time for you to sit down and think it over. Academics provides so much pressure on students because of the idea that it affects just how far you can go in life. All related stress definitely had a toll on your body. If you reflect on it, you would know that you’re probably in need of supplements. To avoid falling sick, and unnecessarily miss lectures, regular check-ups with your doctor is a must so you would know which booster works for and is essential to you.

You’re driven to achieve your dreams. And that’s great! However, straight As won’t matter once you’re lying on your hospital bed, hoping to survive a disease that hit you because you didn’t live a healthy lifestyle. “Health is wealth,” is a famous slogan for a reason!

Author Bio: Ellen Hollington is a freelance writer who offers to ghostwrite, copywriting, and blogging services. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases their search engine visibility.