4 Ways Percussive Therapy Can Help

When we are working out and getting into fitness mode, it is extremely easy to only focus on how muscular we want to become or how many pounds we want to shed off of our bodies. But during the processing of going hard to reach are health goals, we need to remember how important it is to let our bodies rest and go through a recovery period.

In the same way that there are awesome machines that help our bodies get in shape when we are using them, there are also devices called percussive therapy handsets that can assist with recovery, providing massage more intense than human hands, with safety in place.
Here are four ways that percussive therapy can help you with your body’s need for recovery.

Reduce Your Cellulit

We have all either seen those fat cells known as cellulite that are rudely referred to as “cottage cheese” that both men and women can suffer from. It often appears down your legs and arms and can give you the frustrating feeling that it is there to stay, even when you try and try to make it go away.
Where does this unwanted cellulite come from anyway? It shows up when fat cells start to accumulate around fiber tissues that are connected to your muscles, appearing as big dimples all along your skin when those fat cells begin to bubble up to the surface and become quite noticeable.
The light pulsation that is thrusted from a percussive therapy device causes these fat cells to break apart decreasing the appearance of cellulite and giving you the results that you want when you keep up with your use of percussion therapy.

Better Lymphatic System Drainage

In the way that oxygen travels through the vascular system is similar to how lymph travels through the muscular system. This is way it becomes crucial to have an appropriate amount of drainage of lymph occurring because it enables the body to eject toxins and waste that aren’t needed.

Once the human body is capable of excreting these bad materials, body organs are able to go back to functioning normally, and you experience an improvement of your immune system. Without a proper immune system your body can become a magnetic for sicknesses. 

There is also the added benefit of a boosted metabolism when you drain the lymphatic system. Once you have a better metabolism your body is able to increase the chances of losing unwanted body weight.  

Pain Relief From Hardened Muscles

If you were ever wondering what is one of the biggest causes of muscle pain, it comes from muscle hardness. The tension that builds up in rigid muscles becomes an obstacle for them to be able to relax and sharp pains begin to occur, to the point that it becomes hard to move.
Every time that you have to make use of your muscles, it is your brain that notifies them to contract. In this same way, your brain can also inform your muscles to tighten up.
Stress can cause your brain to continuously send signals to your muscles to tighten even when you are not using them at that moment. are not using them. This is when a percussive massage device can come to your rescue and relax those muscles to put an end to those signals that keep pushing them to tighten up.

Thickened Connective Tissue Relaxation

Connective tissue, or fascia as it is referred to as, envelops your arteries, bones, nerves organs, and even your muscles. Once this connective tissue stiffens up, you are going to feel a series of aches and pains.

Now that you know what a percussive therapy device can do for your body parts in the recovery and pain relief phase of your workout routines, what is holding you back from using one as soon as possible?