Sunday, October 2 , 2022

4 Ways to create a more affectionate marriage


Your marriage can be more meaningful if you apply this to it.

Every marriage needs some work. And there are definitely highs and lows to it. But one way to bring you and your spouse closer is to consciously make the effort to bring more affection into your marriage. Do so by using these four tips:

1. Awareness

Notice how you are trying to create connections with one another, both big and small.

2. Receptivity

Make sure you are aware enough so that when you do connect, you are able to receive it.

3. Appreciation

This will positively reinforce someone’s attempt to get closer to you. Don’t allow yourself to become selfish or distracted enough to where you don’t acknowledge someone’s efforts.

4. Reciprocity

Don’t just save up your affection for only when you are feeling it. Make sure you practice giving instead of just getting.

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