5 80s Sitcoms You Probably Don’t Remember

80s Sitcoms

As the time of big hair, breakdancing, old school music, and sitcoms, the 1980s is widely seen as one of the best decades in history. 

Do you remember gathering around the television to watch some of the most iconic 80s sitcoms? These shows’ lessons, comedy, and memorable acting will live on for decades more. Here are some of the top 80s sitcoms that are sure to get you feeling nostalgic. 

  1. Barney Miller

First aired on January 23, 1975, Barney Miller was one of the top family sitcoms of the 80s. Featuring the New York City Police Department’s top squad detectives, this show ran until May 20, 1982. 

Episodes detailed the process of investigating crimes and interviewing suspects in New York City. Some of the top stars you’ll see in Barney Miller are Hal Linden, Abe Vigoda, Max Gail, Ron Glass, and Jack Soo. You’ll also remember Gregory Sierra, Steve Landesberg, James Gregory, Ron Carey, and Barbara Barrie.

For many of these familiar faces, you’ll enjoy learning about the rest of their successful careers and where they are now. 

  1. Small Wonder

Small Wonder first aired on September 7, 1985, and ended on May 20, 1989. This show told the tale of an engineer who creates a robotic little girl named V.I.C.I (Voice Input Child Identicant), pronounced as Vicki. He then tries to convince everyone that Vicki is their adopted human daughter. 

The main character, Vicki, has superhuman strength, speed, and knowledge. With stars like Tiffany Brissette, Jerry Supiran, Emily Schulman, and Dick Christie, this was one of the quirkiest sitcoms of the 80s.

  1. The Jeffersons

With impactful messages about racism, mental health, and more, it’s no surprise that The Jeffersonswas one of the longest-running sitcoms of the time. This show first aired on January 18, 1975, and ended on July 2, 1985. 

The Jeffersons stars an African-American couple living in New York City played by Sherman Hemsley and Isabel Sanford. The show was a spin-off of All in the Family and was widely adored by many. 

  1. Growing Pains

Growing Pains told the story of the typical American family navigating marriage and raising children. This series aired for seven seasons from September 24, 1985, to April 25, 1992. It was a spin-off of the popular show, Just the Ten of Us.

Starring top 80s actors like Alan Thicke, Kirk Cameron, Joanna Kerns, Tracey Gold, Jeremy Miller, and Ashley Johnson, Growing Pains was a relatable show for many families. Life-lessons about peer pressure, drug use, alcoholism, and suicide were often portrayed. 

  1. Life Goes On

Airing from September 12, 1989, to May 23, 1993, Life Goes On was one of the only 80s sitcoms to feature actors that portray Down syndrome and AIDS. 

This show centers around Corky, a teenager navigating mainstream high school with a mental disability. While this was a rare topic for Hollywood show business in the 80s, the show went on to have four successful seasons. You’ll remember 80s actresses and actors like Chris Burke, Kellie Martin, Patti LuPone, Bill Smitrovich, and more. 

Reminisce With These 80s Sitcoms

While thinking of the past may make you feel nostalgic, it’s never been easier to re-watch some of these iconic 80s sitcoms. This is one of the best ways to reminisce and appreciate all the 80s had to offer. You can find many of these shows on streaming sites for free today. 

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