5 Best Alternative Streaming Sites Like Netflix

Do you love movies and websites? Do you want to catch up on your favorite show after work or school? If you do, then you aware of Netflix. When you have missed your favourite TV series or the award show, the first option that comes in your mind is Netflix. Netflix is one video streaming site that has enjoyed a lot of popularity over the years ever since it was started.

It is founded by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings in 1997, Netflix has managed to get onto the top of the table making it hard for its competitors to beat up. With its comfortable pricing structure and a wide range of shows available on it. The Netflix business model is very attractive that attracts customers from all over the world. Many movies and shows are produced and launched here which are amazing.

However, it is not that there are no alternatives to Netflix where you can stream movies for free. There exists are sites similar to Netflix which are comparatively less popular. No doubt, Netflix’s alternative sites, and apps provide the same service as like Netflix, but they lack the technique to market themselves.

You can easily find streaming service that features good content and which also keeps low on the price label. So, let us now see some best Netflix alternative which you can be interested to try the next time.

5 Best Alternative Streaming Sites

01. Sony Crackle:- It is presented by Sony can be designated as the free version of Netflix. It is the best alternative to Netflix it allows to its users for free movies and shows and Crackle originals. It is in working for the last 11 years and is a subsidiary of Sony entertainment pictures. Here, you can find an amazing variety of movies and TV shows on this Netflix alternative. Crackle comes up with new content every day regarding comedy, action, drama or any other genre.

Crackle also covered the sports and Anime sections. The popular Crackle original “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee” has become one of the most viewed series show on the across the world. On Crackle hundreds of full-length movies and compare episodes from more than 50 Tv shows. For your enjoyment Crackle provides a fantastic combination of classic and fresh content. The media content is very well organized here and you will not face any difficulty finding your favorite show or movie on Crackle.

Crackle is easily accessible on PC and Mac computers. You can even access it on Android and IOS device. To get access Crackle you have to register and create an account for yourself. The next time you visit Crackle, you just have to log in to your account on any device like mobile/ tablet/ smart TV, etc. you can find Crackle on Crackle.com.

02. Amazon Instant/ Prime Video:- As you very well about Amazon is one of the world’s largest ecommerce platforms, with its instant video and prime video options entered into the video streaming market for the users to watch their favorite shows and movies. If anyone who is an Amazon Prime member, you can get access to Amazon Prime video free. But if you are not the prime member, it is still a great deal at only $8.99 a month.

A prime member can stream Amazon instant video, TV shows, specific to channels, exercise and fitness video, etc. unlimited. But if you are not Amazon Prime member you can take all above these either on rent or buy their favorite. Amazon gives a 30-day free trial offer so that user can decide upon choosing its services or not. Amazon Prime is competitively priced to Netflix. It makes it very much similar to Netflix in all terms. Amazon’s instant/ prime video can be the best option of the Netflix alternative.

03. Tubi Tv:- This is an amazing Netflix alternative, there are streaming services that deliver movies and shows at free of cost. Tubi Tv provides a large number of modern classic and cult favorite Tv shows and movies. If you like prime videos, here is an addition to the list. It is partnered with popular studios like Paramount, Lions Gate, Staze Digital and MGM this streaming services boost pf more than 40,000 titles and enjoy for free. Tubi Tv began in 2014 and by making new partnership Tubi Tv has grown at a voracious rate.

It is free, it has no charges, it is safe and 100% legal and comes with ad-support content. It is supported on most of the streaming devices which are available in the streaming video market. You do not require to access the video streams, you just need to create an account that will give access to the special features mentioned earlier. This makes it an ideal Netflix alternative.

04. Viewstar:- If you want to choose the free streaming option to enjoy free movies and Tv shows online, simply visit viewstar with a bonus that you don’t have to register to watch, just click on a movie title and you are good to go. There is a variety of movies to choose from on viewstar including classic movie, Anime, sci-ei, Action, adventure, Documentaries, thriller, war and western and other categories including Korean dramas.

The quality offered by viewstar is fair because it offers High Definition (HD) quality material. Advertisement on viewstar is short and far apart and it is yet one more choice that allows you to stream movies largely without having to pay for them.

05. Pluto Tv:- Pluto Tv offers free live streaming of more than 75 Channels. With variety such as News, comedy, Greek and Gaming, Entertainment, Music & Radio and more, you will likely enjoy on Pluto Tv. This online Pluto Tv streaming platform provides Tv show at no cost whatsoever, this is enabled you to find content and stream it with no fuss at all. You can sync it’s different devices such as MAC and Windows PCs, Android, Apple devices and several types of smart TVs.

You will diffidently enjoy finding fun channels on Pluto such as the MST3K channel, the classic Tv channel, and the classic Tools channel Pluto has its own Pluto movie channel as well. It is seeing as this Netflix alternative is completely free to stream.

Hope you are glad to know about the above list of alternative streaming services site like Netflix. These all above are the best and top Netflix alternatives in terms of high-quality content. There are some paid and free sites and all are legal. However, Netflix is not the only option for streaming your favorite shows and movies. Amazon prime video is an amazing and very competitive streaming site of Netflix. You can choose an option to provide above by which you can save more, watch more, spend less with the many streaming websites out there for your viewing pleasure.