5 Best Nursing Certificates to Have

A common knowledge that is getting popular in the healthcare section is the value of a Registered Nurse (RN). This principle not only adds value to the professional aspects but also improves the patient care system. Whether you are a staff member in a hospital or a traveling patient care specialist. Earning a nursing certification is a wise choice for a solid career.

Being certified benefits not only your career but also affects the field of healthcare as a whole. You can provide a better quality of patient care and service through certification. In fact, most patients feel much relieved knowing they are in capable hands.

Another positive aspect of earning a certification is that patients gain many advantages from the expert knowledge you have. There are many certifications available that you can pursue to gain the necessary skill set. Here we list the five best nursing certificates to have in order to solidify your profession.

List of Best Nursing Certifications

  1. Neonatal Resuscitation (NRP) Nursing Certificate

Neonatal Resuscitation or the NRP certificate focuses on the resuscitation of newborn babies in an emergency. This is especially for the ones that are prematurely born. This is based on the knowledge regarding the maternal risk involved leading to a newborn needing resuscitation. This also allows the student to learn CPR and airway management process.

The process for this certification takes place in a day, comprising of an exam and a practical taken at the end of the class. NRP certification is valid for two years before requiring renewal. This means you can take full advantage of this short course for two years and administer it afterward.

During the course of this tenure, Nurses have to work with the newborn needs and labor rooms. It is very useful and might come in handy at any time of emergency. The cost varies between $70 to $280 depending on the instructor and local or online study.

  1. Certificate of Management in Assaultive Behavior (MAB)

This certification is useful for almost every type of nurse, whether traveling or traditional. The reason is that it greatly lends itself to everyday life. While some certifications are focused on equipping you with emergency treatment skills like for cardiac arrest. MAB helps you go beyond the preparations in a typical healthcare field day.

American Heart Association states that controlling aggressive behavior is an issue in healthcare and professionals. Nurses equipped with this certification can help calm a violent situation in any hospital or healthcare setting.

This course teaches you to handle any violent situation that arises in a calm manner. It grants you the skill to talk your way out of any situation with a family member or other individuals. This certificate has a duration of four hours of crisis management and intervention methods. This is especially useful for the ones willing to work with other health care professionals or individuals. This course allows you to manage your workspace in a safer way. This nursing certificate online access is also available and generally costs around $60 to enroll.

  1. Critical Care Nursing Certificate (CCRN)

This nursing certificate is perfect for the ones looking to care for critically ill adult patients. This can either be per Diem basis or on travel. This works best for cardiac arrest, ICU, trauma centers, or critical care transports. You must have an American RN or APRN license to obtain this certificate and either one of these clinical hour practice durations mentioned below is needed:

Two Year: RN or APRN for 1,750 hours of direct critical care of adult patients. Eight hundred seventy-five hours should be in recent years before CCRN certification.

Five Years: RN or APRN with five years (2000 hours) of direct care in acutely ill adult patients. One hundred forty-four hours in most recent years before CCRN certification.

The CCRN certification offered by AACN Organization costs $340 for non-members and $235 for members.

  1. AIDS Certified Registered Nurse (ACRN)

Earning an ACRN means your skillset is equipped in patients with HIV/AIDA. This certificate teaches you to handle all the aspects of the disease, including both psychological and physiological. The certificate holders work in specialty clinics or disease units of infections in hospitals. This certification is valuable and available only if you are qualified for the exam. This means there must be at least two years of HIV experience involved. The cost and duration of the certificate of ACRN available at the HANCB Organization online portal.

  1. Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC) Certification

Thanks to the offer by the Emergency Nursing Association, you can earn TNCC certification in just two days. The objective of this course is to train you in core trauma knowledge and skills necessary for trauma patient care.

You will learn through a series of lectures and practical station on weekends if you are RN or CE credits for LVNS and paramedic staff. The certificate varies with the validity for you to start working with trauma patients inwards. Registration for the course takes place a month before the date and costs around $600-$700 along with study material.

The Final Word

Obtaining a certificate in any of the above-mentioned nursing principles solidifies your position in the profession. While there are many certifications available, these ones make the most impact.

Taking these certifications require you to have some experience in the healthcare setting and patient care. The requirements for these certifications are available through online portals and can be assessed according to the level of care you prefer. Earning these certifications is essential if you want growth in your profession along with necessary skill sets.