Wednesday, December 7 , 2022

5 Best Performing Art Spots in New Jersey You Don’t Want to Miss

New Jersey’s art spots invite tourists across the globe to explore their elegant beauty, making their trip more interesting. Each centre has its specialty and grabs the attention of tourists more. Let us now look at these best 5 art spots and their distinct features.

1. New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Prudential Hall

The maximum capacity of the hall is 2688 and is located in downtown Newark. The spot is a wise choice for performing concerts and holds the pride of highlighting the talents of singers like Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, and Elvis Costello having performed here.

2. Count Basie Theatre

The capacity of this theatre is 1568 and the CEO of the theatre is Adam Philipson. This social venue has telecasted shows by Tony Bennett, Bon Jovi, Brian Wilson, and James Brown. Moreover, the spot sponsors events for various cultural and awareness programmes.

3. Mayo Performing Arts centre

The capacity of the centre is less being 1302 and the CEO being Allison Larena. This is a sophisticated centre with a $7 million spacing and holds a setting with a new orchestra and dressing rooms. This art centre is famous for playing Broadway with Peters and Kristin playing the lead roles.

4. State Theatre New Jersey

The capacity of the theatre is moderate with 1800 seats and the current president of the spot is Anna Marie Gerwitz.
This theatre is a great attraction and relaxation for college students nearby Rutgers University where famous screenplays like Adam Lambert and Meatloaf are broadcasted. In 2011, the theatre introduced a massive 46-inch HD screen, thus allowing the performances of Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow and Royal Opera House in London to be streamed lively. The Rocky Horror Picture show attracts the older audience while Charlie Brown Christmas and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer are family-oriented movies.

5. Hopewell Theatre

Hopewell theatre located in New Jersey has been an enthralling spot for tourists for recreation and enjoyment. Overall, a one-stop destination offers all kinds of entertainment in one place. The setting of this place is so pleasant and refreshing, which makes it the ideal choice for couples as well as friends.

The amazing feature of this theatre is the 180-seat theatre, inspiring the audience to enjoy the movies and music in all directions. It also offers a flexible seating arrangement with a balcony in the rear side. To promote interactions among people, it allows its visitors to communicate with artists. Hopewell theatre offers an excellent opportunity to local filmmakers and band performers to schedule private events, which is a good source of recreation.
This dine-in Princeton movie theater is an amazing spot to enjoy your movie by relishing your food at the banquette dining tables. The sound system is seemingly great with amazing lighting effects, which makes your movie worth watching. The seating is designed in a user-friendly way that the screen is visible from any seat.

Moreover, Hopewell Valley Children’s Theatre (HVCT) is a youth community center that sponsors arts organization that offers winter and summer programs for children of all grades.

Hopewell Theatre is an artistic place, which has been renovated numerous times in recent years that displays the beauty of the place. The building reflects the historical importance of the place and draws the attention of tourists.
The electric mix of entertainment creates positive vibes all around and embraces the audience.


To conclude, Hopewell (HT) has received a huge welcome among tourists in recent years and created a huge impact in New Jersey. The ambience of the place greets everyone and makes them feel relaxed. Though the other art spots are trending, HT is recognised for its versatile facilities and stays on top of our list of performing art spots in NJ for tourists.

Go ahead, plan your trip, and make the most of the services offered by these art spots.