Thursday, October 6 , 2022

5 Great Ways To Screw Up An SEO Social Media Press Release

Please make sure you make these mistakes if you want to screw up your release:


  1. All capital letters – Use all capital letters in parts of your best press release distribution service. If you want to shout and sound spammy, capitalize the entire headline.  Another great technique is to capitalize the summary. That should get readers attention!!


  1. Long headline – Make sure your headline is kept at 75 characters or more. Google will only read the first 60-65 characters. Who is Google to tell you to keep it at 65 characters. You think I really care if Google will penalize me and keep me off of Google News? I could care less if a long title turns people away.


  1. Not using targeted keywords phrases – Do not use a search term in the headline of your release that your target audience is likely to use when conducting a search. Potential readers looking for relevant information pertaining to your release will find you by typing in the title of my release. Your release may be an announcement about an event so you do not need keywords. Besides, who cares about ranking for keywords?


  1. Multimedia – If you have a company logo or images that may be relevant to your release, you do not have to add them to the release. You may be announcing a new car that has arrived to your dealership. If readers find your release and they want to see images, they can always go on Google images to find then photos. Who cares for videos. It’s not like anyone is going to watch my YouTube video. If they want to watch my videos, just go to my YouTube channel.


  1. Share, Share, Share – It is called a social media press release for a reason. 80% of users who submit a release do not share it on their social networks. So why should I share my release. After all, isn’t that the reason you are paying for a social media release? They should share it on their channels not yours. It’s not like  your friends on Facebook or Followers on Twitter will care. I doubt they will even comment, like or re-tweet. BTW while we are on the social network topic, why add your social network links to the release. Who cares if anyone wants to find you via social media.


If you follow the above tips, you will successfully screw up your search engine optimized social media press release. If you do not care about getting positive results using a social media release, then by all means go ahead and follow these tips.