5 Ideal Sunglasses for Travelers to Wear in 2020

The year 2020 offers us one more chance to accomplish our resolutions to travel around the world! Having an insatiable wanderlust is always good. However, you must not discount your eye safety no matter what. In today’s world, your sunglasses are more than just a fashionable object. It should also offer a respectable level of safety assurance simultaneously. In the same vein, this article contains a list of recommended safety eyeglasses that are made for globetrotters.

Top Sunglasses For Travelers

Wiley X Compass

You can wear these all day, without feeling any discomfort or eye strain. Wiley X Compass comes in a half-rimmed shape, with additional lens add ons that elevate your optical experience. These are way better than your average cheaters. It comes with polarized lenses to protect your eyes against glare caused by sunlight. Moreover, polarized lenses improve visual contrast in broad daylight.

Furthermore, if you’re an avid water sports enthusiast, you’ll enjoy wearing them because of the hydrophobic coating that comes along with it. The very add-on provides a seamless vision by letting the water drops slide off the lens surface instead of staying on it. So if you’re on the lookout for traveling glasses online, these should be among your options.

Wiley X Vallus

Wiley X Vallus comes in a unique style that equips you with a striking look. You’ll enjoy wearing these glasses while strolling around the beach with your loved ones while making holiday pictures. The frame is extremely lightweight& durable.

For people requiring vision correction, Vallus lets you add prescription lenses to enjoy the best of both worlds. Do regular sunglasses offer the same level of customization? Probably not. If you’re someone who is equally safety conscious as they are about wearing trendy eye accessories that offer substance as well as style, don’t look any further.

Wiley X Klein

This is especially for those travelers who have a retro aesthetic. Wiley X Klein comes in a classic aviator shape that will surely turn a lot of heads around wherever you go. For safety purposes, these eyeglasses are ANSI Z87.1 rated to provide you with foolproof protection. You can easily wear them along with any outfit of your own choice. Aviators have long been a favorite among men & women from all spheres of life. On the whole, feel free to choose these frames to rekindle the adventurous spirit inside you!

Wiley X Kobe

Wiley X Kobe is a solid choice for travelers looking for sports glasses online. Don’t be surprised to receive a bunch of compliments while sporting these frames! These eyeglasses are ideally suited for a wide range of outdoor activities& sports. Wiley X Kobecomes in an eye-catching wraparound shape that provides excellent lateral protection & view for you to be aware of your surroundings. The frame’s sporty shape offers an awe-inspiring look. Its rubberized nose grip provides a firm, nonslip grip so no matter how much you move your head during an activity, these eyeglasses will stay perched on your nose.

Improve your vision in broad daylight with these Wiley X eyeglasses that provide complete protection against UV A & B types of rays. The polarized lenses come in amber gold & grey silver flash colors that have low light transmission levels to keep your eyes protected, especially when the sun’s shining really bright.


When choosing sunglasses, you should always look for comfort, safety & aesthetics. These three elements fundamentally affect everyone’s choice when it comes to deciding on a perfect pair of eyeglasses. Nevertheless, it always helps to assess what your own optical needs are, especially if you want to add prescription lenses to your sunglasses. Moreover, choosing a branded eyewear would be your best bet if you don’t regret buying low-quality eyewear that is wanting in some aspect.