5 Interesting Games To Play With Your Boyfriend!

Being in a relationship is a special feeling, but sometimes it gets really difficult to keep that spark alive because we all tend to forget that being friends is the first step of being in love. And one needs to keep the friendship alive to stay happy together. Also, after being in a relationship for a long time, it gets confusing and what all activities can you guys do together, that will not only interest you but will fire up the love as well. So, what’s better than playing games like friends do and turn it to what lovers do.

Interesting Games To Play With Boyfriend

If you want to spend some amazing time with your boyfriend and love to play interesting games with him, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will be telling you interesting games to play with your boyfriend. Here have a look at the article to know the details!

1.  Never Have I Ever

Never have I ever is one interesting game that can make you spill out your dirtiest and darkest secrets. In the game, ‘Never have I ever’, each player will be given a glass of any beverage they like, be it soft drink, wine, vodka or any other thing and then turn by turn each person will say an unusual thing that they have never done. For example, a person will say, never have I ever cheat in a relationship, and there you go. The same way around other people will have to confess whether they have done that thing or they haven’t by sipping in the drink. Sipping means, they have and not sipping will mean they have not.

2.  The Twenty Questions

The twenty questions is another fun game that will help you to know how much does your boyfriend know about you. In this game, you need to prepare a list of 20 questions about yourself or some interesting questions and give a choice between two options or simply ask a question in which he just needs to say yes or no without giving any explanation. You can search twenty question game ideas online or can just figure out your life and make questions accordingly. For example, ask him ‘Do you like talking dirty?’ or ‘Has anyone ever accidentally seen you naked?’, the fun of this game lies in no explanation just Yes or No!

3.  Ludo But In A Different Style

Yes! You all must be thinking and ludo is for kids and is not a game to play with your boyfriend, but here’s a twist. Play ludo with him but in a different way. Make box on a sheet and mark the numbers, and along with the numbers you need to write good punishment on the even numbers and dirty punishment on the odd ones. The punishments can be of your choice, whether you want to go deep and dirty or you just want your boyfriend to spill our the secrets, it is all on you. Now roll the dice and start playing.

4.    Truth Or Dare

Old but gold, this superbly interesting game, that we all must have played when we were in high school is the perfect pick to play with your boyfriend. This game is all fun and exciting as it brings out those hidden truths and calls for a person who is daring enough to do anything and everything given by the opponent. All you need to do is spin the bottle and if you get truth then answer a tough question, and if you get dare, then be ready to go all bare.

5.  Shots Please, It’s Beer Pong Time

Put on the beer shot glasses on each side of the table in a pyramid shape and from each side, one person will through into the the other side of glasses and if they succeed in putting the ball in the glass, then the opponent has to drink it in one go. It is an interesting game is a fun way to get high.

So, these were the 5 amazing and interesting game to play with your boyfriend and to enjoy some amazing time together. Hope you liked this article and found it informative.