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5 Interesting Things About Sex That Everyone Should Know


Just because you have substantial experience with sex doesn’t mean you know everything there is to know about the subject. Everyone who has been to sex education classes knows how lacking these categories tend to be and how misinformed people are regarding sex – just think about common misconceptions regarding unplanned pregnancies and STDs. But when it comes to sex, knowing more is a good way to improve your sex life and keep yourself out of trouble. Here are 5 things that everyone should be aware about sex.

1. Almost everyone has an STD

Having an STD is frequently tied to promiscuous behavior and both these things are unfairly stigmatized. The truth is that almost everyone who is sexually active will get an STD at some point in their life. According to the CDC, the most commonly spread STDs are genital HPV infections, and almost everyone has them. These infections usually don’t cause any symptoms but they can cause genital warts. Besides that, certain strains of HPV can cause cervical and anal cancer. Another common STD is genital herpes found in every one out of six sexually active people. The virus can spread quickly and even condoms can’t protect from this STD because the virus can spread by skin to skin contact on areas not covered by the condom.

2. You chose sex partners with your nose

According to studies conducted by evolutionary psychologists, our sense of smell may be dictating which mates we choose. This was observed in a study popularly known the “Sweaty T-shirt” experiment. The research involved women who sniffed T-shirts worn by men and who were asked which scent they favored. The results showed that women frequently favored the scent of those whose immune response genes were entirely different than their own. The evolutionary reason behind this is that offspring from parents whose combination of two separate variants of the MHC (major histocompatibility locus) genes had better immune systems and overall better chances of survival.

3. Smoking is another mood killer

Smoking can lead to numerous health problems and of them is apparently impotence. If you have problems with getting or maintain an erection, you may consider throwing those cigarettes away before reaching for the top male enhancement pills. One study even found that quitting smoking helped long-term smokers get better erections and overall sexual satisfaction and we can easily see why. Smoking can damage your blood vessels, and we know that the quality of erections depends on proper circulation and blood volume. Quitting smoking can reverse the damage done, and the health benefits will show on overall sexual functioning. The same is true for women experiencing problems with arousal.

4. Lube is your best friend

Using lubricants during sexual intercourse can make sex so much enjoyable. While foreplay and mood play a great role in your arousal levels, lubricants can also come in handy. Women also tend to experience shifts in their desire and response levels during their monthly cycles, so it is to be expected that you won’t experience the same levels of arousal and lubrication each time you have sex. If that isn’t reason enough to use lube, one large study found that women who reported using lube said they experienced better sexual satisfaction and had fewer genital symptoms (soreness from vaginal tearing).

5. Alcohol is not a good aphrodisiac

Although alcohol and other psychoactive substance loosen sexual inhibition and, as one study showed, increased the sex frequency and risky sexual behavior – alcohol can also be to blame for bad sex. Alcohol is a depressant that can dull your senses, and we know what that means when sex is involved. As explained in an article published in The Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, Alcohol has a negative effect on all aspects of sexual response and can cause erectile dysfunction with long-term use. Alcohol was also found to reduce testosterone production in the testes further explaining why alcohol is such a mood killer. You could counteract this effects of alcohol with testosterone boosters such as Nugenix, but you’d be better off just staying away from alcohol. However, the same may not be true for women because the lack of inhibition after alcohol consumption seems to help women enjoy sex more according to some studies.


If you have sex, you need to learn as much as possible about this subject. While STDs and unplanned pregnancies are the not so great realities of sex, sex is also one of the most enjoyable and fun activities in life. Sex is also a great aspect of happy relationships and its role in building and maintaining high intimacy levels can never be emphasized enough. There is also plenty to learn about and from sex from its physiology, psychology, and the role it has in society. We hope these 5 interesting facts have helped you learn something more about sex that you could also apply to your own sex life.

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