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5 Must Check-Out Crypto Apps For Newbies

Crypto Apps

Whether you’re completely new to the crypto world or have been dabbling with BTC for some time now, these five apps are must-haves as you dive into cryptocurrency, from tracking the crypto markets to earning yield on your holdings, we cover it all.

The best part about these five apps is that not one of them costs a dime! These are all free apps that can be picked up at any time, and many do not even have login requirements or any KYC, making them available to use instantly.


OpenSea is an app that allows you to browse through the various NFT projects available on the Ethereum network.

It allows you to search for specific NFT projects, specific keywords, but what really sets this app apart from others is the ability to browse through different categories of NFT’s and what’s trending, including non-art NFTs. This makes it great for catching the next upcoming gem in the NFT market, as well as keeping track of how Defi markets are developing.


Celsius is a staking platform that allows you to store your crypto-assets (including bitcoin, ethereum, and many many altcoins) on your phone and earn good and reasonably safe returns on them, usually around 4% to 10% or so.

You can also buy tokens on the app directly, but that’s not the main part of the currency. Celsius allows you to earn more by holding on to your coins and not selling them, earning a steady return.

It’s worth comparing Celsius to other similar apps such as BlockFi before making a decision on which staking platform you go with though – we prefer celsius as their mobile app is better, but if you prefer using your computer you might prefer using BlockFi.

Coin stats

Coin stats is a great and user-friendly app that allows you to monitor your cryptocurrency portfolio in real-time. I used to prefer using its competitors, but they’ve recently been acquired by large companies and, well, they’ve become not nearly as good as of late.

This app is one of the more trusted in the crypto community and hasn’t sold out like most of the cryptocurrency portfolios trackers available today.


Lolli is an app that allows you to earn bitcoin when you shop at every day (online) stores, such as Amazon, Nike, Walmart, and thousands of other retailers.

Personally, we prefer using Lolli over other cash-back apps that don’t pay you in bitcoin as with them your unpaid earnings don’t increase in value, while with Lolli your cash-back is in the form of satoshis (baby bitcoins), meaning if Bitcoin goes up so does your cash-back.

While most apps we mentioned here don’t have any sign-up bonus Lolli often does, so make sure to google or ask a friend for their referral code before signing up, or you can just click here as we already googled it for you.


Exodus is a wallet app that’s a bit more geared towards storing small amounts of cryptocurrency off of exchanges and lending platforms. 

Exodus is nice because it doesn’t have too much in the way of fees, and you can be fairly comfortable using it to store your cryptocurrency on iOS or Android. While it’s not as safe as using a hardware wallet or a paper wallet, it’s a nice app to have if you keep smaller amounts of crypto on your phone.


We hope that you’ll find these apps as useful as we do, feel free to reach out to us if you have any other apps you think would be appropriate to add to the list for the next time we visit this topic next year.  If you enjoyed this article please share it with your friends.