cricket bats

5 Outdoor Activities You Can Encourage Your Kid To Play.

cricket bats

When it comes to children, we expect to see them step out of their homes with their cricket bats, play some superb shots, fight a little over the wicket and the cricket bats and get back home dirty yet satisfied and physically exhausted. This physical exhaustion is necessary for a child. Playing Cricket with cricket bats and a tennis ball or playing football are games that a kid must play to channel their energy.

Performing outdoor activities is a must for kids, not just any activities but sports. Physically tiring as well as charging activities are vital for their growth. We can see that children lately have become tech-savvy and are more interested in making online friends than offline. As a parent or an elder willing to contribute towards the proper physical growth of a child, we must encourage children to indulge in physical activities. But which activities? We have curated a list for you to understand what outdoor activities can be engaging for a kid. Let us see the list.

1. Cricket

My favorite sport and almost India’s most loved sport is Cricket. Due to this, it has become kids’ favorite too. The moment kids see Cricket bats; they go crazy to bat like Virat Kohli or A B De Villiers. Cricket bats and kids have entirely different emotions; hence, if your kids ask you for Cricket bats, make sure you provide them the Cricket bats and the ball too to understand both ends of the game and maybe even play with them. This will be very encouraging!

2. Kite flying or Marbles 

Did you play with turning tops, kites, or marbles as a youngster yourself? These exercises are social markers, but at the same time, they’re incredible games that require dexterity, representation, and expertise! Kite flying will surely need parental supervision, but it will help them understand the science behind kite flying.

3. It’s not about Games; it’s about Nature too.

Cultivating, or what we call Gardening, is an intriguing open-air action that assists your children with finding out about different plants and blossoms. The most effective way to assist your children with beginning this movement is by giving them a plant to develop all alone. You might direct them on when to water the plant or when to remove the weeds.

4. Cycling 

Urge your children to ride their bicycles frequently as it isn’t just an incredible approach to keeping them sound; it is likewise loads of tomfoolery. The ideal choice is to go on bicycles to nearby spots like a library, general store, or even a companion’s home. Riding a bicycle is the most effective way to partake in the warm climate and stock up on vitamin D while cycling.

5. Swimming

All children love having good water fun, and swimming is the most ideal way to have some. You might take your kid to the pool for some sprinkling around. This movement is exceptionally reasonable for mid-year occasions.

So, it’s not just cricket bats or football; it can be any of the above that interests your child. So, let them step out and find their own interests!