Saturday, October 1 , 2022

5 Pressure Points That Relieve Stress & Anxiety That You Can Do Yourself


By Seth M

Acupressure is a practice that developed a long, long time ago, over 5,000 years ago in fact.  Its origins are in Asia, and ever since its creation, it has been improved upon, over and over again.

It is an easy-to-learn, effective therapy that many people use in their daily lives to gain the various health benefits associated with the practice.  This therapy has been shown to relieve pains and tension, decrease stress levels, fortify the immune system, and enhance blood circulation.

It’s even been used on broader terms for healing emotional pains and scars, as well as for improving one’s sex drive.

While acupressure uses the same pressure points that acupuncture does, acupressure uses different strengths of finger pressures in lieu of needles.  Before attempting any self-administered acupressure routine, it is wise to breathe deeply and stretch lightly, so as to increase relaxation and allow one to become peacefully centered.

To apply pressure to the pressure points, use your thumb, fingers, knuckles, palms or sides of your hands.  Be sure that the pressure is firm and unmoving.  Slowly increase the pressure applied to the area over an interval of three minutes.  The firmness should be enough that it hurts a tiny bit where you’re applying pressure.

Find the balance between pain and pleasure on these five pressure points to relieve stress and anxiety:


Point 1 (Nel Guan) – This point is helpful when trying to relieve nausea.  To find this point, measure three finger-lengths up the forearm starting at the wrist.  In the middle of your forearm on the third finger-length down, apply a firm pressure while rotating with your thumb.  Do for 2-3 minutes.


Point 2 (Union Valley) – This point relieves stress and tension.  It is located in the webbed area of our hands, between the index finger and the thumb.  Using the index finger and thumb of the opposite hand, pinch on either side of the webbing and apply a firm pressure for 2-3 minutes while simultaneously taking breaths deep enough to fill the abdomen.


Point 3 (Shoulder Well) – This point helps our Qi flow.  It is located between our shoulder and the base of the neck, about halfway in between.  Applying pressure here will help relieve stress.


Point 4 (Central Treasury) – Located two finger-widths above where our arms meet our chests, this pressure point helps with increased blood flow and the balancing of emotions.  Apply pressure here for 2-3 minutes.


Point 5 (Heavenly Pillar) – The Heavenly Pillar pressure points lie one finger-width below the base of the skull, and a half-inch on either side of the spine.  To best apply pressure to this point, wrap your fingers around the back of your skull and use both thumbs to massage the points.  Stimulate the areas for three minutes while taking deep breaths and closing your eyes.  This point helps relieve insomnia, stiffness and exhaustion.

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