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5 Quick Hacks You Didn’t Know Could Help You Sleep Better!

People who can fall asleep as soon as they close their eyes are the luckiest! They don’t have to keep lying on the bed and regret about something that they have done many years ago. We all have been in that phase, where not being able to sleep has been our biggest nightmare!

But, you don’t have to face it anymore! We have some best life-hacks that will give you a good quality, warm and cosy, undisturbed sleep!

5 Smart Things You Can Do Here On!

  1. It’s Time to Put On Your Sports Wear

Research says that exercise that is of a moderate intensity can improve the quality of sleep. Moreover, it increases the length of the sleep.

The study involved people with chronic insomnia who exercised for around 1 to 5 months every day and the end result was a longer and good quality sleep, compared to other individuals who did not exercise.

However, a vigorous work out for the same purpose did not show effective results. So, research based studies recommend simple activities like walking or a moderate intensity aerobics exercise for the best quality sleep.

  1. Soak Yourself in A Warm Bath Tub Before Bed-Time

You will be surprised to know that our body temperature varies throughout the day and this affects our sleep!

Our body temperature falls down during the night and we constantly lose the body heat which makes us fall asleep more quickly. Taking a fresh water bath further reduces our body temperatures, which ultimately results in a peaceful sleep.

Furthermore, a warm bubble bath also relieves you from stress if that has been the reason for your disturbed sleep.

Make your bathing regime refreshing. Light a few scented candles, use the most soothing body lotions and lukewarm water.

A warm water bath with scented candles can also relieve you from a headache. Know the different types of headaches to understand yours!

  1. Snuggle Up in The Bed with A Good Book

Remember how you could not stop from closing your eyelids when you had to read your school textbook? Well, jokes apart, it is the tiredness caused to your eye muscles and brain that makes you doze off unintentionally.

So, why wait? Hit that library you have been walking past by, grab a book, snuggle up in your bed right after your chores, try to comprehend what each line states, continue flipping page after page and you will start feeling sleepy within no time.

Already have a pile of good books waiting for you? It’s time to dust them off and start flipping the damn pages!

  1. A Cup of Warm Milk is All You Need

Milk induces sleep and it has been an age old technique followed by our ancestors to keep their sleep problems at a bay. Now, we even have research to support this fact! So, why not go for a cup of warm milk?

Wondering whether to give it a try? Well, you definitely will, once you get to know that milk contains a kind of amino acid (tryptophan) in it which helps in the release of a chemical called “serotonin” that regulates the sleep-wake cycles.

Also, drinking milk particularly during the night is known to reduce anxiety-related issues which promotes a peaceful sleep.

Interestingly, research and studies suggest that drinking milk along with any other physical activity during the day resulted in a much better sleep!

Additional Tip – If you have a bad cough that has been disturbing your sleep, you can add some spices into your milk and drink it before bed time. Here are some of the best acupressure points for cough relief which might work.

  1. Plug-In Your Ear-phones. Listen to Soothing Instrumentals

Music has an amazing impact on our brain. The National Sleep Foundation suggests that people who listen to soothing music 45 minutes prior to their bed time have experienced a longer, fulfilling, undisturbed sleep.

Also, calming music can regulate your heart beat, maintain the blood pressure and relax your muscles.

Create a playlist of some soothing instrumental tracks and you are all set to experience the best night’s sleep.

Some Additional Tips for A Peaceful Sleep!

  • Wash your bedsheets with fragrance emitting detergents
  • Maintain a fixed schedule for your sleep. Avoid sleeping during the day which might otherwise keep you up late night
  • Avoid drinking tea or coffee right before you hit the bed.
  • Ensure that your dinner plate is loaded with carbs. Eat in little quantities before bed time.
  • Try aromatherapy – Buy yourself some best essential oils to treat your mind with something soothing and relaxing.